Spiderman Evolution
72 New Life Pt. 2
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Spiderman Evolution
Author :GhostyZ
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72 New Life Pt. 2

Jake tried to sleep, but there was too much going on his mind right now. The most important things he was thinking about at the moment was how will he be able to control his symbiotes without the Dark Reactor or the use of Dark Seals(Tattoos)? How many beings and large objects could he really absorb into his Void Eyes? How many times can he use his Slayer Eyes? (Mystic Eyes of Death Perception) Was he strong enough to take down the Gods of this world? Would every superpowered-being he absorbed in his Void Eyes die and be digested like The Lizard? When he will be ready to leave the Batcave? When is the right time to announce his company? Will his Destroyer Power Suit be ready to fuse with the Dark Reactor core BBtron is using? Did Raven find out the truth about his identity? And most of all who was behind all the crime in New Gotham? Someone powerful was commanding the mafia, terrorists, and villains of this world, but who exactly was powerful enough to control Carnage and even make Joker work for them? Also who important to Black Cat was locked up by the mafia? Why did Poison Ivy join forces with Joker? Jake toss and turned in his body as gripped at his chest, an outburst of powers flowed through his veins. The feeling of ice, fire, and surges of other powers sparked throughout his body. It was unknown to Jake on how much powers he could absorb/copy with his powerful symbiote bloodline. His Spider-Man superpowers were close to its peak levels, in fact, Jake was perhaps the strongest Spider-Man in existence compared to the other Spider-Man. However, he was not the most powerful being in the world. Not yet that is. There were Titans in this world who could crush entire planets with their bare fist or destroy half of the lifeforms in the universes with just a snap of the fingers. Jake was not at the level. He would have to do extreme training and become more powerful to get to that insane godly level of power.

"I have to get stronger. I have to keep on evolving. But I also need to plan out my life, I can't let anyone know who I am. I have to be alert at all times." Jake finally closes his eyes, his Spider-sense would alert him if there was any danger nearby. There wasn't at the moment. So he slept.


Soon the morning came. Bright sun rays illuminated over the Dark Spider. Jake was too tired to get up after all that happened last night. He had to deal with Black Cat's and Poison Icy at night as well as defeating other villains and saving the lives of the civilians who almost got crushed by the exploding mall. Jake had felt like he worked-out the whole day, his body was sore as hell, luckily for him, he used his Speed Force to recover his muscles-fatigue and stamina. He breathed in deeply and stretched to loosen up his body. He then did some quick punches and jabs at a nearby punching bag. Now he was in top condition and ready to go to the Academy.

Jake goes upstairs to eat some breakfast.

"Ah, Master Jake you are finally awake. Your first class is about to begin in 10 minutes. You are late," Alfred says as he pours some coffee for Jake.

"Shit! See you later Alfred!" Jake runs downstairs.

"Wait where are you going? Would you like me to drive you to class? Master Bruce is not here at the moment," Alfred offers.

"I have no time for that. I have a faster way to get to school," Jake goes back into his room and activates the hidden door for his hideout.

The hideout layout instantly appears, there were a bunch of scientific tools neatly placed in a metal table. It looked like some kind of Dexter's Laboratory work of art.

"BBtron you ready to fly me to class?" Jake asked his robotic comrade. Jake wanted to save all of his energy and powers, instead of using the Void Eyes to teleport to Midtown Academy. Also, he didn't want to use his power so 'openly' when he wasn't in disguise.

"I refuse to fly my creator." BBtron angrily says as it turns away its head and starts playing kind of Pac-man on Jake's cellphone.

"You don't really have a choice," Jake is already flying in the air with BBtron holding Jake's body up in the air by grabbing his shoulders and turning into a jet-pack.

"I hate you," BBtron growls as it zooms away into the sunny skies. His rocket blasters ignited blueish flames and thrust Jake higher into the air, it was like a mini-Ironman was flying him around New Gotham.

"You are my best invention," Jake proudly said of his accomplishment of creating such a powerful and useful robot comrade.

"Shut Up. This is the last time I fly you to school," BBtron chimes with anger in its robotic-tone.

Jake soon arrived at Midtown Academy at the nick of time.

As he passes through the main golden gates of the Academy Flash(Barry Allen) and Bobby Drake walk right in front of him.

"We need to have a talk with you. Alone," Flash said as he cracked his knuckles with a serious glare.

"I don't have time for your bullshit. Move aside," Jake said with no fear in his eyes. His tone was cold and sharp.

"Listen here. I am not playing around. I have an offer I want to make. An offer you can't refuse," Barry grins as he went to brotherly smack the back of Jake's shoulders.

Jake swiftly smacks away Barry's hands, "You better make it quick," He said.

There was no one around. Only Barry, Jake, and Bobby were at the front of the academy main gates.

"We want you to join our crew," Barry said as he fakely put out his hands for a handshake.

Jake could see right through his lies. But if he joined Barry and his powerful Crew then his rank in the hierarchy will rise up. That means he would get closer to more powerful superpower users. He would gain more powers without fully absorbing anyone. However Jake would break his friendship with Miles, Gwen, and Peter. It was a tough choice to make.

[A/N: More chapters coming. Thanks for the support. Some things may not make sense, but I will try my best to clear them out. If you see any grammar issues let me know and I will fix them ASAP. Now time to pump out more chapters. ]


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