Spiderman Evolution
10 Splice
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Spiderman Evolution
Author :GhostyZ
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10 Splice

The inside of Jake's room was surrounded by metal walls and steel prison bar windows. In his room, there was only one medium-sized bed and one bathroom which had a shower, sink, and toilet. Rather simple and modern looking room.

"This looks more like a prison chamber than a room," Jake said aloud to himself as he walks over to the bed and sees a black cryo-pod on top of it.

He inspects the pod and sees a black and crimson power suit inside, that exactly looks like Nightwing's suit, however, it was more modified and looked identical to Batman's Nexmo Batsuit. It also didn't have the Nightwing logo.

Jake pressed a red button on the side of the pod to open it. With his high intellect and sensory senses, he scoped out all of the power suits advantages. He touched and felt the martials used in the power suit. Each fiber prickled his skin which now had billions of spider-hair. Jake analyzed the composition of the suit.

'50% Carbon-fiber 30% Tungsten 20% Mirco-Fibers' He said while inspecting the rest of the power suit. He found no explosives inside the suit, even before opening the pod he could sense there was no danger with his spider-sense. He puts down the power suit back on the bed.

Jake quickly looks up at a large mirror and actually sees his full face in the light of his room, he looked like Bruce Wayne but way younger and with dark brown hair. He had blue eyes just like him! However, the complexion of his face was just like Tony Stark! Three fusions, his original past life face/ Bruce Wayne body frame, and Tony Starks facial features. Jake was laughing to himself and thinking of how weird it would be when he meets Tony Stark at his corporation Stark Instudries. He would look like his son.

Suddenly Jake realizes after the fight with Batman that he wasn't able to fully test out his spiderman powers. He was too focused on fighting Batman so he can get some answers out of him.

'Dammit I need to see if I can shoot webs from my wrists, climb walls, and how high I can jump, in fact, I need to test out if I have all of Spiderman abilities. As far as I know, I haven't been bitten by any kind of radioactive spider other than the one in my past life, which was a symbiote-spider hybrid project that Thomas Sharp was keeping hidden from everyone in my world. That scientist bastard must have sent soldiers and a tank to kill me!" Jake angrily punches the mirror and it easily shatters. He looks at his bloody knuckles and realizes his wounds were regenerating! Millions of blackish symbiote tentacles were wiggling and writhing out of his bloody wounds like parasites.

'He was talking about some immortality project- I need to know what kind of symbiote bloodline and spider DNA is inside of me!' He quickly picks up one shattered razor-sharp glass shard and points it at his wrists to land a near-killing strike. He was going to do this, to see if the symbiote would protect itself, thus showing if had any control over Jake( He wanted to know he was a host). If this was the case, then Jake had to find a way to control his symbiote powers. But that is easier said than done.

'Here goes nothing!' Jake gulped and gripped the sharp shard of glass tightly. If were to land a fatal blow on his wrist he would severely injure himself. This was a test like no other. Life and death.

[A/N: I am going to fix some things. Let me know if any confuses you, so I can make this story better. Your opinions and suggestions do help out. I am also editing all past chapters]


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