Spiderman Evolution
29 Justice Pt. 2
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Spiderman Evolution
Author :GhostyZ
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29 Justice Pt. 2

Jake flawlessly web-slings all across Gotham City, right pass zooming cars and under train tunnels as he dark brown hair flutters with the wind. He swings on top of apartment buildings and even jumps off skyscrapers and lands on top of other skyscrapers taking the longest jumps ever! He could probably jump the distance of half a mile! So not only could he swing around the city like a spider/monkey, but he could also jump very high. Together with these two methods, he could almost travel faster than just flying around Gotham. After all, swinging across the city was more useful since Jake could see everything that was going on the city at a much closer view, as well as using his spider-webs to sense the vibrations of nearby villains!

It took about 5 minutes for Jake to reach the destination of the powerful power signature his SONAR device on his cellphone spotted.

'This should be the place,' Jake hangs upside down on a tall marine docking bay lampost near a docking marine building where a bunch of ex-servicemen (Once were soldiers) who were loading up metal cargo containers on to a large cargo ship. Jake used his Spider Sight to sense what was in the containers and found out each of them carried some kind of sub-zero explosives, he knew this because the area around him was cold as heck, even his spider-hairs around his forearms were jolting up. 'These people are from a terrorist group, the same ones who were at the Art Musem and kind of like the ones I fought off with Batman, the difference is that their gear is way more advanced. Those must be Bio-suits of some sort.'

Jake scans the ex-servicemen they were wearing white and black carbon Bio-suits with a generator in the back of it kind of like Iron's Mark III power suit, except a lower quality. A gust of frosty mist expelled out from all the soldier's backs, it was like their power suits were fused with nitrogen. Each soldier carried some high-tech sub-machines that had some glowing icy liquid in the middle of the barrel. 'What are those guns?' Jake cracked his knuckles, 'Doesn't matter to me. But where is that high power signature? I don't see it around here?' He was about to jump down when someone slapped his ass.

"Hey darling. I am back for more, That's quite the firm butt you got. You work-out a lot?" Black Cat had actually slapped Jake's ass when he was hanging upside down on a lamppost.

"You know spiders have more tricks then cats," Jake is right behind Black Cat and fiercely slaps her massive luscious well-toned ass which wildly jiggles and bounces everywhere inside her skin-tight black leather shiny bodysuit. Her black high-heels barely kept her body aligned from how hard Jake slapped her firm curvy ass.

"Ouch, you really hit hard. I like that," Black Cat turns around and faces Jake who was standing on a tiger-pounce position on a brick building's rooftop. Her pillowy glossy lips seductively grin and she starts to blush with a flustered face while rubbing her spanked ass. "I forgot you had that clone trick, you really are a sly one. You remind me of someone but much darker and mysterious, that body, that overly handsome face, and those spider powers you have really takes 'my breath away'," Black Cat gently rubs Jakes chin in a sexy manner, her smooth caressing touch elicits Jake's spider-hairs to rise up, his dragon in pants almost rose up as well. He didn't know how much longer he could keep denying a woman as sexy and banging hot as Black Cat. Any mortal would give in to temptation. She was truly a goddess inside a mortals body, everything about her was perfect from head to toe. Her face was just too beautiful for mere words to describe, it was like seeing an angel. Jake once knew love before, but that time was over, Mira his ex-girlfriend was in the past and now this is in the future. In some way, Jake was a virgin in this new world, but soon that would change. Not anytime soon, even though Jake wanted to pin down Black Cat's busty lustful body against the walls of this brick building and fuck her pussy for all eternity. He wanted to ride her body until she broke. But Jake had to stop thinking about such lewd things, he had a mission to do. Evolution came first.

'I look like someone she knows? Is she talking about the Spiderman in her world? Or Venom?' Jake gritted his teeth, he didn't have time for this shit.

"So what do you plan to do? Are you going to fight those soldiers all alone?" Black Cat starts gliding her fingers from Jake's buff chest and down to his six-pack abs, soon she was approaching his lower region, she was inches away from his cock.

