Spiderman Evolution
30 Justice Pt. 3
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Spiderman Evolution
Author :GhostyZ
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30 Justice Pt. 3

[A/N: Jake is currently wearing the power spider suit in the cover art and a black balaclava mask. Rember he can also change his eye-color and form a mask, thanks to those tricky symbiote powers] Also no one knows how Jake looks like but Batman.

Black Cat is right behind Jake, "You gotta stop running from me? All I want to do it team up with you. Even though I work alone like you, I think we will make a good team. Your powers impress me," She softly says, this time she has a little sincerity in her voice.

"I know the only reason you sent those pictures and are following me around is to get your top-secret USB drive back. I already have it hidden somewhere where you will never find it(Void Realm). Anyways how do you always find me? Its kind of pissing me off," Jake said while charging up his superpowers and attacks, he wanted to see how powerful his Void Eye powers were, he also wanted to master his new dragon evolution fused with his Spiderman powers. Oh, and he wanted to test out his new improved strength and speed.

"Well I can smell your amazing scent a mile away, I am a cat after all. Meow" Black Cat silently giggles near Jake's ears. Her cool breathes tickle his ears. Her buxom jiggly breasts were grinding up Jake's muscular back. 'You are too much of a fucking tease,' Jake try to hold it together.

"So let's go kick some butt already. I bet these weirdos have a bunch of neat gadgets and money for us to steal," Black Cat greedily rubs her cute little hands together with a wide bright smile.

Jake was once again gone and ditched Black Cat with his quick reflexes and speedy martial art movements.

"Hey!" Black Cat shouts out as she tries to chase after Jake, her shouts were quickly blocked off and muted as black spider-webs were shot over mouth to silence her. "Mmmmmmmph!" She mumbles out as she kicks her legs up in the air and tries to claw away the symbiotes with her razor steel nails on her combat gloves. But it was useless, the more she clawed at Jake's symbiotes the more regenerated over her mouth.

"Stay put like a good kitty," Jake bolts forward to attack Mr. Freeze and his Ice Soldiers. Jake had already taken out the tracking beacon that Batman had implanted inside his power suit. He had a feeling that Batman was up to something, things weren't making sense and he planned to get to the bottom of it. But right now all that matter was taking these villains powers and well saving the people in the Yacht?

Mr. Freeze activates one Cryo Bomb, it was a cylinder-shaped bomb that looked like a scientific thermos, except there was a drill spiral on top. This was most likely used to latch on its targets. The mechanical spiral on top start spinning around like a torpedo propeller, the Cryo Bomb hovered up into the air and was actually being controlled by a drone!

'There is actually a drone inside the bomb itself? That is very advanced technology for even someone like Mr. Freeze. Who is giving them this much money to fund such a destructive weapon?' Jake said to himself as he spider-web slings closer to his enemies.

Suddenly the Cryo Bomb blasted ahead to the nearby yacht that was filled with about 50 humans!

*ZOOM!* The Cryo Bomb rocketed directly at the giant Yacht.

"Bahaha! Soon we will see that ship freeze completely in a matter of seconds! Imagine millions of these Cryo Bombs falling down the skies of Gotham! Freeze them all to death!" Mr. Freeze manically laughs with both his hands raised up in the air. Out of nowhere a symbiote, spider-web slings past Mr.Freeze's face and catches the Cryo Bomb before it could reach its target!

"AAAAAAAH!!!" Everyone in the Yacht starts frantically screaming as they see the Cryo Bomb almost colliding with the ship. It was inches away.

A girl with ginger hair and emerald eyes is shocked and falls off her dinner chair. You could see the fear on her pale freckled face. "What is going on Mary Jane! Are you alright!?" Harry Osborn runs over to her side and then sees Jake holding back the Cryo Bomb with his symbiote spider-webs. "Is that the Dark Spider!?" Shouts Harry Osborn with disbelief in his eyes as he sees Jake standing on top of ship container in the distance. Mary Jane also had the same facial expression. She was just about to die until Jake saved her life and everyone in the Yacht from freezing to death. She grabbed her chest and breathed heavily.

"Take your half-assed bomb back," With one hand Jake slings the Cryo Bomb backward and towards Mr.Freeze!

"WHAT! HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE!? WHO DARES YOU INTERFERE WITH MY PLANS!"Mr. Freeze shoots his freeze-ray at Jake who was behind him.

But it was already too late, the Cryo Bomb had collided on the docking bay and everyone was frozen solid, but Jake wasn't frozen he had perfectly planned out where to land the Cryo Bomb so he wouldn't get hit by the sub-zero freeze radius. His Spider Sight and Spider Senses were used to accomplish this insane feat.

Jake is standing on top one of the docking ship containers, his body was in a combat military and Kung-Fu stance. He waited to see if the three villains were alive.

"You insolent brat!" Mr.Freeze appeared out of the mist of compressed nitrogen. Killer Frost and the unknown X-Men teenager(Iceman/Iceteen) came out of the frosty mist unscathed as well. They all had power resistance against ice elements so the Cryo Bomb wouldn't harm them, but Jake did this to actually save the people on the yacht. As much as he thought saving people was a waste of time when it came to becoming powerful, he knew that the news would paint him as some mass killer/slayer, which he wasn't. Well, he kind of was after devouring some villains. But they were alive inside his symbiote Void Realm... Maybe?

"What are you waiting for!? Kill him!?" Mr. Freeze points his finger at Jake and commands his Ice Soldiers to attack Jake.

The Ice Soldiers power suits had protected them from the sub-zero temperatures, their suits had actually absorbed the ice particles scattered around the air.

