Spiderman Evolution
23 The Hun
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Spiderman Evolution
Author :GhostyZ
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23 The Hun

'1...2...3...' Jake starts shooting symbiote spider-webs at the walls of his room from both of his wrists. He was counting how long it took to fire each spider web without stopping. 'So to shoot three spider-webs it takes only 3 seconds from the moment I press my palms it actives the trigger. So it takes 1 second to shoot one web. How about I try this," Jake does a fierce forward air-punch, about five long blackish spider webs burst out from each of his knuckles like a shotgun blast. A Spiderweb Shotgun. The symbiote spider webs slam hard against the brick walls of his room and actually melt the wall! It was like a bunch of nanobots were eating the walls of Jakes room!

'Holy shit my Spiderman and symbiote powers are powerful! I can actually evolve my attack tactics when I want to fire out spider webs,' Jake spins around on his office chair with a giddy smirk. He then jolts down a bunch of prototype designs on his notebook to construct an advance web-shooter that would boost the strength and fire-rate of his spider webs.

Jake then turns on his laptop to transfer the first 15,000,000 dollars to his bank account. After that was done he searched for Barbara Gordon's address. Not to be a stalker, but just in case she figures out that Jake was the one who killed the mafia men who captured her; he could find her and silence her. He wanted no one to jeopardize his plans to take over this world. One of Barbara's profile pictures on Peoplebook was with another girl who looked exactly like the blonde girl Jake had saved from the masked mafia men. 'That's strange,' Jake scrolls down and looks at her information. Barbara was studying to be a detective just like her father and she had a long list of achievements. She really was a smart girl, almost genius level. A sly sexy vixen. 'Alright enough of that, 'Jake rebooted his MacBook and decided that today was a perfect day for hunting down criminals.

Jake waited until nightfall to take action as most crimes happen at night. During his leisure time, Jake was ordering a whole bunch of parts, fuels, and minerals to build a power suit that would be on the level of Tony Stark's Mark III Ironman Suit. He also was listening to some Metallica on his laptop to pump himself up. Jake's attitude was one that was over the edge but not by much. He used his smarts to make himself look like a 'normal teenager' it was all part of the plan. If anything, the mindset he used the most was his military and Navy SEAL mindset. Jake stopped typing and looks outside the window. There was a full moon.

'Hunting time,' Jake puts on the power suit he had used before in his first mission, but this time he designed the front of the suit with a crimson Spider emblem and a V-arrow shape in the middle right below the spider with webbing linings surrounding the emblem which were actually made with reinforced symbiote spider webs! [ A/N: Like the cover art. But MC was a black mask over mouth and nose]

So his carbon-fiber/tungsten power suit was fused with his symbiote powers! Jake snapped his fingers and the power suit flew onto his whole upper-body in one quick motion, it was like his body was a magnet! (He did this by controlling his symbiote powers and do some sort of force pull) Overall it was a flashy way to put on a power suit.

Jake goes through an escape door which he had created himself and leaves the Batcave. Eventually Jake would analyze Bruce Wayne's weapons and he would meet the inventor of his weapons, the pioneering genius Lucius Fox.

"Wooohooo!" Jake swings away into the dark skies flying past several apartment buildings. He felt so free and alive. This was the time where he can use all his powers and bring justice upon this world. He was reborn for a reason. Jake swings across buildings, malls, apartments, houses and city streets bustling with human citizens. The moon and stars were right behind him as he swings away with his spider-webs slingers. He finally lands on top of a building.

He stands up tall on the highest skyscraper(Stark Industries) in Gotham City the whole world was seen from this position. This was his domain. The skies belong to him. 'Alright this better work,' Jake puts on a black mask over his mouth and then turns on his newly bought iPhone, he had installed the SONAR machine inside it. The reasons why he was so up high was so that he could pick up every telecommunications device frequency in Gotham. In about 1 minute his phone was beeping with a large number of crime spottings.

'Showtime,' Jake jumps off the top of Stark Industries and dives down, a blast of wind smacks up against his face. His sapphire eyes were focus and determination to gain more power.

Jake swings through a giant glass window of an Art Museum and finally embarks on his first hunt.


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