Spiderman Evolution
13 New World
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Spiderman Evolution
Author :GhostyZ
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13 New World

Batman's tank of a car swerves out of the Batcave in an insanely fast way. For a vehicle of such bulk and massive size, it actually was speeding at 100mph! The two headlights of the Tumbler batmobile beamed brighter than Xenon HID headlights as Batman steered the metal- titan vehicle out of the mansion and onto the highway. Nightfall was approaching, the moon was slowly rising in the background of an enormous City which was filled with skyscrapers apartment complexes, banks, malls, and advanced technology. This new version of Gotham looked exactly like the New York Peter Parker and Jake himself grew up in. But it was darker and looked more crime infested. Could it be that the world of D.C and Marvel have fused together!

'Woah this world looks exactly the world The Avengers live in, but more gritty. Can this explain why I was reborn with Batman? He did say something about saving me from a dimensional portal and a group villains attacking my 'parents', ' Jake looked outside the window of the Tumbler Tank as speed across the streets of the hybrid Gotham city.

'I wonder how many superheroes and villains are in this world. Hope there is a lot. So I can take their powers,' Jake looks at both of his hands with a wide dark smile. He then gripped his neck, "Aaah what is this stinging burn?" Was Jake bitten by a radioactive Spider when he was back at the Batcave?

Batman is looking at the GPS of his vehicle, a red ping arrow dot was blinking and off on the radar. It seemed that something big was about to happen. Jake decided to join Batman in his mission for one reason and that is to train and become stronger. He knew that Batman would know just about everything in this new world. Bruce Wayne was a genius strategist and fighter, therefore fighting with him and training with him would only benefit Jake and his journey to become powerful. Of course Batman's training was going to be extreme. It would be no walk in the park. But Jake was ready for anything.

As the Tumbler Tank zooms past civilian cars, Jake spotted a silver and gold skyscraper building that made his eyes widen. It was indeed the beacon of hope; the Stark Tower. The foundation of Tony Stark's uprising and technology advancements that were on the feat of a God. So it was true. Marvel and D.C worlds had become one. The more Jake saw this new world, the more he wanted to explore it. His past life was nothing compared to what was in front of him.

The crime radar on Batman's Tumbler beeped wild. Batman clicks the ignition button that was near the steering wheel and the tank-vehicle rockets past the other civilian's cars which were honking angrily. Jake could see the shocked faces of the many citizens, they were blown away at seeing the Batmobile tank in action. The windows were tinted so no one could see who was driving.

"Get ready," Batman glides the vehicle across a garage area and then reeves up his car's engine.

On the top of the garage area, a group of six masked men were holding two women hostage near a large white van. All of them held sub-machine guns which were strapped around their shoulders. Perhaps the mafia. They had some kind of black fox-masks covering their faces. The two female hostages looked to be of high class and status. One was a busty blonde bombshell and the other was an elegant redhead with sleek glasses. She looked a lot like someone Jake knew in the comics and movies.

Batman turns on his frequency radar to hear what the group of mafia hounds was talking about.

[Bat Radar ]

Mafia Member: If we don't bring these two bitches to the boss on time we are screwed!

Mafia Member 2: Tch what those the Joker want with a buncha fancy bitches.

Mafia Member 3: I am only doing this for the fucking money. Screw the Joker. That guy is a damn freak.

Mafia Member: Haha we captured so many broods from Havey Dent's little surprise charity event. I wouldn't mind selling them off as sex dolls for some extra cash. Maybe we can roughen up one before get the hell out of here.

Jake cringed at those bastards voices and fucked up plans. By no means was he the heroic type, but these sick bastards made his blood boil. Justice was all Jake cared about. He wasn't going to show anyone mercy. He clenched his fist if there was ever a better time to use his Spiderman powers than it was now.

[A/N: I will be fixing up the system. You will be getting some action. I will try to make each chapter 1,000- 2,000 words long. Also, I chose a good starter Spider DNA and the MC's powers will increase.]


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