Spiderman Evolution
19 Spider Strength
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Spiderman Evolution
Author :GhostyZ
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19 Spider Strength

Jake had arrived at a restricted abandoned Construction site area. He swiftly swung over the metal gate that was blocking the entrance by shooting symbiote spiderwebs out from his right wrist.

He could use his spiderweb organic shooters for an infinite amount of times without any recharge needed. He can shoot infinite symbiote spiderwebs from his wrists and he noticed that he can punch out spiderwebs from his knuckles, kind of like a shotgun blast of webs, of course, he was going to test out all of his powers today. It was around 12 A.M and dark as hell, but he could easily see through the dark with his spider superpowers. Spiders can sense nearby objects and enemies with their spider hairs and high-sense radar of vibrations. Jake for some reason can see through the dark, it may be because of his symbiote bloodline powers fused with his spider powers.

Jake finds a nearby giant steel beam that weighed over 1-ton! He also found other heavy objects that were around the 1-ton range.

He started to lift up on a steel beam that was the largest of the bunch. "Arrrrrrragh!Damn this thing is heavy as hell!" Jake barely lifts up the massive steel beam. "This thing must weigh more than a ton!" Jake goes at it again and again, he finally tilts up the steel beam, "AAAAAAH!!!" He lets out a loud war cry and lifts up the giant steel beam over his broad muscular shoulders. His veins were popping out his neck. "Alright, I definitely need some rest!" He tosses down the steel beam, it was like he did a deadlift with an elephant! With his Super Genius mind, he was able to calculate that the steel beam he had lifted over his shoulders weighed over 10-tons!

'That's insane! I thought my max was 10-tons!?' Jake exclaimed aloud to himself as he boldly flexes his veiny well-toned godly biceps. For a 16-year-old teen, he looked like a fearsome titan. He was 6,4 tall, had 6-pack abs, and cut ripped muscles which weren't too bulky like Hulks muscles. In fact, it was the perfect muscle mass to swing around skyscraper buildings and kick ass. His body was on another level than the original Spiderman's body. After about an hour of curling, bench pressing, and squatting steel beams which were now only 1-tons Jake thought this was enough training for the day or in this case the night. He was going to test out his spiderwebs and symbiote powers next but he was hungry as a pissed off Hulk and wanted to get something to eat before he went to sleep.

'I think a nice New York Pizza will do the trick,' He grins excitedly. He was amazed at his incredible strength and progress of his Spiderman powers! He was surely evolving to someone who would be on the same level as Thanos or even stronger! But what Jake didn't know... Was that his powers come with a price.


Jake arrives back at his room with a pizza slice hanging out of his mouth, he had snuck in through the back window. He devours the rest of the cheesy Hawaiian pizza and starts to plan out ways to make a large sum of money in the course of a day. He needed the money to buy more weapons, materials to build his own power suit, and to of course rent out an apartment to live far away from Bruce while he can form his own advanced Lab Hideout. Not that he hated Bruce's company, but Jake needed to get stronger fast. Bruce would only get in his way.

'So there are three ways I can make some quick money. Invest in stocks, Online Betting, and investing in cryptocurrency. There are some other ways like hacking and doing some other shady stuff as well. But I have an idea to make myself a billionaire overnight...' Jake clenched his fist and had a dark grin on his face. He was thinking of something that would require taking down a certain 'someone'. If only Bruce knew how much of a monster Jake really was.


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