Spiderman Evolution
17 Stand Above
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Spiderman Evolution
Author :GhostyZ
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17 Stand Above

"Where do you think you're going? We need to talk," In the darkness of the cave, Batman was right behind Jake. His shadow towered Jake's. His bat power suit was still on. He meant business. And not the good kind.

"I am going to my room. What do you even want to talk about?" Jake snides as he turns his back at Batman who didn't even try to protect to him in battle. Not that he needed his help.

"Do you know what you have just done!? You have taken someone else's life without any justification! This is not the way I taught you to fight! You disregarded my orders and now you have tarnished what it means to fight for justice! The Law Enforcement and Commissioner Gordon won't forget about your crimes!" Batman angrily slams both of knuckles on top of his titan-sized supercomputer keyboard.

"Is it really justice you fight for? Then if it is you are doing a bad job. Those female hostages would have been before you could ever do a damn thing. I had to step in to save them while you watched at the sidelines. I took action while you thought about what actions you were about to take. That's the difference between us," Jake throws down his mask and takes off his power suit, he was done being Batman's sidekick for today. In fact ever. He was done taking orders. He took enough at the army. He then puts on a leather biker jacket that was found at a nearby metal table.

"For someone who talks so smartly and highly of themselves, you are dense! Don't you understand the repercussions of your actions! Your image is now tarnished, if they find who you are then our secret identities are both put at risk! Killing doesn't solve anything! It only breeds more violence and hatred!" Batman angrily clenched his fist and was spitting out his words from how furious he was about Jake's careless and cruel attitude.

"I am done talking. All you do is talk, but you never get anything done," Jake puffs up his black leather biker jacket collar like a rebellious teen and walks off. His younger body and mind was only rising up his ego up higher to its peak. Though his 21-year-old mind kept him balanced and combat ready.

"That's it! You are no more my appetence! You are going back to school!" Batman roars out as he goes to punch Jake in the face, he quickly catches Batman's punch. His spider-sense was on full alert.

"You are getting slower and you are not my father. I dont have to follow your damn orders," Jake looks directly in Batman's eyes. Since the moment Jake was reborn he could sense the controlling nature and aura of Batman. Even though is intentions were good and he wanted to train Jake to become more skilled in close combat and fighting crime, his methods were controlling. Jake wasn't' going to be some damn sidekick. He was going to become his own hero.

In the background, a large plasma T.V is playing the news of today's incident.

Amber Rose(Female Newscaster): "It seems that Batman has saved the day once again. However, it turned out to be a bloody showdown! About 5 females were taken as hostages by a group of gangsters who we have no word of their affiliation. Batman was joined by another unknown masked hero who may be his new apprentience! This world has truly turned into a bloodbath after the first multiverse portal had opened and rained hell across the skies! This event was known as the Final Eclipse where two worlds have merged! Now crime is growing at a rampant rate!" She broadcasted on a large microphone. She was on top of a news helicopter.

"Don't you now see the severity of the situation. This world will never be the same. The day I saved your life from the multi-verse portal your parents bestowed a promise to me. To protect you. To raise you to become a man who can survive and fight on your own. But I have let them down. I have left you walk down a path that is divided between light and darkness. Only you can now choose your destiny." Batman takes off his Batmask and stares Jake directly in the eye.

"Who are my parents?" Jake asked as his eyes shook. He wanted to know the truth. Who really was he? He wanted to figure out this bodies origin. Somehow he felt like he was reborn into this body when he was a child(5 years old or younger) and now his consciousness had fully awakened since he was transmigrated from his Earth to this new world. It was some confusing shit.

"Your mother and father were both very powerful people. Their bloodlines were beyond that of mere mortals. But I cannot tell you the truth. You are not ready yet," Batman for the first time takes off his black mask that was covering his mouth. "The day I saved you I broke my one rule I should have never had and for that, I paid the ultimate price," Batman mask falls from his mouth and his whole face was finally revealed, but only in the darkness of the Batcave.

Jake actually stood back with shock in his face. A flood of past memories exploded out of his mind. He had a massive headache like no other.

He needed to know the truth.

"Who are my parents!" He demanded once more but louder.

"Like I said you are not ready yet. You have one year to redeem yourself and then I will tell you the truth. Until now I will be enrolling you into a nearby high school so you can keep your identity a secret and blend in with the normal students. I've always known you had powers, but after what I saw today you have proven me that you can not control them. For now, on you will be following my orders," Bruce Wayne said in a collective manner. He was no more Batman. He was now the multi-billionaire and proud owner of Wayne Enterprises.

"Screw following your orders! I will do everything my own way!" Jake storms off his room. 'Who the fuck does he think he is treating me like some kid! Tch you think you are smart Bruce Wayne? You have no idea who you are dealing with," He grins as he holds one of Bruce Waynes SONAR Machine monitors, he had stolen it when Bruce wasn't looking during his ramage talk as Batman.

Jake was going to hunt down villains and take their powers for himself. He was going to fight off crime and take down villains all by himself. He was going solo from now on. And he was going to do it smartly. First, he was going to customize his room into a hideout base where he could locate nearby crime incidents and construct a more powerful and upgrade power suit. Then he was going to make more money then Stark Industries Wayne Industries combined! His company was going to be untouchable and reign supreme over this new world.

Jake was also thinking about going to school as well. Maybe he would meet the one person in this universe who could help master his Spiderman Powers.

[A/N: Give a guess who the MC's parents are. Sorry for the wait. I am making all my chapters 1,000 words or more and trying my best to edit them. If you spot any errors let me know. I want to get to the Marvel action quickly. So the training arc will be quick and real soon the MC will be going to 'school'. ]


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