Spiderman Evolution
25 The Hunt Finale
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Spiderman Evolution
Author :GhostyZ
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25 The Hunt Finale

Jake was silent...

"What cat got your tongue?" Black Cat says with a cheeky smile. Her eyemask goggles (Like in the Spiderman PS4 Videogame) get closer to Jake's face.

"You should really check out your blind spot," Jake said with a wide dark grin from under his mouth-balaclava.

"Huh?" Black Cat said with her pretty emeralds eyes furrowed. She looked at Jake whose whole body actually explode into thousands of symbiote tentacles! Black Cat was talking to a symbiote clone the whole time! Jake had figured out a while back that he could use his symbiote powers to create clones of himself, but he hadn't fully tested out this method. So he was only able to create one symbiote clone that looked exactly like him! It was a genius tactic. He knew that there would be someone nearby with his spider-senses so that is why he made a symbiote clone. Kind of like a shadow clone except made with sentient symbiotic tentacles.

Black Cat quickly jumps back from the symbiote clone with a panther back-lunge, but she was swiftly captured by the blackish alien tentacles. Thousands of symbiote tentacles wrapped around her body all way up to her neck and mouth. Only her head was poking out the mass of deadly wriggling symbiotes.

All of this happens silently on top of the ceiling of the museum. Jake had trained his symbiote powers not to make too much noise. Plus Black Cat and Him were both wearing black gear so they were perfectly hidden in the dark.

"Give me one good reason not to kill you." Jake coldly says as he sliver eyes pierce Black Cats very soul.

"So you are the rough type. I love playing rough." Black Cat teased Jake with a sly wink. She could barely talk or breathe since her mouth was covered by Jakes symbiote tentacles.

Jake looks down and sees the crooks slowly drill a bulletproof highly reinforced glass window that kept one of the most expensive paintings in Gotham.

"How about we work together and take those goons down? We can split the profit 50/50. Sound nice?" Black Cat mumbles as Jakes symbiotes were choking her frail neck. He could easily snap her neck in half and kill her in instant. But his days of killing were over. For now, that is. Killing someone would only spread more suspension and reveal Jakes identity quicker. So Jake thought of another way to get rid of his enemies.

"I don't work with anyone," Jake sharply replied.

"I promise I won't tell anyone that we worked together. Those bastards below us are trying to get what I have hidden," Black Cat emerald eyes shift over to her lower waist she was pointing at something with her eyes. There was something kind of USB device poking out of the pocket of tight leather pants. Jake could see through her bodysuit with his Spider Sight powers!

"What exactly do you have hidden?" Jake's interest was peak he loosens the symbiotes out her mouth. He wanted to know what inside of the USB.

"It's a top secret blueprint. They were waiting for me to give it to them for the exchange of my freedom," Black Cat says with a slight cough she was getting her breath back after being choked by Jake's symbiote tentacles.

... Jake doesn't answer instead he extended his right fist forward like he was preparing to punch someone.

"So are we going to work together or what? I promise I don't bite," Black Cat seductively whispers into Jake's ears. He doesn't flinch and just jumps down without listening to a word the feisty woman had to say. Her sexy talk would not deter him from his mission.

Jake lands fist down in front of the crooks who drilling through the bulletproof glass window.

"Who the fuck are you?" One skull masked man says as he points his shotgun at Jake.

In a flash, Jake punches his right fist forward and shoots a shotgun blast of five symbiote webs from his knuckles in just one second! His five symbiote webs quickly wrapped around the five skull mask men as they fired away.

"Aaaaaah! What the fuck is this!?" All of their eyes shook with fear as their bodies were slammed against the walls of the museum by the symbiote spider webs. The symbiote spider webs wrapped around the mask men's faces and bodies, soon all of their bodies were consumed by Jake's symbiote powers. Jake didn't kill them, instead, he encased their bodies in a funnel spiderweb of wiggling wrathing symbiotes.

Black Cat watches Jake in action with her jaws dropped. She had never seen such powerful powers in her life.

"What the hell are you doing!? Get him!" Scarecrow roars out as he points at Jake.

The three remaining skull mask men all fired their weapons at Jake. A swarm of bullets zoom towards Jake who didn't move a damn inch. He wasn't fazed at all as the bullets came his way.

