Spiderman Evolution
16 Webs of Destiny
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Spiderman Evolution
Author :GhostyZ
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16 Webs of Destiny

Bright blinding helicopter lights beamed over Batmans and Jakes faces.

"Stand right where you are!" Booms out a loud robotic voice through a microphone.

'So the cops finally show up,' Jake stands still without any in fear in his dark sapphire eyes as a bunch of S.W.A.T team members jumped out from the helicopter and slide down grappling hooks.

Batman looks up at the helicopter who knew exactly was on aboard. Commissioner Gordon was hanging on the side of the navy blue and black police copter, his medium-long faded brown hair fluttered with the wind, his thick glasses light up and his serious eyes could be seen through them. His mustache was as sharp and stoic as ever and so was his outraged face.

"W-what happened here Batman?! And who is this!?" Commissioner Gordon points his handgun at Jake whose masked face was covered in gangster blood, he was now holding the fainted blondes body in a bridal carry pose.

"He is with me. He poses no threat," Batman hesitantly said as he looked at the two mutilated dead mafia members and the one mafia member whose heart was punched right through his chest by Jake's incredible super strength!

Commissioner Gordan's eyed widen with shock when he saw the redhead girl with glasses on the floor of the garage bruised and battered, but not shot or fatally injured.

"Barbara honey is that you!?" He cried out as he runs over to her side and holds her so dearly. He tries to hold back his tears, but it was too much for him to bear, he finally finds his missing daughter.

"The mafia members I took down where about to kill her, before I stepped in. Maybe you guys shouldn't call yourselves cops," Jake said as he held the blonde girl in his hands and looks directly at Commissioner Gordon with a stare of dominance.

"Hey you take that back! You freaking punk! Do you know who you are talking to!?" Angrily intervenes one of the male SWAT officers as he points his sub-machine gun at him.

"You know that won't do anything against me," Jake gives him a death stare the dead bodies behind him could attest to his merciless words.

"ENOUGH!" Both loudly yell Commissioner Gordon and Batman at the same time

"I want to thank you for saving my daughter. What is your name," Commissioner Gordon holds out his old hands for Jake to shake.

"I don't have one. Not yet," Jake doesn't shake his hands. Not out of disrespect. He just couldn't do it since he was carrying a beauty on his hands. Plus the feeling her busty body was better than shaking an old man's wrinkly hands.

"Fine then how about 'Noname' or 'Unknown'?" Gordon says with a akward chuckle.

"Good enough," Jake turns his back at Gordon and walks away towards the Tumbler Tank batmobile while holding the blonde girl with little to no care. He wanted to go back to cultivating his superpowers, but he didn't mind holding a beautiful woman in his hands. She had medium-short (shoulder length)golden blonde hair with one loose strand that covered one of her gorgeous sapphire eyes which brighter than Jake's. Her face was like that of an angelic-doll. Jake was kind of attracted to her amazing hour-glass figure and buxom breasts. She looked very athletic and in shape. A true goddess of beauty.

Jake knew that falling for a girl would only hinder his plans to become most powerful Spiderman. "We should be taking this girl back safely to her home," He said to Batman so he can get his mind off the blonde girl's gorgeous young face and body.

Batman nods and then looks at Commissioner Gordon, "Whatever happened here you tell no one about it. This will be your repayment for us saving your daughter," Batman pointed at Gordon.

Gordon: "Of course Batman. I owe you and your apprentice my life-"

"He is not my apprentice. Not anymore," Batman said with a snarl as he walks back to his Batmobile, he looked like he was about to snap at any second. Jake had not followed his rules. And he had broken Batman's rule that could never be broken. To kill someone. Even if they are villains.

James Gordon wanted to ask Batman about the slaughter that took place at this secluded parking garage that was located at an abandoned Mall out at the outskirts of Gotham City. But he knew nothing good would come out of it. James was just beyond shocked that Batman would actually kill someone, it wasn't in his nature to do so. As Gotham's Dark Knight he was supposed to protect the people. Not kill them. James started to wonder if it was Batman's apprentice who had done this. Should he have arrested Jake for taking so many lives? These were wanted maifa members who had done numerous deadly and dangerous crimes. Such crimes as drug dealing, sex trade, and even robbing banks and killing others who get in their way.

