Spiderman Evolution
24 The Hunt Pt.2
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Spiderman Evolution
Author :GhostyZ
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24 The Hunt Pt.2

Jake crawls on top of the brick ceilings of the Art Musem on all fours in a crotched assassin position just like a spider. His spider senses were tingling every single one of the spider hairs in his body jolted straight up. Jake could sense the presence of a powerful being. He clenched his fist and crawled ahead towards the direction of the powerful presence.

Each step he took he could feel the vibrations and see the soundwaves echoing out of his feet. He followed these soundwaves which kind of acted like a GPS that was inside of his mind. Soon Jake was at a perfect spot for an ambush.

About 5 men who were wearing skull mask and black jackets entered the museum they were being led by two mysterious figures. Each of them carried different kinds of weapons. Shotguns, handguns, sub-machine guns, and one even carried a katana.

One of the two mysterious figures had a scarecrow face and was wearing a worn-out brown and green t-shirt that was ripped to shreds. He looked way too homeless to be leading around a couple of crooks. Next to this scarecrow figure was a nerdy Doctor who had goofy long blonde hair and thick glasses.

'Is my spider senses really working? I thought there were some powerful villains here that I can take down. Not these chumps,' Jake gritted his teeth, his face and body were hidden in the shadows above the group of men who plotting something sinister.

"I hope that lady comes with the goods or she will have hell to pay," Says the scarecrow man as angrily walks around in circles.

"She will. Our big boss has her tied up in a thick rope she can never escape," Says the nerdy doctor as he tips up his thick glasses.

"I work alone. I don't need any 'boss' to tell me what to do," snarls the scarecrow man as he clenches his fist. A mist of darkish gas swirls around his body.

'Don't tell me that's Fear Gas. So that must be Scarecrow and I don't know who exactly the doctor is, but he doesn't look anything like Dr. Octavius' Jake shifted the colors of his eyes with symbiote powers. His eyes changed from a dark piercing blue to a dark silver. He didn't feel like taking down these low-tier villains, but he was already here so he might as well-

"Peekaboo I found you," says a sexy seductive voice from behind Jake's ears. Her cool breathes prickles the skin on his ears and neck. A woman with flawlessly long platinum snow blond hair that dangled over her gorgeous vixen emerald eyes and pale goddess face was hanging on the ceiling next to Jake. She was wearing a skin-tight black leather jacket bodysuit that had white cat fur on the sides of the jacket collar. This zipped-down scantily clad leather bodysuit dress showcased her busty watermelon breasts and thick muscular thighs as well as her curvy well-defined ass. She also had an hour-glass figure with a toned stomach. She looked like a fearsome snow cougar. Jake doesn't move an inch.

"You smell good," Says the platinum blonde bombshell as she playfully licks Jake's ears.

Jake is stunned that someone had found out his hiding spot and it was a very banging hot lady who had found him! Things were about to get feisty. The Dark Spider and The Black Cat meet for the first time.

[A/N: I will add more descriptions next chapter ;]


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