Spiderman Evolution
14 Darkness
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Spiderman Evolution
Author :GhostyZ
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14 Darkness

Batman reeved up his Tumbler Tank once more, a flicker and spark of flames blasted out from the main exhausted Vector-controlled jet engine on the back of the car for a quick boost. The exhausted looked like a cylinder shape.

The Tumbler Tank slammed right through the concrete walls of were the fox-masked mafia men were standing at with the female hostages. The mafia members starting firing at the batmobile with UZI PRO sub-machine guns.

*BANG! BANG! CLINK!* The black tank vehicle's shield armor absorbs the high-velocity lead bullet impacts and runs over one of the mafia members.

"GAAAAAH!!!" The mafia member flies in the air and slams hard against the concrete walls of the garage.

Other Mafia Members: "Shit its Batman!!!" They all screamed out as they fired away out of fear.

The bullets fired were no match for the tungsten and carbon-fiber armor surrounding the entire vehicle. The bullet-proof windows sucked up the shock of the bullets.

Batman drove his car right through another wall in the garage, an explosion of concrete chunks fly everywhere as Batman flawlessly jumps out his car and tackles one of the mafia members.

Jake jumps out of the car as well in style, in fact, he jumped way too high and almost slammed his head against the ceiling of the garage, thanks to his spider powers. 'Oh shit, that was a close one,' Jake said as was still getting a hang of his Spiderman powers.

The two women start screaming as they saw Batman beating the living shit out of the mafia member he tackled. The fox-masked mafia man falls to the floor and then shots at Batman with his UZI sub-machine, Batman just walks slowly to him and takes all of the assault of bullets like a champ. He wasn't even fazed in the slightest bit. His Batsuit had made the bullets look inferior in every way possible. Batman swiftly kicked away the masked man's gun shattering it to pieces from how powerful his kick was. Batman violently lifts the man by his jacket and fiercely headbutts him. Blood splatters everywhere and the man was knocked out cold.

"Fuck you Batman! You move any closer and this bitch gets a bullet in her brain!" One mafia member aims his Glock 50 at the side of the redhead girl's skull, her glasses almost fall off from the force of the barrel of the handgun pressing up against her skull. "Please don't do it! I will do anything you say!" She cries out for her life.

Mafia Member: "SHUT UP!"

Jake fiercely clenched his fist and slowly walks over to the mafia member in a collective and deadly way. His warrior instincts were kicking in.

"What are you fucking doing!? I said you come any closer and she fucking dies!" The mafia member's eyes wildly twitched around in his masked, he was angered as hell. He wasn't messing around.

Batman slowly stands up after knocking out one of the mafia members and looks at Jake. He didn't budge one bit to help out his apprentice.

Jake was silent he didn't say a damn word as he walked closer and closer to the masked mafia. Each step he took shook the very ground itself. Jake's spider-senses were in overdrive mode.

"I said get BACK!" He pressed the cold trigger of his handgun and fires away at the girl's skull, "AAAAAAAH!!!" She yells to the top of her frail lungs as she closed her bright emerald eyes and accepted her fate.

Jake extends out his right arm then quickly presses down on his palms and shots out his spider-web. A blackish symbiote webbing flung of his wrists in a slow-motion style, the web-sling wraps around the man's handgun and snatches it away from his hands in mere seconds.

"What the fuck!?" Shouts the masked mafia man as his eyes widen with shock and disbelief of what just happened.

Jake pulls back his web-sling like a cowboy with a lasso rope and catches the handgun with one hand, "You won't be needing this," He easily bends the gun in half like it was jelly and tosses it near the mafia members feet. His symbiote spider- webs devoured the rest of the gun as it if was like acid. The symbiote web was actually feeding off the guns metals!

"Who the hell are you!?" The masked mafia man angrily stands up and goes to punch Jake in the face. He swiftly predicted his attack with his Spider Sight, an outline of visible soundwaves and atoms was seen when he used this eye augment. He could read his attacks before he could even land a hit!

Jake quickly dodge to the left and grabs the man's fist mid-air and snapped his arms off! A loud *POP! SNAP!* of bones cracking was heard. With his super strength, he had actually dislocated the man's elbow just with one pull!

"GAAAAAAH!!!FUCK!!!" Screams out the masked man in pain as he falls to his knees and rolls around the concrete floor in agony.

Batman was astonished of Jake's speed and quick counter. He also was impressed by his superpowers of shooting spiderwebs out of his wrists. Batman had raised Jake when he was only 8 years old. During that time he had never seen his powers fully awaken. Until now.

"WATCH OUT!" The redhead with glasses screams as she points at Jake. Behind him was a bulkier dark-skinned masked man who pulled out an M134 GAU-17 Gatling Gun from inside the white van and then clicks the trigger.

All hell was about to break loose.


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