Spiderman Evolution
27 Transmutation
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Spiderman Evolution
Author :GhostyZ
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27 Transmutation

Jake does some research on his laptop he looks for different types of power suit designs and which ones would be best suited for his combat skills. His combat skills were mostly Mix Martial Arts, Jujutsu, Kung-Fu, and Military/Navy Seal stealth combat skills. As he scanned for the best designs, he ordered an advanced 3D-Printer and some other forging materials. He didn't presciley know how the Forge will work in his system so he decided to buy extra equiment just in case.

Millions of ideas were running through Jakes mind on how to increase his power, agility, reflexes, intellect, and defense. He wanted to create an Eye Augment that would work perfectly with these attributes, but he figured that obtaining his Body Augment would most likely increase the attributes listed above. So with that being notified Jake formulates an Eye Augment that would be super powerful and useful during close and long range combat.

He jotted down a couple of ideas and soon came to a conclusion. He had Spider Sight so why not have some kind of Symbiote Sight? Better yet how about having an Eye Augment that could easily absorb opponents through some kind of abyssal tornado vortex. That's when it hit him, he could make a void portal with his own eyes! A darkness portal made entirely of symbiotes in which he could imprison all of his enemies and take their powers. This power reminded him of the God of all Symbiotes the primordial god of darkness. The creator of All-Black the Necrosword and True God Slayer who was powerful enough to kill a Celestial(Marvel) by slicing off its head clean off with a symbiote sword! Jake forgot this powerful God Slayer's name, but he knew that this godly symbiote being's powers were what he exactly needed to outrank all of the Spiderman Evolutions.

Jake's eyes literally widen with excitement and darkness overtakes him. He had to create this Eye Augment. But he knew it be won't easy. Then again life was never easy for him. For anyone. A real hero earns his power.

[Intilizaing Eye Augment contstruction] Chimes Jake's system.

[Void Eye/ Necro Eye/ Slayer Eye/] "I will think of names later, for now, let's create," Jake thinks to himself as he closes his eyes.

In a matter of seconds, symbiote tendrils exploded out from his eyes, "Aaaaaaaah!" Jake screams out in pain and falls to the metal floor of his room, he knew that he had to endure this surging pain if he was to become stronger. Human blood spluttered all out of Jake's eyes as he gripped at his eyes in pain. The symbiotes were devouring Jake's own eyes! *CRUNCH! POP!* The sounds of his own eyeballs being devoured by millions of symbiote tendrils echoed across his room

"GAAAAAAAH! FUCK!" Jake rolls around on the ground in excruciating pain as he endures the static surge of symbiote powers entering his eyeballs.

Soon a new pair of symbiotic eyes were reformed! His eyes were a fusion of Human and Symbiote living tissue! As well as his Spider DNA superpowers which were spread out evenly across his body. Jake had transmuted his own eyes and therefore he had created his new Eye Augment known as Void Eye.

[Void Eye abilities: Your eyes can absorb any lifeform and energy source inside of your Void Eye which is an infinite void realm surrounded by darkness. An abyss in which no living being or atoms can escape. You can absorb gamma rays, atom particles, and even cosmic energy. Remember you still have to absorb opponents blood in order to fully gain their powers. Secondary power: You can shoot symbiote laser beams from eyes(A surge of dark beams made up of the energy you absorbed will be shot out from your eyes) This closely resembles Superman's Heat-Ray Vision accept it requires the energy absorbed to be transformed into a dark energy source.)

Jake scans the information and is astounded of his Eye Augment creation. 'This Void Eye really is overpowered I should only use it against more powerful opponents. Damn, I wish I can get my Body Augment already. I can create the Necrosword if I change up my body form. I guess I have to cultivate more if I going to unlock my Body Augment,' Jake walks over to the bathroom mirror and looks at his new pair of eyes. His whole face looked like a bloody mess, it looked as if his own face was eaten alive by the symbiote hivemind living inside his body. Jake had to be more alert so that the symbiotes won't overtake his body. God knows what kind of symbiote bloodline he had. His next course of action was to receive the Brazilian Wandering Spider and Black Widow radioactive bite which he had an idea on how to get.

Once Jake finished washing his face by splashing cold water on his face from the bathroom sink, he walks over to his iPhone X20 and starts to write down a list of powers he wants to take from other villains and even superheroes. His top list was unrealistic, but he figured that a Spiderman can dream. His first evolution was almost done.

