Spiderman Evolution
18 Formulation
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Spiderman Evolution
Author :GhostyZ
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18 Formulation

Jake hooks up the SONAR machine device on top of a desk table. It wasn't hard to connect the wires and setting up the device. Of course, this machine was only active when cellphones were broadcasting a signal either through text, calls, and usage of Wi-Fi. This SONAR machine turns every cellphone and phone device into a "high-frequency generator". So in a sense, Jake could track the Dispatchers calls of police officers and other crime events that were being set up by telecommunications. In this world it was very clear that everyone still used cellphones and home phones. Bruce Wayne had about 5 house phones and one cellphone that Jake only spotted him use once. In a way, cellphones and the internet were the only way to spread mass messages at a fast rate. That or sending letters which would take forever to formulate any type of nefarious plans.

As Jake does the last finishing touches on the SONAR machine he then double locks his door so Bruce won't come in and see what he was up too. Jake had a fast way to hide his partial 'Crime Hunting lair'. He simply dug out a large enough hole to hide the SONAR Machine device. Inside this hole was a thick layer of symbiote spider-webs that formed another layer over the Hard Drive device which acted as a floor tile! Symbiotes lifeforms could take any form imagined, But Jake had to precisely form each object with his mind linking to the symbiotes sentient alien hivemind thus creating whatever he desired! Symbiotes were masters in morphing and with Jake's radioactive Funnel-Spider powers it made the symbiotes more powerful than ever.

For about an hour Jake tested out the SONAR machine to search for any nearby crimes and villains. He used a common laptop to display the map-out simulation of Gotham City. He thought that the best way to increase his powers was to fight against medium-tier villains. If he were to hunt heroes than his identity would quickly be found out. So for now, only villains were on his devour list. Jake knew that if this was a Marvel X D.C world than the villains and heroes here were the most powerful entities that could even surpass the gods themselves. They had powers that could literally destroy planets and universes! Jake marked these all-powerful entities as Beyond Gods which meant on the level of Thanos, Galactus, Darkseid and even Beyonder himself. These cosmic entities were on a level that Jake wanted to achieve as impossible as it seemed. But Jake was determined to become the most powerful being in this new world.

Jake marks down the most crime infested areas in the Gotham Hyrbid City, he mapped everything with his super intelligence and Speed Mind powers as he absorbed and formulated information at such a fast rate that his eyes and nose were bleeding! He quickly wipes away the blackish red blood from his nose and eyes.

'Shit maybe I should rest... No screw that. I am going to inspect, test, and cultivate my Spiderman System and Funnel- Symbiote Spider powers. I am going to push it to the limit!' Jake smacks away all the clutter from his desk and gets straight down to business. He was also going to form a plan on to make a shit ton of money. But first came power.

He pulls out the stats and information of the Funnel- Web Spider on his system: Funnel-web spiders are spiders that build funnel-shaped webs, which they use as burrows or to trap prey. Three distinct spider families are known popularly as funnel-web spiders, but they are all quite different. Funnel Web Spiders are some of the worlds most deadly spiders and are found in coastal and mountain regions of eastern and southern Australia. Funnel Web Spiders are found in two genera of the family 'Hadronyche' (which is not associated with any known human fatalities) and Atrax (which is known to have killed 13 people).

Species Characteristics: Funnel Web Spiders are medium to large in size, with a body length ranging from 1 centimeter to 5 centimeters (0.4 inches to 2 inches). Funnel Web Spiders are dark in colour, ranging from black to brown, with a shiny head and thorax. Some of these spiders greatly resemble tarantulas.

Venom: There is a large number of different toxins in the venom of Funnel Web Spiders. Collectively, the toxins are given the name Atracotoxins (ACTX). When bitten; Death results from progressive hypotension or possibly raised intracranial pressure resulting from cerebral edema.

Jake scrolls down and sees a list of other attributes of the Funnel-Web Spider. Its spiderwebs were thicker and denser than an average spider. It can also form a funnel web at much faster rates than the common spider. He starts to think when did he get bitten by a radioactive Funnel-Web Spider? Maybe inside Batman's cave when he was about to leave to his first mission. Could there be a nest of Radioactive spiders nearby? Was Bruce Wayne working on some kind of secret project?

Next Jake system stats appear.

[Spiderman System]

Race: Human

IQ: 400 - Super Genius

Evolution: Symbiote - Fusion Variant

DNA: Human, Funnel-Web Spider

Bloodline: Rare Unknown

Powers: Super speed, Super Strength (10-ton ^), High Reflex/ Jump, Wall-climb, Web-Shooters(Organic Form), Symbiote Morphing

Suits: 1- Carbon-Fiber Power Suit(The one used in misson)

Forge: [You can create your own gadgets and technology as well as power suits]


STR: 25

DEF: 20

AGI: 30

STM: 8


KAM: 1


[Augments]: Eyes- Spider Sight

Chose one Body Frame: Unlock - Choices- Can imagine any body frame.

Brain: Speed Mind (Able to absorb information at a fast rate)

"So now I can lift 10-tons or more, my Funnel-Web Spider DNA is visible, and choosing my body frame is still locked and my bloodline is still unknown. Well, that is enough information for today. Now time for a test run," Jake goes to head out the prison cell windows. He easily bends apart the dense metal bars covering the window and escapes out of his room. Everything in his room was left like the way it was before he modified it. Bruce Wayne wouldn't find a single trace of what he plans he was scheming. Jake was heading straight towards a construction site, in here he would start his first true cultivation session.

[A/N: 10-ton ^ means that his strength can increase. I will now be picking up the pace.]


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