Spiderman Evolution
9 Interrogate
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Spiderman Evolution
Author :GhostyZ
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9 Interrogate

Batman and Jake sit down on the bamboo floor of the temple with legs crossed in a meditative position.

"You want some tea? Alfred always makes the best green tea," Batman asked Jake with his black ninja mask still on his mouth.

Jake wondered why Batman was covering his mouth, but showing his eyes. Things weren't adding up, he did hear Batman say something about this world being in bad shape.

Batman snaps his fingers to alert Alfred to come to the temple, just by snapping his fingers the soundwaves of his snap had turned a transmitter on Alred's cellphone.

Jake's eyes widened at such precise and fast technology, Batman was literally talking with his hands. There was some sort of AI-chip that Batman implanted into his body, much like a system.

Alfred quickly opens the door and he has a tray of tea, on one hand, he walks over to Jake and Batman and perfectly places the tray near both of them right in the middle.

"Enjoy your tea," He walks off in a classy educated way.

"Wait. The tea is for the boy. I want a scotch," Batman said with a slight cough. He still was injured after being punched by Jake.

"On the rocks? Or Neat?" Alfred responses with a sharp collective tone and eyes furrowed.

"The way a scotch is supposed to be made," Batman quickly replies as he tapes his bruised bloody knuckles with white bandage wraps, it seemed that when he angrily slammed his fist at the rocky cave walls when Jake wasn't listening to him, he had injured himself.

"Right on it," Alfred goes over to the cabinets of the temple and pulls out a Balvenie 50-Year-Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky glass bottle from Batman's private Bar and pours the scotch into a glass cup filled with ice cubes. The bottle of scotch was easily 50,000 dollars. Batman was most diffidently a high-roller.

Alfred then proceeds to give the drink to Batman, who quickly snatches it out of his hands.

"So what questions do you have for me?" Batman devours the scotch with one sip. Of course he did this by looking away from Jake and pulling down the mask from his mouth.

For some reason, Batman was hiding his mouth and nose. Did something happen to him? Why was he hiding his identity from Jake? Did he get an injury of some sort?

At this point, it was clear Jake already knew Batman was Bruce Wayne, however the person in front of him looked different than Bruce Wayne and he also acted differently.

Bruce Wayne was always calm and collective. Precise even. He used his mind at all times. He was first a thinker than a fighter. But this Batman who sat before Jake was aggressive, cold, and more ruthless.

"First let's start off with what year are we in?" Jake asked as he sipped on some tea. The tea could have been posioned, but it didn't matter to him, he had a symbiote bloodline. Poison didn't affect him. In fact, Jake had a long line of resistance against other superheroes, but what he needed right now was more strength and raw power. He planned to absorb some superhero powers with his symbiote powers which can copy other superhero powers. He knew this because Venom had copied Spiderman's powers at one time. The only thing stopping Jake from killing Batman was that he needed to get information on this new world.

"The year is 2020 to be exact. I thought you already knew this. I really did hit you too hard in the head," Batman puts back on his mouth mask once again and stares directly at Jake with his bright blue eyes.

'So that must mean I am around the timeframe of Infinity War? If I am not mistaken the first Avengers takes place in 2012. Then again things may have changed. Plus Batman is here right in front of me!?' Jake rubs his chin and uses his high intellect to calibrate the theory of his rebirth and what world he was in.

"Any more questions? Before we go on your first mission," Batman stands up with a drunken wobble.

Jake had to ask him the most important question. But he had no idea how to word it.

"Am I... Your son?" Jake asked with a composed tone.


The silence was awkward as hell. Jake had to bite the bullet if he wanted some answers. After all, he did choose to have the intellect of Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark on his system, so he figured that he may be related to one of the two. Or he could just be entirely wrong.

"You think I have time for a son?" Batman just shakes his head and walks out of the temple, but before he got out Jake was in front of him was his super spider speed and quick reflexes.

"You didn't answer my question," Jake said with a bold face.

"I think I clearly did. Alfred I am going to need more scotch. This kid is pissing me off," Batman commanded Alfred with an angered snarl as he pushed aside Jake. But Jake didn't move anywhere. His body was way stronger than Batman's.

"Get out of my way kid and get suited up already!" Batman thundered out as he punches a hole through the walls of the temple. His fist was inches away from Jake's unfazed face.

"Not until you tell me," Jake snarled and gritted his teeth. He needed to know the truth of his origin so he could understand what the hell was going on.

"I saved you when your parents were attacked by a group of villains, I pulled you out of some dimensional portal. Your body was covered in some blackish sentient liquid," Batman's words were all slurred, but Jake could word him out with his keen hearing.

'My parents? Which one? My real parents from my past life or?... And a dimensional portal...My body covered in a blackish liquid? That must be!' Jake grabbed his forehead and fell on to the floor, a surge of pain exploded around his brain.

A flood of memories begins to enter his brain, his past world and this new world were fusing together all at once.

Batman punched Jake in the stomach to make him snap out of his mind-slip. It was like Batman was already used to seeing Jake's massive headaches and outbreaks.

Jake eyes opened wide and he was back to his original state of mind, his symbiote powers were almost unleashed on Batman.

"Pull yourself together kid. Next time we spar again I will go all out on you," Batman does a fatherly smack behind Jake's head and walks away into the depths of the Batcave.

"Hurry and go to your room. Your suit is waiting for you," Batman throws his blackish key, that had a bat logo on it.

Jake had so many more questions to ask, but he decided it was best if he now focused on himself and his new Spiderman powers. Plus he wanted to see the outside world and see where he was reborn in. That and he wanted to know how he will get his spider-bite DNA. If the timeline Batman said was true, then Peter Parker would only be 16 years old and in high school at this very moment. He thinks about this as he looks around for his room to get the suit Batman was talking about.

'It better not be a Robin suit,' Jake cringed at the thought as he finally finds his room and inserts the key Batman gave him. His life as a superhero was just beginning. That's if he chooses to become a hero.

[A/N: A few things.]

I know this story will have plot holes, however, I will do my best to avoid this. Nothing will be canon, therefore everything is all made up, but the powers and worlds in Marvel and D.C are the same with some minor tweaks. Therefore I will be reading some comics and doing research on the weekend. Also here is the link of the timeline which will be based on the cinematic universe of Marvel. Next chapter you will know more about the 'New World'.

Timeline: https://www.polygon.com/2018/4/30/17302474/avengers-infinity-war-spider-man-homecoming-timeline


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