Spiderman Evolution
31 Justice Finale
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Spiderman Evolution
Author :GhostyZ
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31 Justice Finale

"You are gonna end right now!" Blasted out the rowdy Ice Demoness as she shoots out a tidal wave of giant ice shards from her palms at Jake who web-slings over the assault of ice shards and does a roundhouse kick right on Killer Frost's pale ice-skinned face. "Gaaaaah! You fucking bastard!" She growls as her slender body flew past several docking lampposts and slams against a steel cargo ship container.

Jake slides back his legs in a perfect flawless Kung-fu and ninjutsu stance, he had learned every mixed material arts and ninjutsu that Bruce Wayne knew, he knew every move that Kirigi(Bruce's Sensei) had formed. Close combat for Jake was a breeze, put simply a one and one fist fight with him and you would surely lose without even having a chance.

"That's it! You are dead meat!!! Now freeze!!!" Killer Frost gritted her teeth and forms a wave of ice waves to surf on and then she tackles Jake on to the ground, her private region and thick muscular legs were spread right on top of Jake's crotch, "Someones a bit feisty, don't you think this is too soon?" Jake said while glaring at Killer Frost with his glowing dark red eyes.

"SHUT UP!!! EYYAAAAAH!!!" Killer Frost aqua eyes started glowing and she shoots out her most powerful blizzard attack ever. A gust of sub-zero wind and mists entraps Jake and he is frozen solid!

"Heh. Not so tough after all. All talk and no bite!" Killer Frost punches the frozen Jake, his body explodes into shards of ice.

Suddenly two Symbiote Clone Jake's punched Killer Frost in the face at the same time, "Wait how!? A clone?! What kind of powers are those!?-" Her body spins around the air like a ragdoll. Jake was so fast that he was able to create 3 symbiote clones in a matter of seconds, he had trained how to create more Symbiote Clones, all he need to do was absorb more superpowers to boost up his Symbiote Regen and cloning abilities. With his hivemind, he could summon millions of clones of himself if he wanted to, but that would require Jake to devour a large number of superpowers. Even to Jake, his symbiote bloodline powers were still 'unknown' to him.

Mr. Freeze and Iceman were about to help out Killer Frost. "Stand back! This is my fight!" She hisses with a toothy growl like a vicious snow leopard.

"JUST DIE ALREADY!" Killer Frost screams, her veins were popping out of her neck and face, she was furious beyond the point of no return as she shoots out another fatal blizzard storm blast from both of her palms this time. All her life was spent suffering in the Arctic region undergoing scientific testing on herself to subdue her ice powers. She couldn't control her Ice Powers which killed the people close to her, even her loved ones were not spared by her ravenous Ice Powers which froze them to death. And yet here was this Dark Spider masked crusader, who stood tall and so gallantly unaffected by her Ice Powers.

Killer Frost's Blizzard Blast swooshed and zoomed towards Jake freezing everything in its path, the ocean water behind Jake instantly froze, a 5-mile radius of frozen ice was seen across the ocean, the Yacht in which MJ and Harry were in slid across the frozen sea water. "Oh god! Someone! Please help us!" Cries out a rich snobby businessman. MJ and Harry see the Dark Spider absorb the Blizzard Storm with his Void Eye powers! "What in the world are those powers?" Harry jaws drop as his body trembles, he had never seen such powers. Harry's father watches the Dark Spider with a wide grin, Jake's superpowers interest him.

'Shit this is too much ice to absorb in my Void Eye!' Jake grips his frozen eyeballs as the dimensional symbiote portal of his Void Powers disappear.

"What the hell are you!? Are you even human!? If I can't freeze you, then maybe I can freeze them instead!" Killer Frost holds up her hands at the sliding Yacht and fires out a colossal Ice Burg towards the Yacht that made the Titanic Iceberg look like an ice cube in comparison.

'Its time I heat things up!' Jake slowly lifts up his arms and injects the serum he stole from The Lizard directly inside his cubital fossa to hit a main blood vessel vein( Like a blood test injection).

