Spiderman Evolution
4 Reborn Warrior Pt. 2
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Spiderman Evolution
Author :GhostyZ
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4 Reborn Warrior Pt. 2

'Is it really the caped crusader himself. The Dark Knight?' Jake stood frozen, his mind was blown away. He thought he would be reborn into the Marvel Universe since he would have the powers of Spiderman, but right in front of him was perhaps one of the most ruthless and deadly superheroes of all time. Well, that's if he can be considered a superhero. He is more of a legend if anything. A myth. A human at his most apex form.

"What are you waiting for. Get up and get dressed. I don't let slackers live in my estate," The dark masked man said as he epically swings back his long black cape and walks over to a huge supercomputer and starts typing away at such insane fast speed that made any programmer look like a joke.

Suddenly a row of large bright plasma screens was seen spread out across the ceiling of the rocky cave. Each screen showed advance simulations of the layout of Gotham City. It was the SONAR Machine used in the Dark Knight! He could pick up anyone's movements by turning every cell phone in Gotham into a microphone. An advance echolocation device that was used to track down the Joker and his whereabouts.

"This must be the Batcave!" Jake said aloud by accident. He couldn't contain himself from how shocked and amazed he was at such advanced technology. The whole layout reminded of him the Dark Knight movie, however, this was the original version of the Batcave. There were pointy cave stalactites and stalagmites above him. There was also rocky platforms that had a bunch of different weapon cases, suit pods, and vehicles on top. It looks exactly what a Batcave would look like. Except with more tech of course.

"Did I really punch you that hard on the head after our last sparring match?" Batman said as he boldly walks over to Jake in a composed and sharp way. His whole body and face were finally brought into the light. Batman looked way more buff and taller in person, the carbon-fiber suit he was wearing made him look like a tank of a man. He truly was the Dark Knight.

"That must be the Nomex Batsuit," Jake said with a slight grin. He was still confused about what was going on. But he didn't care. Right now he was finally in a new world where superheroes existed!

"Correct. You have a sharp eye kid," Suddenly Batman fiercely punches Jake square in the face with a powerful right hook punch.

Jake quickly blocks Batman's powerful fist with his elbows. His spider-sense had warned him of the incoming attack.

*THUD!* The sound of Batman's strong fist colliding with Jake's elbows echoes across the darkened Batcave. Jake's body actually slid back from how powerful batman's strike was. Even with his new Unlimited Spiderman powers, he couldn't fully block his fierce attack, Batman had enough strength to send him back. Granted Jake's body frame was way smaller than his 21-year-old ripped and muscular military frame back from his homeworld of Earth.

"Don't ever let your guard down," Batman puts back his hands near his waist and then faces away from Jake to only show his back.

"I still blocked your attack," Jake said with a sly grin.

"Are you sure about that?" Batman darkly says without facing Jake.

Jake's dark brown eyes furrowed as he looked down at his elbows and sees a large bloody gash, "Shit that stings!" He cursed aloud as he gripped his bloody elbow.

"I thought I've taught you better. Maybe I need to go rougher on you. Show you no mercy," Batman starts gathering some gadgets such as a grappling gun and heavily modified Batarang's that had dynamite implanted in them so they can be used as explosives during combat. It was odd to see Batman create such violent and dangerous weapons.

Jake saw something different in Batman's demeanor. He was darker and more alert. Like something bad was about to in this new world. Batman was on edge.

"Tonight you go on your first mission. But first meet me at the sparring room," Batman slowly takes off his suit, a cloud of mist blocks off his body as his Nomex Batsuit comes off with a loud clicking noise.

Jake nodded his head and turns over to his clothes on the metallic table he was reborn on. He noticed that the table he woke up on was an experimental table...

'What the hell? Why was I reborn at Batman's cave? Am I his son or something? And why was on some experimental table? Did Batman implant me with some kind of device!?' Jake clenched his fist, suddenly his hair on his skull and the hair around his body raised up, his anger was growing and the symbiotes in his bloodstream awaken.

Even though he was reborn as Spiderman, Jake hated one thing the most. And that was being controlled. He wanted to do things his way.

Jake was going to figure out his situation and the new world he was reborn in. But first he had a one and one match with Batman.


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