Jake easily absorbs all of the bullets with one of his palms lifted up in the air. Hundreds of bullets were being sucked into his palms by his symbiote powers. Jake then fired back the bullets at the masked men, he aims for only their arms and legs to immobilize them.

"Gaaaaaaah!!!" Screamed out all three of the mask men as they fell down on the marble floors of the museum in pain and gripped their bloody bullet wounds.

"You got to be kidding me!" Scarecrow runs towards Jake and tosses a canister of Fear Gas at Jake's face.

An explosion of blackish and yellowish hallucination gas surrounded Jake's body.

"HAHAHA! NOW SEE YOUR WORST NIGHTMARES!" Scarecrow sickly laughs with his head wickedly raised up in the air and both his arms spread apart in a victorious pose.

Jake just walks right through the Fear Gas without a care in the world and fiercely punches Scarecrow right in the face. Scarecrows teeth flew out of his mouth and his body flew past several marble pillars until he slams against the protective glass window of a famous painting. Scarecrow was knocked out cold just by one punch. One Punch Spiderman.

Jake was immune to any kind of poison, gases, and even biological/bioweapon viruses! On top of that, he could regenerate his wounds at a fast rate, but he hadn't tested that out yet since no one was strong enough to beat him up. Maybe only Batman. Jake wanted to fight tougher opponents to him Scarecrow was just easy prey to hunt.

The Doctor with blonde hair sprints towards Jake and transforms into a Lizardman!

"I am going to kill you!!!" The Lizardman hisses as his razor-sharp claws go to slash Jake's head off.

Jake turns around and his masked face gets slashed by the Lizardman.

"Bahahaha! I got you!" The Lizard chuckles as he goes for another slash to kill Jake.

Jake slowly turns his head to face the Lizardman, a row of symbiotes started to regenerate Jake's mask and light scratch marks that barely pierced his skin which was shielded by millions of symbiotes. He was indestructible.

He extended out his left arm at Lizardman and shoots outs out one spider-web from his wrist spidey style. The symbiote web tangles around Lizardman and then Jake swings Lizardman's body towards himself and actually devours Lizardman body!

"I will be taking your powers," Jake said as Lizardman's giant scaly reptilian body entered Jake's mouth. Millions of symbiotes wrapped around his body and devoured him into a sea of darkness. Lizardman was absorbed inside of Jake's body. He was not killed rather he was inside an endless void of symbiotes that trapped him inside of an inescapable prison of blackish sentient alien tentacles.

It was like Lizardman was caged inside a shadow pit for eternity. Jake absorbed all of Lizardman's powers so that means he could use The Lizard's speed, stamina, agility, and reflexes to boost himself even more. Making him more powerful than before, but The Lizard had low-tier powers so it was more of a quick boost than anything. Jake didn't bother absorbing Scarecrows powers and instead, he absorbed his body into his symbiote shadow realm with The Lizard, but he didn't fuse his powers into his symbiote bloodstream.

After Jake absorbed the two lower-tier villains he shots out his spider-webs to wrap around all of the masked crooks and hung their bodies outside of the Art Musem on a tall street lamp. He did this so the law enforcement could deal with these crooks and take them to jail. Jake wanted his superpowers to be known so he could attract the attention of more powerful villains. He didn't want to deal with small fry's anymore.

As Jake goes to swing away into the night and go back to his hideout, a skull-masked man slashes his katana at Jake's neck. He was hiding the whole time when Jake was fighting off Scarecrow and The Lizard.

Out of nowhere Black Cat tiger-kicks the masked man on his cheeks and knocks him out.


"Did you miss me?" Black Cat said while swooshing back her long fabulous snowy platinum blonde hair.

Jake doesn't say a word. He was holding a USB that he stole from Black Cat when she wasn't looking. It was the top secret blueprint she was talking about! On top of that Jake had stolen some evolution serums from The Lizard after he had absorbed his pitful lizard evolution body.

"Hey! That's mine!" Black Cat growls as she angrily gritted her pearly white teeth. Jake could see the anger and rage in her emerald eyes.

"Not anymore," Jake shots a spider-web from his wrists and quickly swings onto a nearby 50ft apartment complex and vanishes into the night.

[A/N: The MC's attitude will change over time. I have chosen to do 2,000 words per chapter.]

( Let me know what kind of release rate you want. Like 2 chapters a day or something. If you do donate to my Pa treon today I can give you a good deal and you message me what you want.)


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