Spiderman Evolution
12 Suit Up
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Spiderman Evolution
Author :GhostyZ
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12 Suit Up

"For eye augment is fusion possible?" Asked Jake as unzipped his new power suit that Batman had given him and prepared to get suited up.

[Fusion will occur after you gain more experience and Power Credits. Only one eye augment can be chosen]

"I assume I have to cultivate and beat around some people to increase my experience and power credits," Jake remarked aloud.


"Alright, for now, I chose Spider Sight," Jake commanded as he scanned out the design of the power suit in front of him. The suit Batman had given him was a dark black and crimson color, without any bat emblem or any emblem for that matter. [ A/N: Like the suit in the cover art, but with carbon-fiber and tungsten armor plating like Batman's Batsuit, accept less bulky( Nightwing design)]

Jake had already scanned the composition of this suit and came to the conclusion that it did not match his Spiderman powers. It was too bulky and gave him less room to be more flexible and agile during combat. He wouldn't be able to do backflips or any kind of combat rolls or lunges.

However Jake was scheming on how to customize and make this power suit more suitable to his Spiderman powers. He wanted to maximize the advantages of his spider powers. Jake had chosen Spider Sight since he could already create a suit that could see through walls and the Critical Eye augment could only be used once for a very short duration of time. His Spider-Sense and Spider Sight would fuse together in a way that would boost his speed and awareness. Jake holds the new power suit on his hands. He knew things will never be the same after today. His past life dies and a new one is reborn.

'One power suit is better than nothing,' Jake zips on the power suit and heads out the door. He then remembers two important things. He didn't choose his Body Frame and he didn't fully understand the full abilities of his symbiote and common spider powers. Well, that was three...

The common spider powers must be a non-venom type and his symbiote bloodline was an unknown type. Jake wanted to get to the bottom of why he doesn't have the two radioactive-spider powers of the Brazilian Wandering Spider and Black Widow. He figured the only way to get any answers was to find Peter Parker. Now that's if he existed in this new world since Batman was here in the flesh it was hard to tell which dimension he was reborn in.

Jake walks over to the mirror of his bathroom with a confident stride and looks at himself. 'Time to kick some ass," He smirked with a devilish bright smile that would make any mere mortal jealous. He was very handsome for his age of 16, in fact, he looked almost godly. Of course he did look a little roughen up after taking some hard hits in the face from Batman's punches, but still, he can turn the heads of many beautiful women.

Jake splashes water on his face and heads out the door of his room. He was about to begin his adventure of becoming the most powerful Spiderman.

Batman waits for Jake in the main docking area of his Batcave. He was fully suited up.

"Where is your mask? Do you want your identity to be discovered so easily?" Batman says with a deep raspy voice as he shakes his head with disappointment.

"I will make one," Jake replied as he takes off the black cape from his power suit and rips apart the cloth in a perfect way to make a balaclava mask for only his mouth. He swiftly ties the balaclava around his mouth and nose in less than a second with his super speed.

"You really are a strange one," Batman swings his black cape and takes out a key from the yellow utility belt that was strapped around the upper section of his waist and abs.

"I don't do capes," Jake said with a smirk through his balaclava. It was true. That was one of the reasons why Spiderman was one of his favorite characters. Spiderman had his own sense of style.

*BEEP!* Batman presses a green light on his Batkey's.

Suddenly a loud *Vroom!* blasts across Jake's young ears. He almost jumped up from how loud the engine of Batman's vehicle was.

In the north direction, a black colored tank vehicle with no cannons that had two sleek thick bulletproof windshields zoom towards Jake and Batman as it drifted perfectly to the side so they could enter. It was like the tank-car vehicle had a mind of its own.

'Holy shit that's the batmobile, but the Dark Knight cinematic version, known as the Tumbler which was more like a tank than a batmobile filled with an array of assault weapons and gadgets,' Jake thought to himself as he took in the nostalgic of such an epic and advanced vehicle.

"Hop on," Batman said as he slides open the metal scissor door of the driver's seat and gets in.

Jake goes to other side and gets in. 'This is going to be awesome,' Jake clenched his fist and was eager to see the new world and test out all of his Spiderman abilities and powers.

[A/N: I am almost done forming all of the arcs. This arc right now will focus on the MC and the new world. He will get stronger over time. The story will be going on a medium pace. The cover art changed because that is what the MC looks like in his current evolution.]


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