Spiderman Evolution
22 Its Coming
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Spiderman Evolution
Author :GhostyZ
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22 Its Coming

"You look like someone I know," She seductively whispers into Jake's ears.

"That's cool, but I really have to go somewhere," Jake pushes aside Barbara.

"Your eyes they remind me so much of the person who saved my life. I don't how to explain it...But you really look like my type," Barbara wickedly smiles and winks as she kisses Jake on the cheek. Her pillowy lips were very soft and felt warm against Jake's cheeks. She was alluring.

'You got to be kidding me. I don't have time for this,' Jake's face looked collected and serious, but he was holding back from kissing Barbara on the lips. She was very attractive for her age and Jake was about the same age range, maybe older by 1 year. But he knew that hooking up with the Commissioners daughter would only make things worse for him.

"Well, I guess we will be meeting again," Barbara slowly walks away back inside the mansion with a flustered face. Her cheeks were beet red from how much she was blushing. She couldn't believe she kissed some random boy on the cheeks. Yet she loved being a bad chick, she was always raised up to a be a 'good girl' and excel at everything in life, but she was tired of holding up that image. She felt like she had a special connection with Jake.

"Before I go can I get your number-" Barbara turns back and Jake was gone. He got the fuck out as fast as possible. She sighed and grabbed her chest.

'Damn my good looks. I just want to become the most powerful Spiderman,' Jake is hanging on top of the roof of Bruce's 5-story mansion. He had quickly shot a web to get away from Barbara. 'Anyways what is Nick Fury and Commissioner Gordon talking about with Bruce Wayne?' Jake presses his ears down the roof tiles and tries to pick up the sound waves of all three of their voices so he could hear what they are talking about. His spider-sense could pick up any sound vibrations from a mile away, but it could also pick up sound waves through walls and buildings. It was a very useful power that could be used to take down criminals.

[Spider-sense voice reader]

Bruce Wayne: "I will look into the project you are talking about, but first why would you ask me to do it? Why not my other many competitors?"

Nick Fury : "Well Stark hasn't really been in contact with me. In fact, he has locked down and shut down any type of contact. He has gone 'dark'. But to be honest I think your technologies are better suited for the project I am working on. You see this kind of project is unorthodox. Not even the Avengers know about it."

Bruce Wayne: "Avengers? Who are they? Sounds like a cheesy name."

Nick Fury: "Seems like I gave out a little too much information. Bruce, I want to be honest with you. Because I believe that being honest and truthful is the right thing to do. I never tell a lie because I know it is wrong to give out misinformation that would only hinder my main objective. Bruce we both know how screwed up this world is now after the 'cosmic event' and I want to change that. There is a powerful presence that will soon make arrive on this planet, we need to prepare with every weapon we got!

Comissoner Gordon: "What are you talking about? What could be more dangerous than gang violence, terrorist attacks, and villains?"

Nick Fury: "Trust me you don't want to know. Anyways the deal is on the table, Mr. Wayne. Just know I deliver. Name any amount."

Bruce Wayne: " I think our little meeting has come to an end. I have to be going now. But I will think about your offer and show my best inventor the blueprints of your prototype project. Anything you want to say, Commissioner? You haven't asked anything."

Commissioner Gordon: "Uh-ah not really it's just... Do you mind if we talk another time in private?"

Bruce Wayne: "Of course I don't mind, but next time schedule an appointment I am a rather busy man."

Jake was thinking about what project Nick Fury was working on. 'So the Avengers really do exist in this world, but will they be the same? In this world, Bruce is angry all the time and Tony Stark isn't talking to anyone? That doesn't sound like Stark to me.' He jumps down from the roof and goes out a daily jog to clear his mind. When he comes back to the mansion his first phase in becoming more powerful would begin. He had to speed up his evolution before this huge 'threat' Nick Fury was talking about would come to this planet. Jake had a good idea/ feeling on who was this powerful presence that Nick Fury was so afraid about.

After 30 mins of spirting Jake returns back into the mansion through the main doors. He didn't want to sneak inside his room because that would cause to much suspicion on broad daylight. Jake simply opened the mansion front door with some keys Bruce had given him the first day when he was reborn.

Jake walks around the mansion and he sees all the expensive artwork, marble pillars/walls, and golden stairs. The whole mansion oozed 'playboy'. Of course, Bruce had to be over the top so that he could hide his secret identity of being Batman. Jake finds the secret bookcase compartment and presses down a red-level to open the bookcase and reveal a flight of steel-stairs.

After a few steps downstairs he reaches the Batcave and heads directly to his room. At this time Jake had already hidden everything in his room, so if Batman went in then he would find nothing that related to fighting crime. Even his laptop and power suit was well hidden.

Bruce was gone and most likely at his company at his important meeting. This gives Jake enough time to prepare for his first 'hunt'. He goes to his room and he is suddenly blocked by a huge figure in the shadows. The figure had jumped from the ceiling of the Batcave and landed fist-down on the rocky gorund right in front of Jake to stop him from entering his room.

Jake slides back his legs and gets in a Kung-Fu combat stance.

"So I see you were talking a with a young lady. You need this," Batman comes out from the shadows and takes a box from his utility belt and hands it over to Jake. It was a box of condoms. Or in this case Batdoms.

"Its always good to be safe. I've figured since you are growing up that you will need this just in case it 'happens'." Batman walks off into the darkness.

'What the actual fuck,' Jake tosses away the box into the garbage can and goes inside his room. 'How many things does he have in that belt?'

Jake was now going to go full force on training his powers, evolving, and hunting down criminals. Every day from now on was going to be used to become smarter and powerful.


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