Spiderman Evolution
20 Payback
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Spiderman Evolution
Author :GhostyZ
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20 Payback

Jake typed away at his laptop computer which was an old model MacBook Pro. He had taken some of Bruce Wayne's coffee when he wasn't looking and he also asked afraid to make him another strong batch of expresso. He was about to pull out an all-nighter. Something that he was accustomed to in the army as he always had to be on the lookout when an enemy was nearby. Jake was making thousands of fake Cryptocurrency accounts with fake banking information. He hacked into the system of cryptocurrency site and starting buy CC (Crypto Coins) at a very low price and then he would sell them at an even higher price. He modified the system so that people would buy his inflated cryptocurrency without know that Jake had only spent a penny on each coin(Basically ghost money, meaning he spent no money when buying CC) He was at for awhile maybe a good 2 hours scamming millions of people who trade cryptocurrency in the Dark Web. He mostly targeted criminals, other hackers, and shady businessmen who had a crap ton of money from the victims they stole from. So Jake thought it was about time these hackers and scammers got some payback. Under the span of these 2 hours he had easily made 50 million dollars! His super genius IQ was off the walls when he was scamming the hell out of the criminals!

He confidently leaned back against his office chair in style and kicked his legs on top of his desk table like a boss. 'Well that was easier than I thought. I think its time I kick it up a notch and then hit the hay,' Jake types down Bruce Wayne's name and uses his fake credit card to invest on a secret stock company that was completely made up by Jake. He called this company Justice Industries, this was the company he wanted to make that would tower over Stark Industries and Wayne Industries.

If all things went well... Than Jake would literally become a multi-millionaire overnight.

Jake jumps and on his bed and finally goes to sleep. Soon a whole new life was about to begin for him. He would become a legend like no other. And in a week he would have to go to high school while living a double life. Things were about to get fun.


Jake wakes up and the first thing he does is check his laptop. He types in his password and lord behold was the largest sum of money he had ever seen in his life.

[Justices Industries stock ticker(JI) worth $500,000,000]

Jake's jaw drops. He knew his plan was going to work but not to this extent! All Jake needed to do now was... well nothing but cash in the money! But he had to be smart about. Cashing in all of the money would be a stupid idea, instead, he planned to transfer the money to Bruce's Bank Account and do a direct transfer to his own bank account without Bruce even noticing. Jake knew that he needed the money in cash form real quick. If he left the money in a bank or online then his money would easily be stolen and be tracked down by all of the criminals he stole from.

So over the course of a month, Jake would transfer 15,000,000 million dollars a week. Now that is crazy.

Jake stretched and went to the bathroom to take a much-needed shower. Once he was done he put on a black compression T-shirt and started thinking of what groundbreaking serum or product he would make for his company Justice Industries. A light bulb went off in his head. He kept the bright idea inside of his head and jotted down the information on a piece of notebook paper, he needed to buy a cellphone. He put the paper inside his jacket pocket.

So, for now, Jake had 50,000,000 million dollars to mess around with, this was the same money he stole from the web criminals which he had transferred into cryptocurrency so no one could trace the stolen money.

'I have a lot of things to buy, but right now I should just lay low and follow along with Bruce's daily life,' Jake walks out his room and goes out the Batcave and upstairs to the main area of the mansion. As he goes upstairs Jake sees the face of someone he did not want to meet, well three faces. Two of them was Commissioner Gordon and his daughter Barbara Gordon the sexy sharp-minded redhead with sleek glasses and emerald eyes, the other face was no other than of that of a dark skin man with a black eye-patch over his eyes.

'Oh fuck,' Jake gritted his teeth. He was in for some trouble.

[A/N: How Barbara Gordon looks: https://www.deviantart.com/prywinko/art/Batgirl-without-mask-717737302 ] (Let me know if like works or not)


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