'Dammit! This not right! None of it is!' James Gordon hugs his daughter tightly and angrily gritted his teeth. He didn't even know what to do.

"Daddy! It was horrible! They were about to do the unspeakable to me until that young masked boy saved my life! He actually caught a bullet with his bare hands!" She shouts while crying on her father's chest, but she also felt relieved that she would live another day.

"I owe my life to that masked boy! I need to know who he is!" Babarba Gordn's takes off her glasses and rubs away her tears from her adorable emerald eyes.

"We both do. We both do..." James gently rubs his daughter's hair to calm her down. "Everyone clean house!" James stands up from the ground and lifts up his injured daughter, her legs were badly bruised from the mafia men hitting her.

"But sir! We can have taken down Batman and that bastard with him to interrogate them about what happened! They killed these monsters without even capturing them!" Angrily shouts a female SWAT officer. She knew the situation was absurd. It went against every moral code of a superhero.

"No we couldn't have. Batman is impossible to catch. He will always do what he thinks is best for Gotham. For the people..." James walks towards the helicopter while carrying his daughter, he turns back to look at Batman and Jake, but they were already gone into the night.

The Dark Knight and Dark Spider had vanished.


Jake finally gets the chance to use his funnel-web spiderwebs to swing across Gotham city. Well, the Marvel hybrid of Gotham city. These new powerful funnel spider webs were way stronger and had a wider and longer range of fire than the average Spiderman spider-web shooters! Jake was carrying the blonde girl in one arm as he swung away so gallantly. He felt like a real superhero, even killing the mafia man. But they deserved it. If he wasn't there to save the girls than they surely would have lived a life of misery and torture. Or worse they would have been killed. Jake had saved their lives and potentially the lives of many other female victims. But Jake wondered why the Joker would want random females as hostages. Maybe this blonde bombshell he was carrying and protecting was someone important. A large gust of wind brushes against Jake's face and dark brown hair as he swung from building to building, it was almost like he was flying across the bustling titan city. He had never felt so alive in his life. Slowly he was getting used to using his Spiderman powers. His Super Genius intellect and Speed MInd had made learning the movements and skills of Spiderman a breeze. Needless to say, he was a fast learner

Jake landed on top of the girls apartment and enters through a window. Batman had given him to coordinates of the blonde girl's apartment so that he could return her there safely. At this point, Batman wanted nothing to do with Jake and his insanely powerful brutal powers. If anything, Batman was going to have a long talk with him. And it was surely not going to be a father and son kind of talk.

Jake gently places the girl on her bed and then heads out the window he had entered. The blonde teenage girl slowly opens her eyes, "W-wait! Are you the one who saved me? W-who are you? I must know! So that I can repay you!" The girl stands up from her bed with a cute injured wobble. A silver necklace with a name emblem that says 'Stacy' dangles over her neck and the middle of her busty breasts.

But before she could catch another glimpse of her hero he was already mysteriously gone Spiderman style. She griped at her heart and starts to blush, 'I hope we meet again one day,' Suddenly she spots something that fell from Jake's pocket. It was a silver ring that was once given to him by his mother and father as a keepsake. She picks it up and palms the silver ring against her chest. 'Yes one day we will meet...' She goes back to her bed and goes to sleep with a happy tight lipped-smile.

... At the Batcave

Jake enters the Batcave and takes off his bloody black mouth mask, "Shit I got thrash blood on my mask," He said aloud as he walks to his room.

"Where do you think you're going? We need to talk," In the darkness of the cave Batman was right behind Jake. His shadow towered Jake's. His bat power suit was still on. He meant business. And not the good kind.

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Characters- Barbara Gordon daughter of commissioner Gordon. Very intelligent and studious girl.


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