Next up is my Lizard DNA evolution I can upgrade that into an Eastern Dragon form. Jake changed up the genetic code of The Lizard's DNA by using his system matrix/Evolution Grid. [A/N: The Lizard is a villain in the Spiderman comics and movies. This is the lizardman Jake absorbed on his first hunt]

Jake rearranged and spliced the DNA to create an Eastern Dragon DNA and bloodline.

[Lizard evolution upgrade to Eastern Dragon: Mid-Tier] Jake wasn't sure which powers he would gain from evolving the lizard DNA to a dragons DNA, but he was guessing he could shoot out flames from his mouth? Or maybe even fly!

Jake tried to shot fire out of his mouth, but nothing happened he just keeps on blowing out air from his mouth like he was blowing out a candle. He looked ridiculous just blowing at nothing like he was smoking. 'Okay guess I can't shot flames from my mouth. Not yet at least. How about flying?' Jake swings out of his room with his spider-webs shooting out from his wrists in a flawless lasso motion and then lands on the roof of Bruce Wayne's mansion.

'Alright moment of truth. Life is all about taking risks,' Jake jumps off the mansion and spreads out his arms like he was a dragon going to take flight, his face was inches away from the grassy ground below, "Shiiiit!!!" He hollers out as he almost hits the ground, suddenly his feet levitate slightly 10ft above the ground.

'I can actually fly!-' Jake stops floating and lands flat on his face. 'Well I can almost fly,' He gets up with a face full of dirt some dirt gets in his mouth and he spits it out.

Jake pulls up his system to see what went wrong.

[Easten Dragon Evolution: Ability to fly and shot out flames from mouth fused with your Spiderman and Symbiote powers, increased power, strength, defensive, agility, sight, and reflexes. Abilities Currently Locked.]

'Of course. I am Spiderman after all. Well, now I am Spiderdragon or a Spiderman who is a dragon? Or whatever doesn't matter I just know I am more powerful than before. I can feel the insane amount of power of my Void Eye and Dragon evolution flowing throughout my body. My blood is burning with power! I am all fired up!' Jake goes back into his room and starts to think about which kind of power suit he was going to forge.

*Ding! Ding!* Jake's iPhone rings like crazy with a bunch of text messages flooding his phone. Jake quickly snatches up his iPhone X20(The year is 2020) and looks at his text messages. One unknown number was sending blurred out picture files. Jake clicks on one of them. He sees Black Cat laying down in a seductive lustful pose in a couch made of gold with the expensive painting she had stolen with Jake hanging behind her, she was only wearing a flimsy towel over her naked shiny pale body and her long platinum blonde snowy hair was wet, she had just come out of the shower.

Unknown Number: "You like what you see ;) I know where you live :* This bad kitty needs some love. I will be coming over soon,"

Jake instinctively deletes all of his Black Cat's naughty sextexts and half-nude scandalous pictures and blocks her number. 'How the fuck does she know my number!? You sly bitch! She really is a nosey curious cat. But curiosity killed the cat and I am really thinking about killing her right now,' Jake angrily clenched his fist, he was thinking about smashing his phone into bits, but it had all of his important information stored in it and it was also his direct link to make all of his money. Jake would always keep his cellphone next to him like any teenager, he would even sleep with the damn thing. And now it was tainted with Black Cat almost nude pictures, she was teasing him and it was kind of working. Jake looked down at his black jean pants and sees his dragon rising. He quickly goes to his bed and clears his mind and subdues his dragon. He mediates to calm himself down. 'I diffidently need a skill like Gamer's Mind.' Jake breathes out loudly.

Suddenly the door of his room slams wide open and Batman enters his room.

'Fuck this is the last person I want to see right now,' Jake tilts to the side of his bed and pretends he is sleeping. Everything was hidden in his room. So it looked like a normal teenage room.

"I know that you did," Batman says with a dark deep collected voice that almost sounded like thunderbolts, it was a mix between exploding anger and calmness. Jake's spider sense was going off the radar.

[A/N: I will be fixing past chapters during this weekend. If anything confuses you let me know so I can fix what doesn't make sense. I will also be adding more details for each evolution. Let me know what kind of power suit Jake should make. By today I should slightly follow the Spiderman cannon. Let me know what is a better name than Void Eye I can change it.]


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