Jake quickly grabs her hands, "That's the plan," He swiftly does a backflip and shots one spider-web at a nearby docking container, he swings away from Black Cat to fight the Ice Soldiers all alone. He lands on top one of the soldiers and slams his fist right on his face, "What the fuck!?" the Ice Soldiers entire helmet exploded by the powerful force of Jake's punch. Blood splatters all over Jake's black masked-mouthed face, his eyes looked demonic as he lifts up his bloody fist, the soldier's teeth were stuck in his knuckles and Jake smacks away the teeth and walks over the knocked-out soldier Jake's Power Suit not only enhanced his speed, but it also boosted his strength, the suit itself was modified to weigh a whopping 3-tons! However this was nothing to Jake, in fact, it made him only gain more endurance and strength. It was like he was cultivating 24/7 without lifting weights. Plus the 3-tons were evenly dispersed throughout the Power Suit. His symbiotes also added in extra support as it wrapped around his power suit for a double shield. Jake really was a tank of a Spiderman.

A larger carter of shattered cement the size of a half a basketball court surrounded the knocked out soldier. (25-30 ft)

"I kind of overdid it, hope he's not dead," Jake silently said to himself as he shoots spider-webs at the knocked out solider and hangs him up on a faraway lampost so no one could see him. Jake was in stealth ninja/Navy Seal mode. He wanted no one to know he was here.

Jake slowly walked over to the other Ice Soldiers as they loaded in more Sub-zero bombs onto the huge cargo ship floating in the Gotham ocean.

There were three people who looked like the leaders of this operation.

One of them was a middle age bald man wearing a more modified and advance Ice Power Suit with an astronaut clear visor helmet, he was wearing bright orange goggles over his eyes. On one of his hands, he carried some kind of ray-gun. This man used ice powers through the inventions he created. He looked to be a brilliant cryogenicist who knew everything about Subzero temperatures.

Next, to this man with a slender voluptuous woman with shoulder-length snowy-aqua hair and bright aqua eyes, she was wearing a one-piece blue dress that looked like the 'Bay Watch' bathing suit but in a dark blue color instead. On the side of her arms was Arctic wolf fur cuffs. She had a pale complexion throughout her busty body. Kind of like a ghost. Her pale face looked very pissed off and on the edge.

The last person was a young boy the same age as Jake, and he didn't really look like a Villian. In fact, he looked like he was part of the X-Men! He had spikey hair made of ice and he was wearing a brown coat jacket that had a fur collar on the sides. He seemed to be like any normal teenager. What was this kid doing around here with a bunch of soldiers and two other villains from the D.C world?

Jake started to notice that the villains were now joining forces more than ever. Marvel crossing over with D.C had turned this world into a bloody jungle. Jake marked down the names of his next three victims in his mind. Mr. Freeze, Killer Frost, and the last one was an unknown for him, but he knew this kid must have been associated with the X-Men since he saw the famous X-logo on the shoulder side of his jacket. Jake uses his spider-senses to hear what the three were talking about.

Unknown Teenager with ice hair: "I say we test out these Cryo Bombs already,"

Mr. Freeze: "How about on that Yacht over there. Those rich bastards deserve it."

Killer Frost: "Tch! How about we just freeze this whole damn city!" She lifts up her palms and shoots out a blizzard of icy mist into the midnight skies! The icy mist slowly freezes in place in mid-air. It looked like a tidal wave of ice had been shot into the skies. She did this to demonstrated her superpowers.

Mr. Freeze: "You do have a point. But the one in change has given us specific instructions to ship him these Cryo Bombs. He has been in a quite an angered state since a certain Bat and Dark Spider has foiled his plans. So its best if we test out our merchandise real quick on smaller targets," He nastily clicks his fingers together with an ugly sinister toothy smile.

Unknown Iceboy: "You mean that kid who killed some mafia members, Scarecrow, and The Lizard? Who cares about those weak freaks. I am only here for the money," He greedily rubs his hands together.

Jake heard enough of these insects words. He wasn't going to stop them before anyone gets killed. He was going to show them real Apex Powers.


Mr. Freeze: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mr._Freeze

Killer Frost: https://arkhamcity.fandom.com/wiki/Killer_Frost ( I prefer this version but you can imagine her any way you want]

Unknown Boy: From Marvel World/ X-Men student ]

I will give anyone a cookie if they guess the powerful power signature picked up on the SONAR and Jake's spider-sense. Hint: Its someone from Marvel.

The next part is the finale.



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