Spiderman Evolution
28 Justice
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Spiderman Evolution
Author :GhostyZ
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28 Justice

Jake was silent and his eyes were closed with his back facing Batman.

"I know you are not asleep. You think I wouldn't notice you leaving your room late at night. All of my security cameras have been altered I knew you bypassed the system to turn them off at the right time. God knows what else you have done, but you did do one thing right tonight. I saw you take down those robbers at the museum. It was all over the news and I can also track your movements when you wear the power suit I gave you," Batman said in a serious tone filled with disdain. His dark blues eyes also looked angered through his Batman-horned mask.

'So Batman has been tracking me this whole time, he must have hidden a tracking chip so deep inside the power suit that my Spider Sight couldn't pick up the device. You really are a smart bastard. But not that smart. I wanted you to see my success as I easily took down those robbers all by myself,' Jake has a slight smirk on his face.

"But even though you didn't kill the robbers and handed them over to the Feds by hanging up all the robbers on a lamppost with your spider web powers you did something else," Batman walks closer to Jake, each step he took shook the ground.

"Tch. What exactly did I do? Besides kick ass," Jake finally stands up from his bed and looks at Batman directly in the eyes.

"There were two villains sighted in that museum. After you took down the robbers the villains suddenly disappeared. What did you do to them?" Batman points his finger at Jake.

"I don't know what you are talking about. Now let me go to sleep already. Its been a long day fighting all of the criminals you should have taken down yourself," Jake confidently said as he flicked his the top of his nose. At this moment Jake had fully regenerated his eyes and entire wounds on his face and body. So nothing looked 'off' about him.

"What did you do to Scarecrow and The Lizard!?" Batman slams Jake against the wall and raises his fist up in the air to punch Jake square in the face.

"I said I did nothing. I know I already did something wrong when I killed those mafia men before. But it had to be done; that is the only time that will ever happen again. A hero does not kill unless he has to. Just like you," Jake tightly grips Batman's armored wrists and takes off Batman's hands from his black t-shirt. Batman was wearing his carbon-fiber Nomex Batsuit at the moment.

"You are right. I once broke my rule to not kill anyone. But I did it to protect you from the 'ones' who wanted to kill you when you appeared out of the multiverse portal. Now I try to change every day. It's not easy to do the right thing. Maybe you can change as well. I hope you are not lying to me. In this world, corruption is spreading like an incurable disease, like a neverending wildfire. We have to be ones who can protect everyone who cannot fight against such evil. Not as heroes. But as protectors of this world." Batman puts his hands on top of Jake's shoulders in a fatherly way. It was like a Master and his pupil moment. Soon Jake would be the one to take on Batman's legacy. That's if he wanted to.

Batman doesn't forget about his security cameras being messed with and is still on the lookout for the villains that Jake devoured with his symbiote powers. He also was keeping a close eye on Jake, but he felt like there wasn't much he could do to change Jake. Batman wasn't the type to care about others that much, he had his problems to deal with, mostly relating to the widespread crime in Gotham. If anything Jake was helping him out by taking down criminals, but Jake's approach was more brutal and merciless.

"Jake remember we can only change ourselves from within. You can forge your own path. You can't change your past, but you can change your future. Do not let your vengeance fuel you. I know you want to destroy the ones who killed your family, but that will only breed more hatred. I was once the same. Do not let your hatred and rage get the best of you. Eventually, we can team up together again and rid this world of evil, I can help you train your combat skills and superpowers. Tell me what do you fight for Jake?" Batman said with a sharp direct glare that meant he was overly serious.

"For justice," Was all that Jake said. He actually meant those words. His mission was still to become the most powerful Spiderman in existence, but he also wanted to rid the world of evil just like Batman. In Jake's past life the amount of corrupt and horrendous things that happen to him was far too much to count. In this world, Jake wanted to change this stigma and bring justice to the ones who trample on the weak and slaughter innocent lives. The only difference between Jake and Batman was their methods on how to stop crime.

