Spiderman Evolution
26 Evolution
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Spiderman Evolution
Author :GhostyZ
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26 Evolution

Jake enters the mansion wearing his original black compression t-shirt and some tattered jean pants. He also had a black school backpack slung over his shoulders which had all his gear inside. His power suit, stolen items, weapons, and cash. The top-secret advanced USB drive he stole from Black Cat was hidden inside his symbiote void realm. He looked like any normal teenager, only that inside his backpack was a whole bunch of deadly weapons and dangerous serums as well. Jake quickly absorbed the backpack inside his palms, symbiote tentacles grow out of his palms and sucked in the backpack into the void realm.

It was really late at night as he stealthily crotched and roll across the mansion like a spider ninja. His Spider senses weren't triggered so Batman wasn't nearby. Not like he was afraid to meet him. Batman must have known that Jake was up to something. But he didn't know what Jake was exactly 'doing'. Jake had covered all of his tracks. He had only told Batman/Bruce Wayne that he would be at the gym or some abandoned area training his superpowers. There was a number of things Jake did to cover up his lies, but for the most part, Batman didn't care about what Jake did. Batman had his own important problems to worry about. The Joker was running rampant and many other villains both from the D.C and Marvel worlds were spreading like wildfire after being transmigrated/fused into this new world.

It was like both the D.C and Marvel worlds had been coexisting for a very long time. Jake was very confused about the timeline of events. All he knew was that the year was 2020 and he was in some fusion world of D.C and Marvel that was filled with powerful superhero and villains. Jake had to be prepared at every second. He wondered if this insanely brutal world was taking its toll on Batman? Batman was never home and always hunting down criminals kind of like Jake.

'Well I guess he is not here,' Jake takes some food from the fridge and goes downstairs to his 'lair' or in this case the Batcave.

'This place looks freaky when it's empty. Kind of like some Blade Runner shit,' Jake looks at all the supercomputers, dangerous gadgets laid across metal tables, and all of his customized power suits which were in cryo-pods. Batman's heavy artillery and vehicles were hidden from plain sight. Jake couldn't spot them anywhere, not even with his Spider Sight. Jake stops for one second while holding his treasure trove of fancy foods on both of his hands. Truth be told, Jake was living the good life in Bruce Wayne's mansion. It was a paradise. He could do whatever he wanted here. Hell, he could even have a massive orgy in the mansion by throwing the biggest party ever alive! Imagine all the sexy busty girls both from the D.C and Marvel worlds buck naked all caressing each other's huge bosoms and massive thick plump asses. Jake wouldn't mind seeing Black Cat and Barbara Gordon going at it with him. Even though Black Cat and Black Widow sounded like a even better combo! In fact, it sounded like a dream come true!

Jake shook his head to get rid of all the dirty thoughts and then stops dead on his tracks once more. His silver eyes now transformed back to a dark frost blue. In the corner of his eyes, he spotted one of Batman's supercomputer on.

He walks over to the computer and types like a madman to hack into the supercomputer's main database with his Super Genius brain. It took about 10mins to hack into Batman's supercomputer it wasn't easy to do. For most humans, it would have taken years to hack into. It would have taken Peter Parker months to hack in Batman's supercomputer. But not Jake. He was way too smart for his own good. Batman had about 10 main passwords that needed touch-sensor access and Retinal scan access. It wasn't hard to bypass this system since Jake could practically morph his hands and eyes to Bruce Wayne's traits with his symbiote evolution. During his battle with Bruce, he had actually copied his martial art moves and body form as well as eyes( Jake only needed to touch a person once or absorb a small amount of their blood). Also Jake had some of Bruce Wayne's traits like his intellect fused with Tony Stark's. So hacking into Batman's supercomputer was a breeze. Also Jake knew how to decode Batman's numerical codes. He was just a beast when it came to using his brain. Jake knew that he would have to control his emotions and rage if he were to win all of his fights. He couldn't let his emotions get in the way. Soon Jake would upgrade his system, but right now he wanted to see what Batman was up to. Plus he could use all the valuable information he finds in his supercomputer to help him build more powerful power suits and weapons as well as serums.

In less than 5mins Jake had scanned and memorized all Batman's classified information with his Speed Mind skill. There was a ton of information to absorb. Needless to say Jake had a huge headache after reading all of the information at such a fast rate. It was the equivalent of breezing through 10,000,000 words/numbers in 5mins!

"Ugggggh my head feels like it's going to explode. Way too much information," Jake groggily mumbled to himself as held onto his forehead and goes to take some painkillers he had gotten from Bruce Wayne's kitchen.

'What was Batman working on? I have never seen anything like that my life.' Jake said with a shocked face as he starts to remember what he saw in Batman's supercomputer.

'Was Batman really constructing a super-wea-' Jake grabbed his forehead again and almost vomits out blood.

Jake quickly rushes to the bathroom in his room and pukes out a spiral of wriggling symbiotes from his mouth.

'What the fuck just happen? What is going on with my symbiote powers?' Jake looks at his hands and was shocked to see his hands were full of blackish harden symbiote lizard scales! He even had razor-sharp symbiote claws! He had actually evolved! By absorbing other living beings his symbiote and Spiderman powers were able to evolve and become stronger.

Jake pulls up his Spiderman System.

[Spiderman System]

Race: Human

IQ: 400 - Super Genius

Evolution: Symbiote - Fusion Variant, Lizard,

DNA: Human, Funnel-Web Spider,

Bloodline: Rare Unknown

Powers: Super speed, Super Strength (10-ton ^), High Reflex/ Jump, Wall-climb, Web-Shooters(Organic Form), Symbiote Morphing, Harden Symbiote Scales, Symbiote Claws,

Shotgun Web

Suits: 1- Carbon-Fiber Power Suit(Custom Made)

Forge: [You can create your own gadgets and technology as well as power suits]: [Now unlocked]


STR: 25 + 50(Weight lifting 30tons in total and taking down opponents)= 75

DEF: 20+ 10+ 10 bonus (Harden Lizard Scale evolution)= 40

AGI: 30 + 20= 50

STM: 8 + 20= 28

INTEL: 30 + 40 (Hacking and information overload) = 70

KAM: 1


[Augments]: Eyes- Spider Sight

Can choose another Eye Augment

Chose one Body Frame: Locked - Choices- Can imagine any body frame.

Brain: Speed Mind (Able to absorb information at a fast rate)

'Talking about an upgrade I can finally use my Forge! I also got a defensive evolution from devouring The Lizardman. And now it looks like I can get another Eye Augment.' Jake quickly goes inside his room and starts to customize his system.

[ A/N: Make up a new augment, Chose to create a power suit that will make MC more powerful(You can send links if you like for reference), and recommended what kind of new powers should MC get. ] He will soon get more powerful evolutions and be more OP, but not too fast.


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