Spiderman Evolution
21 Goodmorning
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Spiderman Evolution
Author :GhostyZ
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21 Goodmorning

[MC looks the person on the cover art. He is wearing a black compression t-shirt and jeans right now.]

"Ah what brings you two three here? May I offer you some coffee? Alfred is a real pro when it comes to making a beverage that will refresh you and knock your socks off." Bruce said with a welcoming bright smile. He truly was a handsome sly man of such epic proportions.

"You know what I'll have the coffee if it is as good as you say," Nick Fury winked his eye with a slight smirk, which was weird because it was like seeing a polite pirate asking for coffee.

"Trust me, it will be good. All of you come right this way," Bruce instructs them as he heads over to a golden table. At the moment Bruce was wearing a $30,000 black and navy blue business suit. He was ready to slay many woman hearts and close million dollar deals.

"So what do you want to talk about? You have to make it quick since I have a business meeting in about 20 minutes," Bruce politely says as in a business-like manner he looks at his golden customized Bao Dai Rolex watch which cost him a whopping $20 million!

"Well, then I will make this fast and clear. I want you to develop a prototype project for me that would be useful for organization," Nick Furry rubs his Goatee Beard and leans in closer to Bruce to show that he was serious. He hands over a silver USB drive. When Nick Fury meets you in person you know something is up. Either it is bad or good news it didn't matter. He doesn't play any games. He cuts to the chase. No bullshit.

"What project are we exactly talking about?" Bruce crosses one leg in style and leans back on his fancy table chair.

Alfred walks in between the conversation and places down cups of coffee for everyone.

Jake slowly creeps out the door, he didn't want to deal with this shit right now. The last person he wanted to see was Nick Fury. And to add more fire to the already smoldering flames, Commissioner Gordon was right next to him along with his voluptuous banging hot daughter. Jake couldn't help but stare at her luscious busty breasts and gorgeous snow-white angelic face. She looked like a woman who could hold herself. A smart and cunning vixen.

Jake was inches away from the backyard door of the mansion.

"Where are you going? Why don't you join us!?" Bruce exclaims with a clever smile. He caught Jake like a bat finding a spider coming out of its burrow.

'Damn you are a sharp Batman.' Jake gritted his teeth and sighed as he walks over the three guests direction.

Baraba lightly smiles as she sees a very handsome and well-tones muscular Jake sit next to her. He didn't want to sit near two law officials who would swiftly arrest him after the figure out the horrendous crimes he had done.

"So is this your son? You never talk about having a son?" Commissioner Godorn said as he takes a sip from of coffee.

"Bruce having a son!? No way?!" Nick Furry loudly shouts as he takes a sip of coffee, "Damn this is some motherufucking good coffee!" He kicks up his legs as he enjoys Alfreds expresso.

...Everyone is quite.

"Ahem pardon my language," Nick Furry cleans his mouth with a grey handkerchief he pulls out from his black pants pockets.

"No he is not my son. He is someone I am taking under my wing as my apprentice. Wayne Industries needs more bright minds. But I guess you can say he is kind of like my son. I did raise him to become a fine man," Bruce said with a slight cringe because he knew that what he said was far from the true after Jake had brutally killed three mafia members.

"What is his name?" Asked Barbara with a cute girly giggle.

"His name is Jake W-" Bruce was about to say Wayne, but Jake quickly interrupted him, "My name is Jake Justice," He confidently said as extended out his hands for Barbara to shake.

"Oh, a true gentleman. It's hard to find those nowadays," Barbara shakes Jake's hands with a bright smile. Her hands felt very smooth against Jake's rough hands which were lifting 10-ton steel beams last night.

"How about you two talk outside while we talk about important matters," Bruce Wayne said with a scolding stare at Jake.

"Sure whatever. It's probably not important," Jake stands up and places his hands inside his jean pockets and heads toward the garden behind the mansion with Barbara. He rather talk with a beautiful girl than with three old men.

"Oh! Haha! he kind of reminds me of you," Nick Furry slaps his knees as he laughs. Commissioner Gordon is quite, he had something on his mind. He had a feeling that he had seen Jakes face before. Especially those cold dark blue eyes.

"Not even close," Bruce angrily says as sips some coffee.

Jake sits down with Barbara on the brick stone edge of a large swimming pool that was near the garden area. It was just the two of them. It was a beautiful sunny day outside. It had been a while since Jake had talked to a female. Barbara was wearing a short white tank top t-shirt that showed off her amazing slim stomach and big breasts. She was also wearing skin-tight cowgirl jean shorts. Jake actually wanted to ask Barbara some questions. Mostly about this new world and other things... But he didn't really feel like talking to her right now.

... 5 minutes of awkward silence

"So um... You are not much of a talker," Barbara swings back her long silky scarlet and bats her bright emerald doll eyes. Her glossy black and red lips were close to his face as she talked to him. They were sitting very close together. He could smell her rosy perfume. She was like a mini Poison Ivy. She was kind of shorter like 5,6 while Jake was 6,4.

'Girls with glasses really can be sexy, especially Barbara. But I can't fall for her tricks. And most of all I can't fall in love with her or I am fucking screwed. Actually, I can't fall in love with anyone,' Jake cringes at the thought of being hunted down by Gordon and the police. The last thing he wanted to do was kill a bunch of law enforcement offices. Killing gangsters were different than killing innocent lives. But then anything that didn't justify his actions. Jake was standing on a thin line of spiderwebs that would eventually snap if he didn't do things smartly. Put it simply he had no time for love.

"I got to go," Jake stands up.

"Wait," Barbara quickly grabs Jake's hands so he won't go anywhere.

"You look like someone I know," She seductively whispers into Jake's ears.

[A/N: How Barbara Gordon looks like: https://www.deviantart.com/prywinko/art/Batgirl-without-mask-717737302 But she is wearing glasses now]


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