Spiderman Evolution
6 Duel of Fate
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Spiderman Evolution
Author :GhostyZ
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6 Duel of Fate

[You can now choose which spider DNA you want]

Brown Recluse Spider

Brazilian Wandering Spider

Yellow Sac spider

Wolf spider

Black Widow Spider

Funnel-web Spider


"Is there any way I can fuse two spider DNA's?" Jake asked his system inside of his mind. He could actually talk to his system inside of his mindscape.

[Yes you can fuse two DNA's however if fusion is unsuccessful than death will be imminent.]

"That sounds like fun. Life is all about taking risk right, I'll fuse Black Widow and The Brazilian Wandering Spider," He commanded his system. He knew that the venom of these two spiders was the most powerful venom that ever existed. The DNA fusion of these two highly venomous spiders would perhaps be the apex of all radioactive spider-bites in any Marvel universe. Jake was going all out on power.

[Black Widow + Brazilian Wandering Spider = Biohazard Spider DNA: Nickname- Dark Venom Spider]

Jake closes his eyes and gets ready to accept the incoming pain and power that would soon overtake his body.


About 5 minutes passed and nothing happens.

'What the fuck is going on? Did my system glitch or something? I said fuse Black Widow and Brazilian Wandering Spider!' Jake loudly thundered inside his mindscape.

"That's it, your pissing me off! Are you coming in or not! You are wasting my damn time!" Batman slams the rocky wall of his Bat cave with his fist and angrily points at Jake, the rocky walls had actually shattered from how powerful Batman's punch was! He really looked liked he didn't have time for anyone's bullshit. Batman was about to snap at any second and rage hell upon Jake.

"Alright, I am coming," Jake snarled as he clenched his fist, he was kinda getting angry that the system didn't give him any kind of spider DNA powers. The system so far had only shown his stats and given him an upgrade on his body frame and some Spiderman powers like spider-sense, but other than that the spider system wasn't giving out any freebies. Jake had a hunch that he had to actually cultivate and train to make himself more powerful and to activate more perks in his system.

Jake followed Batman into a Japanse style Temple that had wood floors and walls. This was Batman's training grounds. In the middle of this epic temple was a grand flowing waterfall that separated the room in half. It kind reminded Jake of the movie Kill Bill.

On the walls of the Japanese temple was an insane assortment of Japanese weapons. Katana's, Wakizashi, Combat knives/daggers, Kama, Kunai, Shurikens, and even spiked brass knuckles were the many weapons seen in Batman's temple shrine.

"You sure have a lot of weapons," Jake said with amazement as he went to touch one of Batman's Katana's.

"Tch, I have way more than this. And I will use them on you if you touch that!" Batman angrily slaps away Jake's hands.

"Alright old man, now you're asking for it!" Jake clenched his fist and slid his legs back in a combat stance. He had enough of Batman's dickish attitude. He was going to kick his ass and prove him who was stronger.

"Well show me what you got. Don't hold back," Batman said in a cold and serious tone.

"I don't plan to!" Jake lunged forward with an MMA overhand punch that was almost as fast as the speed of light!

Batman just stands still, he was unfazed by Jake's attack.

Jake's fist almost collided onto Batman's face, but in a blink of an eye, Batman had grabbed Jake's punching arm with both of his hands and then flips over Jake into the air! He had used a Judo technique! Jake lands face first onto the wooden floor of the temple

*SLAM!* His face is flat on the floor and fresh blood starts to leak down from his nose. Jake's eyes widen, even with his spider-sense powers he couldn't predict how fast Batman's counter strike was! In this world, it would take more than superpowers to take down Batman himself!

This was truly going to be the most epic fight Jake would ever have in his life.

[A/N: MC will get the Spider DNA chosen however in a way like the comics and movies. The system helps him out in a certain way...]


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