"So will you join me?" Batman asked with his eyebrows furrowed through his mask. It was apparent that Batman had just come back from a mission to take down Poison Ivy as his whole Batsuit was covered in thick poisonous rose vines. He looked like he just got in a scuffle with a titan tree. Luckily for Batman, his power suit protected him from Poison Ivy's poisonous vines. If anything he probably had an anti-venom in his utility belt.

"I won't be your sidekick. I work alone. I get more done when no one is in my way. I think I can hunt down villains and criminals better than you ever can," Jake grinned as he points at Batman.

"So you think you are a smart one?" Batman replies with a scowl.

"I know I am smart," Jake confidently said with a cool smirk. He had some 'dirt' on Batman. Especially all the hidden files he had about Batman creating a 'super weapon'. This was some classified stuff. Jake wondered why Batman would need such a powerful bio-weapon that was almost powerful enough to kill Superman!

"That's what you 'think', but you have much to learn, in about a month I want you out of here. If you want to know anything then ask me. For now, we go our separate ways," Batman walks out Jake's room while fiercely swinging his cape to the side.

"Yeah we do," Jake looks at his hands, the blood in his veins was a now blackish red-shadow color. The symbiote's in his body were getting more powerful each second.

"I will still remember the lives you took, don't think this is over yet. Just learn from the wrong things you have done and you will become a better protector," Batman said as he leaves out the metal door of Jake's room.

Before Batman leaves Jake's room he glances over at Jake's iPhone which was still ringing like crazy with blackmail.

'Fucking crazy bitch!' Jake's Spider Sight eyes shifted to the side and saw more spam text messages from Black Cat. 'Blackcatmail'.

Batman sees one sextext picture with Black Cat sexily bending down and cooking a pie or something who knows. Her massive plump plum-shape ass is seen in full display, she was wearing skin-tight ripped-jean shorts which her thick milky thighs were seen sticking out and the outline of her asscrack was seen close-up. Her flesh mountains were bursting out her tight white button t-shirt. She wasn't wearing any kind of disguise or mask, she was just wearing shorts and a see-through white buttoned t-shirt in which her black corset bra could be seen.

"So you attract the crazy girls. I guess we both have the same curse," Batman slightly smirks and walks off.

Jake angrily rubs his forehead, "You know what. Fuck it," He finally texted Black Cat and arranges to meet her somewhere in a week. It was still late in the night and Jake couldn't sleep. So he does the next best thing.

'Let's cultivate my new powers,' Jake puts on his power suit and a black mask over mouth, he then forms a black visor made out of symbiotes to cover his eyes! The only reason why Jake didn't fully wear a Spiderman mask was that it would bring 'too' much attention to him. Plus masks weren't that useful during combat, it was more an aesthetic thing. He had more 'breathing room' without a full fledge helmet/mask on. Besides his billions of symbiotes could protect his godly handsome face when he was in danger.

'That was a close call with Batman. My whole operation would have been compromised if figure out all the missed up shit I've done. I am surprised that he didn't notice that I hacked into his supercomputer and devoured Scarecrow and The Lizard. Not like he will find out anyways. I always cover my tracks. Now this SONAR radar will be able to find a villain of a high tier. I need to speed up my evolution,' Jake used his cellphone to find a large signal signature that was top-priority in the crime watch list. He quickly found a huge disturbance with his spider-sense rising. With the SONAR device, he stole from Batman he was able to pinpoint the exact location of this disturbance in power on his cellphone. It felt exactly like the power he felt back in the museum at his first solo mission. Who could it be?

'This power is exactly what I need,' Jake swings out of his room by shooting out a spider-web from his wrists onto a nearby tree branch and heads to the direction of this powerful power signature.

His first real challenge was approaching.

[A/N: I am planning out the future arcs. Check out my Pa treon if you want more chapters. The school arc starts soon]


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