There were 10 Ice Soldiers in total, all of them rushed towards Jake and fired their assault-Ice Ray guns.

Jake just had a dark grin on his face, the shadows around him and his black mouth-mask blocked his face, but his piercing demonic red glowing eyes were seen in the darkness. He had activated his [Void Eye] powers, as the beams of ice zoom towards him, a sparking dark red and black tornado vortex made up of symbiotes sucked in all of the Ice Beams in a flash! Jake had absorbed all the sub-zero temperature ice beams inside his eyes! This was way more powerful than the Sharingan itself! The ice elements were quickly absorbed inside Jake's bloodstream, he only had a minor brain freeze, but other than that he was better than ever!

"What the fuck power is that!?" Killer Frost's aqua eyes widen as her interest was peaked when she saw Jake's insanely powerful powers.

Jake eyes started to charge up a sparking reddish and black beam that was fused with his symbiotes and the ice beams he had absorbed. He quickly shoots out a symbiote ice laser beam from his eyes!

All 10 of the Ice Soldiers were devoured by the symbiote ice beam, "AAAAAAH!!! GET IT OFF!" All of their bodies were being devoured by the icy symbiotes, soon all of them disintegrated and froze at the same time! Jake used his Void Eye powers to absorb all of the Ice Soldiers particles into his eyes and did a Full Counter on them!

His symbiote beam was powerful enough to disintegrate the Ice Soldiers bodies by reforming their tissues and then absorbing the reformed tissues. (It was like being injected with venom that could literally eat you alive!)

Mr.Freeze's and Killer Frost's jaws drop as they saw their Ice Soldiers devoured in mere seconds.

A stream of black blood leaked down Jake's eyes, his Void Eye powers were taking its toll on him.

"You really are one pesky bug! GET HIM!" Mr. Freeze summons five Ice Soldiers to attack Jake. This time around they were literal ice soldiers. They were humans who transformed into sentient bio- ice crystals, their whole bodies were covered in ice crystals. They were not human anymore. Mr. Freeze had mutated them into mindless Ice Zombies.

'These dumbass villains really don't give a damn about human lives,' Jake stops dead on his track and sees the mindless Ice Zombies running towards his direction.

Jake was still standing on a large 10-meter cargo ship container to keep his high-ground. He thought about if he should kill these Ice Zombies, there was no use in saving them, they had lost their minds and souls. Even if there was an anti-serum it would take about a day for Jake to create, he didn't have the time to waste on such things, as cruel as it seemed. He knew what he must do.

'I'm not a hero. Fuck that self-righteous bullshit,' Jake jumps down the cargo ship container and constructs a katana sword made up entirely of symbiotes and his own radioactive spider-blood DNA, thousands of symbiote tendrils and spider-webs swirled and spun around his right palm like a spiders-thread, soon the shape of a razor-sharp Katana was made. The color of the katana was a glowing red and black color. He had formed a Necrokatana, the predecessor of the all-powerful god slayer weapon Necrosword either know as 'All-Black' The Annhilablade, the Slicer of Worlds. The Sword of Infinite Darkness.

In the distance, Black cat watches the carnage that was about to unfold. She already admired Jake's power,s actually she was smitten by him. She loved powerful men and before her eyes was someone of great power. Jake was an evolution of Spider-man that Peter Parker could never match. Jake was unmatchable.

"GAARRRRRRRGH!!!" Roared all of the giant Ice Zombies as all of them shoot out powerful sub-zero ice beams from their mouth. Jake easily slices through the ice beams with his NecroKatana and slashes off one of the Ice Zombies arms clean off!

"ARRRRRRRGGGGGGH!!!" The Ice Zombie screams to the top of its lungs, as its ice arms shattered, Jake quickly does a side slash on the Ice Zombies neck and ends its misery by slicing its head off. Its whole ice crystal body exploded on how powerful of an impact strike was of Jake's Necrokatana.

The other four Ice Zombies angrily roared as they saw their own comrade die before there eyes. All of them rushed Jake, who was already web-slinging on top of Ship Containers to dodge their ice beams.

In a flash, Jake slashes all four Ice Zombies with one slash motion. His Necrokatana could duplicate sword strikes at a fast rate by creating void portals! So in this very moment, Jake had actually slashed the Ice Zombies thousands of times just with one sword strike! All from different dimensions!

In about 1 second, the four Ice Zombies shattered into nothingness. Jake had ended their lives swiftly. He vowed never to kill unless he had to, but in this case, he wanted to end these soldiers suffering. Even though rage was boiling deep inside his blood and veins to kill Mr.Freeze and the other two ice elemental superpower users.

"Stand back everyone. This punk is mine," Killer Frost takes off her fur-coat and looks directly at Jake with a death glare in her menacing aqua eyes. Her pale skin started to transform, an ice-sheen(Ice layer) forms across her entire body that grants her increased durability, cause intense blizzards that can instantly freeze any target and generate objects composed completely of ice. She was a blizzard of a woman. Some call her the Ice Demon. One kiss from her and your heart would be frozen solid and shatter. Guess that's why she is single...

Mary Jane and Harry Osborn both hold each other for their dear lives as they see the Dark Spider in action from the distance in the Yacht which was filled with rich successful businessmen and woman, including Harry's father, Norman Osborn.

"You ready punk?" Killer Frost lifts up both of her hands and forms an Ice Glacier that rises her lustful icy body into the air. The moon shines over her ice crystalized busty body.

"I am just getting started," Jake spins around his Necrokatana in a skillful way and the then points the blade at her.

[A/N: The last part is next. I just wanted to show off Jake's powers and some action. It really is hard to write a good action scene lol. School arc here we come. At least we saw MJ.]


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