Spiderman Evolution
15 Darkness Finale
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Spiderman Evolution
Author :GhostyZ
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15 Darkness Finale

A thunderstorm of bullets fired out the Gatling Gun with a thunderous *BANG!* hundreds of bullets blasted ahead at Jake. This mini-gun was a modified one that fired fewer bullets than an average mini-gun but at a way faster rate (1,000 rpm compared to original 6,000 rpm; RPM= Rounds Per Minute).

Jake quickly without any care or thought into it used his symbiote spider-web shooters and grabbed two mafia members than lift them up in the air and used their bodies as a meat shields!

"What are you doing!?" Batman roars out. He had never seen such carnage and brutally in his life.

Jake was holding up the mafia mens bodies with his blackish symbiote spider-webs as their bodies were getting shot hundred of times over and over, their bodies looked like bloody meaty swiss cheese. Bloody brain matter and skull fragments splatter against Jake's balaclava masked face. His dark sapphire eyes did not look fazed one bit. He was used to this violence on the battlefield. As a soldier the only thing that matter to him was completing the mission at all cost. Jake also wanted to test out the durability of his symbiote webs as they held the dead mafia members perfectly in place without tearing apart from the high-velocity firepower of the mini-gun. The rest of the mini-guns bullets ricochet off of Jakes carbon-fiber power suit and his symbiote spiderwebs.

'My organic symbiote spiderweb shooters are way stronger than Spiderman's spiderweb shooters. They can actually withstand high-velocity bullets without snapping in half,' Jake darkly grins through his black masked as he accurately tossed the dead mafia man's body at the bulky man using the mini-gun inside the van with precision.

His bulky body was hit on impact and he was instantly knocked out. Jake's Spider-Sense eye and Super Genius powers had configured the perfect trajectory to web-sling the slimmer man at the other bulkier man.

The redhead with glasses opens her mouth wide as she sees Jake take down the mafia goons so easily with his spider powers.

The other busty blonde stands up and tries to run away from the mafia man. Suddenly she is pushed down onto the ground by two mafia members. Both of them point their weapons at her head.

"Who the fuck is this freak!?" Shouts out an overly muscular dark skin man who was wearing sunglasses and a gang bandana over his mouth. He was holding a shotgun with both of his hands and walks over to Jake as he cocks back his shotgun.

A surge of burning rage and hatred filled Jake's blood and body, his eyes were slowly glowing into a dark red color. He hated seeing others prey on the weak. Especially ones that were defenseless like the woman hostages that clearly didn't have any weapons on them. Jake begins to have flashbacks of his parents being attacked by a group of villains. Their screams of agony and pain filled his mind with overflowing hatred. He knew that in this world it was either kill or be killed. And the only way to evolve and to become the most powerful being was to devour all that stands in your way.

The dark skin mafia man fires his shotgun at Jake's chest, his power suit absorbs the bullet impact and he slightly slides back, but his deadly fearsome movements did not deter. He was hellbent on taking out every one of the mafia bastards who was using the innocent civilian woman as sex slaves.

"Fucking die you freak!!!" The dark skin mafia man now aims for Jakes' face.

*BANG!* A shotgun shell zoomed towards Jake's face at a thunderous speed.

"NO!" Batman loudly roars in a deep ground-shaking tone. His young apprentice was about to die right in front of him.

Jake just closes his eyes. He let his spider-senses guide him. He became a different kind of Spiderman. One that was far superior in every way.

The bullet was inches away right between the middle of his eyes, Jake quickly open his eyes and in half the speed of light, he catches the shotgun bullet with his bare hands!

Batman's draw drops and his eyes widen with shock. He had never seen such superpowers before. He only knew a few who could catch bullets. But none this young. He never knew that his apprentice had such insane powers.

"How is that fucking possible!?" The dark skin mafia man stumbles back and keeps on firing his shotgun.

Jake shoots two symbiote spiderwebs from both of his wrists and actually melts the man's shotgun with his symbiot powers!

He then jumps high in the air and tiger-kicks the man right in his face.

*WHAM!* The kick was so hard that his teeth came out of his mouth and mask.

The final mafia man clicks the trigger of a large high caliber handgun and aims it at the blonde teenage girl who had sapphire eyes. "Aaaaaaaaaah!" She screams out with her hands feebly over her pale beautiful face.

Jake lunges forward and literally takes the bullet for her in the chest, "Gaaaaaah!" He yells out as he slides back and grabs his chest in pain, "Tch. Just kidding," He devilishly smiles and lefts up his hands, he had formed a symbiote spiderweb on top of his power suit. Even though the power suit Batman had given was bulletproof at a close range a high caliber bullet can price through it. The man had fired a Magnum Revolver.

"W-why did you save me?" The young blonde bombshell stutters as her slender legs shake and she suddenly faints. She was wearing a black and white elegant dress. This girl looked like a supermodel. In fact, she looked liked someone Jake kind of knew!

"I didn't," Jake coldly says as he looks ahead at the mafia man and mocks the man by holding up the shattered lead bullet he caught with his hands and spiderweb powers.

Jake slowly walks over to the mafia man, "Please spare my life! I promise I will tell you everything I know!" He falls to the floor and begs for his life.

"Don't do it!" Batman goes in front of Jake. He knew what evil he was capable of. That killing wasn't necessary. Even though it was a different time. Things seemed darker than ever.

"Really why should we let him go? After all the people he probably murdered. All the woman he sold as sex slaves. Do you think we should just lock him up? Let the vermin rot in his own prison cell until he is released out in the streets again only to do the same thing over and over again. Pest like him should just all be extermined!" Jake angrily clenched his fist, he knew crime would never stop unless the core and root of all it was destroyed.

"You do not get to decide his fate! People can change!" Batman gritted his teeth and clenched his fist as well. He was about to punch the hell out of Jake.

Moon rays illuminate over Jake and Batman. A swarm of ravens fluttered in the darkened skies above.

"Evil will never change," Jake punches right through the man's heart. Blood splatters everywhere. Jake didn't want to become a hero, there was too many of them who didn't do a damn thing to stop evil. But he also didn't want to be a villain. What he wanted to become. Was a God. The power he felt today was like something he had never felt before in his average mortal past life. He now had the chance to become a legend. His evolution was just beginning.

[Funnel-Spider DNA evolution aquired] His system alerts him. All along his common spider DNA was that of a Funnel-Spider one of the most fearsome spiders in existence. Soon he will be getting more powerful power-ups. This world was his for the taking.

[A/N: The new world and Jakes past will be explained more in the next chapters. I will also go in more depth with Jakes powers. Also Jake doesn't remember much from the Marvel/D.C movies and comics. His memory has become shifty from being reborn into this multiverse. Also the spider DNA you guys chose will soon be used]

[ Extra: If you figure out who the blonde girl and redhead with glasses is I will give you some coffee]


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