This serum boosted up Jake's Eastern Dragon evolution and his other evolutions( Symbiote and Funnel-Spider) "Arrrrrgh!" Jake gritted his teeth and clenched his fist as his veins were pumping with the Serum's DNA boosting powers know simply as Lizard Serum or in this case the modified version Jake made was called Evo Serum(Evo=Evoultion for short). A blazing fire was literally burning deep inside Jake's lungs as he blasted out black flames made up of fire and symbiotes! The two firey dark elements fused together and melted the Ice Berg Killer Frost had shot out in seconds! Somehow Jake was able to bypass the one weakness of a symbiote lifeform, Fire itself. For the God of all Symbiotes had forged his dark alien creations with the head of a Celestial as its melting furnace! This was a breakthrough like no other. Jake's symbiote bloodline was the rarest and most powerful of them all! Both his Spider-man and Symbiote powers were unstoppable! Venom and the original Spiderman were literal insects compared to Jake who was a SpiderGod of darkness.

MJ's and Harry watch the powerful Dark Spider save their lives and everyone's lives at the Yacht once more. Gwen was also Inside the boat as well, she had a stunned look on her face, she so badly wanted to talk to the Dark Spider alone and give him back the ring he had dropped at her apartment the day he saved her from the kidnappers.

Jake quickly shots out two thick symbiote spider-webs from his wrists and holds the 50- Ton Mega Yacht in place! The massive ship continued to glide against the ice until it was stopped by Jake's powerful spider-webs which didn't even snap or tear on the impact of the 50-Ton ship colliding against it. It was like at like the strong spider-web fibers had acted as a giant funnel-spider-web net! "AAAAAAH!" Jake's legs and body slides back and his muscles popped out of his carbon-fiber Power Suit as he holds back the force of the Mega Yacht. His mouth mask almost ripped out from how much he was gritting his teeth. "TING!" The Yacht finally breaks and lands on top of nearby cargo ship dock that was not in Jake's direction.

"HE DID IT! HE SAVED US! THE DARK SPIDER SAVED US!!!" Chants a bunch of people on the Mega Yacht.

"NO THAT CAN'T BE!" Killer Frost aqua eyes widen as she frantically tosses giant ice spears at Jake as a last resort attack and stomps on the ground to form ice pillars under Jake's feet. She knew she didn't stand a chance against Jake and was attacking him in a wild manner.

"Get inside the void," Jake does a ninja back-flip over the ice pillars formed under his feet and slashes through Killer Frost's ice spear attacks and then slashes her right on the chest without any mercy.

"Gaaaaaaah!!!!" She cries out in pain as her blood splatters onto Jake's black and crimson spider-man power suit, he then sucks her whole body inside his Void Eye in a tornado motion.

*WHOOSH!* And Just like that, she was gone! Millions of symbiote tendrils and tentacles wrapped around her tiny mouth and face as they dragged away her busty body inside of Jake's eyeballs. It was like Jake was eating her with his eyes!

"You bastard you are going to pay for that! Release her at once!" Mr.Freeze shots an ice-ray laser beam at Jake.

"Get that weak shit out of here," Jake shots out a symbiote beam out of his eyes and easily devours the ice beam.

Mr.Freeze angrily runs towards Jake and goes to suicide bomb himself with a Cryo Bomb. "I will just take you to hell with me!" He roars out. Mr. Freeze had nothing to lose, he had already lost his wife to cancer and his mom and dad died by the hands of superheroes. Who said all heroes were good? That was just a lie. A cover-up from the truth. All heroes are flawed by nature. No one is perfect. Not even the gods themselves.

"DIE! I WILL KILL EVERYONE IN THIS DAMN FORSAKEN CITY!" Mr. Frost activates the Cryo Bomb with one hand and is inches away from Jake.

In a flash, Jake slices off Mr.Freeze's arm with his pulsating sentient symbiote Necrokatana, "AAAAAAH!!!" He bellows out as he falls to his knees and blood spluttered everywhere on to Jake's face.

Jake swiftly used his web-slinger and it latches on to the Cryo Bomb, he then slings it high up into the midnight skies. The Cryo Bomb traveled so fast in an upwards motion that it almost reached space! Suddenly the Ice Bomb exploded and a firework of Ice crystal falls over Gotham. A snowy night in Gotham just got even snowier.

