Spiderman Evolution
11 Symbiote
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Spiderman Evolution
Author :GhostyZ
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11 Symbiote

"Aaaaaaaah!" Jake plunged the glass shard right down on his wrists, a swirl of blackish veins and tentacles wrapped around the glass shard and shattered it on impact.

Jake's theory was correct, the symbiote was fully sentient and was living off Jake's body. It used Jake as a host, however, it did not fully control his mind or body.

'I need to find out which symbiote bloodline I was reborn with. If I was reborn with the first symbiote ever constructed than I would most diffidently be the most powerful Spiderman in existence.' Jake actives his system by blinking his right eye.

[Spiderman System]

Race: Human

IQ: 400 - Super Genius

Evolution: Symbiote - Fusion Variant

DNA: Human, Spider ( Common Type )

Bloodline: Rare Unknown

Powers: Super speed, Super Strength (5-ton max), High Reflex/ Jump, Wall-climb, Web-Shooters(Organic Form)

Suits: 0

Forge: [You can create your own gadgets and technology as well as power suits]


[You can choose 3 abilities to boost by +10]

STR: 15 + 10 Jake: "This is obvious."

DEF: 10 + 10 Jake: "You can't be powerful if you don't have a strong enough defense to shield you in combat."

AGI: 20 + 10 Jake: "I have to be faster than Flash."

STM: 8

INTEL: 30 Jake: "I am already smart. Kind of pointless here."

KAM: 1


[Augments]: Eyes, Body Frame, Brain

Chose one Eye Perk:

[ Eye Perks ]

X-Ray vision- See through objects and lifeforms.

Spider Sight( Can predict attacks of enemies, much like Spidersense, however, this eye augment can copy the attacks of others almost like a full counter)

Critical Eye (Can pinpoint a weak spot of an enemy only for a 5-second duration.)

Chose one Body Frame: Unlocked - Choices- Can imagine any body frame.

Example: Superman or Thor body frame.

Brain: Speed Mind (Able to absorb information at a fast rate )

"There are so many decisions. I need to choose my Eye Augment, Figure out how to unlock body frame cause that Superman body frame will be a huge boost to my super strength, then I need to determine which symbiote evolution I have, my bloodline is a rare unknown type ( This bloodline must be the origin of my powers.) , and lastly I need to figure out how I will get the radioactive spider-bite ( I chose my spider DNA, however, it shows up as a common spider, which is kind of a fucking let down)," Jake scans and absorb the information in less than a second! His Speed Mind and high IQ was working at a speed like no other.

'With this Speed Mind augment I will be able to forge powerful power suits that could outrank Tony Stark's technology!' Jake starts rubbing his hands together in a sinister way. He wanted so badly to find a nearby laboratory and construct a mass line of power suits, weapons, and technologies that would enhance his already powerful body! Theories for a god power serum and an immortal serum were running through his mind.

"Hey kid hurry up! I don't got all day!" Batman thunders out as he slams the metal door of Jake's room, almost shattering it.

"I will out just give me five minutes!" Jake angrily replied with a snarl. Who knew how much a jerk Batman was. Maybe he was drinking too much.

'Dammit, I haven't even fully tested out my powers yet. Whatever. All I need is five minutes,' Jake instinctively goes to test out his web-shooters first. He places two fingers on his right palm like he was rocking out and then aims his right hand forward at the wall and shoots away.

Nothing happens...

'You got to be kidding me, that was lackluster, how about this!' Jake now aims both hands forward and shoots again just like before. The same results. He did different angles and positions on how to fire his spiderwebs but to his avail, nothing came out (No pun intended).

"What's the point of having Spiderman powers when I can't even shoot one goddam web!" He shouts aloud and tries one more time out of anger, suddenly he shoots out a web-thread from his wrists! But the web was a blackish shadow color just like symbiote alien lifeform. He had shot out a fusion of symbiote blood and spiderwebs!

'No way. This can be a good or bad thing,' Jake's eyes widen. His own rage and anger had activated the symbiote webs to shoot out from his wrists. This was far different than the Venom DNA in many ways. First, he wasn't fully controlled by the symbiote, but the symbiote was a part of him! It coexisted inside his bloodstream. However, he couldn't hear the voice of the symbiote or its thoughts. Of course, that could change at any time. And if did, Jake knew of a way to splice the symbiote, he was now a super genius he could tackle any problem. Jake had now become more aware of his powers and he begins forming plans on how to control and take advantage of his symbiote and spiderman powers. In the span of five minutes, Jake did as much as he could to test out the rest of his superpowers.

He climbed the metal walls of his room, he easily bent a heavy 300-pound metal table in half like it was butter, he was jumping as high as he could, and he was solving a sea of impossible math equations inside of his mind. There were more things to test out, but he was abruptly stopped by a loud *BANG!*

"What the hell are you doing?! I said get SUITED UP!" Batman demanded as he entered Jake's room wearing his carbon-fiber Batsuit.

Batman saw Jake hanging on top of the ceiling and the whole room was a mess with some items tossed to aside and others smashed to pieces. Not a typical sight for a teenagers room.

"I don't even want to know," Batman angrily walks off. Even with his mask on, Jake could tell that Batman was beyond pissed off. His spider-sense was off the radar.

'Well enough of that. Let's suit up for the 'mission' Batman was talking about,' Jake jumps down from the ceiling and lands on his two feet in a stealth crouch position. He was getting used to his Spiderman powers and now all he wanted to do, was hunt down some villains and even superheroes to steal their powers. After all, his main goal. No. His destiny. Was to become the most powerful Spiderman. Before he got suited up, he was going to chose which eye augment would best suit his military fighting style.

[A/N: Still planning out arcs. Things will get cleared out once the story starts moving.

Choose which eye augment and body frame is the best for the furture ]


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