Spiderman Evolution
5 Spider DNA
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Spiderman Evolution
Author :GhostyZ
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5 Spider DNA

Jake followed Batman, as he walked ahead he looks at the Batman Cryo Pods and sees every power suit he ever created. However, the suits were darkened so he couldn't fully distinguish the exact designs of each power suit.

But he was shocked to see his own reflection on one of the glass pods. Jake had a young teenage face and an average body frame of 5,11ft. His biceps were muscular and well-defined even toned, but not bulky like his past self. He looked more agile and quick on his feet. He felt super light but super strong at the same time!

'How old am I? I would have to guess somewhere between 16 or 18,' Jake takes a closer look at his face and sees a line-shaped scar on his right eye.

"How did I get this? Was it from when I got run over by a tank? Wait how do I still remember that? But I can't really remember much from my past life... Other than being in the military. I have no memories of my parents? My memories are all shattered and jumbled up." He mumbled to himself as he touches the scar on his right eye and then gripes his forehead with slight pain. His brain was rattling in his skull, he still was getting used to his new body and high IQ mind.

It was true. A fusion of bad and good memories from his past life overflowed his mind. Jake shook off those memories, he wanted to start a new life. A life in which he would become the most powerful Spiderman in the whole universe.

"Are you coming or not?" Angrily said Batman who at the moment wasn't wearing his carbon-fiber BatSuit. All he wore was a black mask on his mouth, his dark blue eyes and jet-black medium-length hair was seen. The side of his hairstyle was shaved, the top of his hair was messily brushed back( A/N: Bruce Wayne Dark Knight Hairstyle and face ). He only wore a black compression t-shirt and black jeans.

"Yeah. Just give me a sec," Jake wanted to ask Batman many questions. Of course, the one he wanted to ask most... Was Bruce Wayne his father? That and which timeline was he exactly reborn in. Which universe was he exactly in? D.C? Or Marvel?

Jake decides to activate his Spiderman System by blinking his eyes. A simulation stats screen appears in the middle of his eyes, kind of like invisible sunglasses. Or when Iron Man is inside his Mark III Ironman Power Suit.


[You can now choose which spider DNA you want]

Brown Recluse Spider

Brazilian Wandering Spider

Yellow Sac spider

Wolf spider

Black Widow Spider

Funnel-web Spider


"Well now. This is going to be interesting," Jake cracks his knuckles and neck. He was going to choose the most powerful spider DNA.

[A/N: Check out this list: https://www.britannica.com/list/9-of-the-worlds-deadliest-spiders]


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