"Wow he is amazing," Gwen's eyes widen as she took in the spectacle of epicness. MJ has the same expression as Gwen as they are somewhat kind of friends. Barbara Gordon was also in the Yacht with Gwen!

Bruce Wayne is on the highest platform of the Mega Yacht(The Kings area) and he sees all of Jake's carnage. He was, in fact, the proud owner of the Yacht and by odd chance, he was holding a charity event for the richest of the richest!

Someone with sharp fancy sunglasses was sitting right next to Bruce Wayne, "Who is that new superhero? I have never seen him before. That's kind of a nice looking Power Suit, not as good as mine," Tony smiled as he tipped down his expensive sunglasses.

"Yeah, you go Dark Spidey! He's our hero!" Chants a bunch of rich people in the mega yacht. Even Gwen and Barbara chant. Some people were hesitant to cheer for the Dark Spider as they saw him as some kind of bloodthirsty monster. For godsakes, he had just cut off someone's arm and ate people with his eyeballs and mouth!

Jake easily subdues Mr.Freeze by wrapping him up in a symbiote funnel-spider web and Iceman just gave up with hands up in the air. Jake didn't want to absorb Mr.Freeze into his Void Eye because he was just a waste of space and provided no superpowers. To him, absorbing humans was a useless cause, he only did it before to the Ice Soldiers to test out his powers. He needed guinea pigs, that's all people were to him. Nothing but test subjects.

[Iceteen is basically Iceman from X-Men, but a younger verison]

"Okay I give up! Please don't kill me!" Iceteen hopelessly falls to the floor and begs for mercy.

Jake steps on top of Iceteen head with his feet to exert his dominance of being an Alpha superhero.

"Tell me who gave you dumbasses those Cryo Bombs," Jake presses his boots harder on Iceteen skull almost crushing his head like it was a feeble peanut.

"I don't know! I only came here for the money! I need it to buy medicine for my mother! She is going to die if I don't do anything!" Iceteen almost pisses his pants. His eyes looked deceiving, as a trickster.

"Not my problem. I will only say this ONCE, who gave you those Cryo Bombs." Jake said with a cold and dark thunderous voice. He wasn't fucking around.

Iceteen starts to smile, "Haha! You have no idea who you are up against! You are so fucking dead!" He forms an ice dagger and goes to stab Jake in the neck. The ice dagger shatters immediately as harden dragon scales and symbiote tendrils shielded his neck.

"Wrong answer," Jake punched Iceteen on the face and his teeth cracked on impact, his blood splattered onto the cement floor of the docking marine area.

Iceteen was quickly K.O

Jake walks over to the Cryo Bombs and absorbs all of them inside his Void Eye powers to use them later. Jake holds up his hands and then fires out icy spider-webs from his wrists and freezes Mr.Freeze and Iceteen so they won't' escape.

'So I get an Ice Spider-web evolution. Not bad at all. Damn my superpowers are OP as fuck,' Jake swings away into the night and disappears. He had once again saved the lives of many human beings who were about to be frozen to death. The lives of MJ, Harry, and Gwen were all about taken on this day if it weren't for Jake saving them. Say what you want, but Jake did his job as a protector fast without any morals getting in the way of his mission. Also, he had a huge hunch on who was behind all of these random terrorist attacks on Gotham. He could read Killer Frost's memories since she was absorbed in his Void Eye. Inside the void of Jake's symbiote body and mindscape, he could read her mind through telepathy. By reading her mind he saw someone powerful who was wearing a red cape and red helmet which only covered the top his head, but his face could be seen in the shadows of Killer Frost's mind.

As Jake swings around Gotham City, he is stopped by a red-cloaked figure that bent a giant billboard street sign all around Jake's body, with some kind of electromagnetic powers!

"What the fuck!" Jake easily breaks through the New York style 15-ton steel billboard by ripping it apart with his bare hands. Suddenly more 15-ton steel billboards wrap around his body.

'Who the fuck is doing this! Wait a sec I know who it is! This is the powerful power signature that the SONAR radar and my spider-sense spotted!' Jake gritted his teeth and clenched his fist as he is slowly being trapped inside a steel prison. His spider-senses were at an all-time high.

"So I finally find the Dark Spider. Do not be alarmed. I am not here to kill you," Says a calm and collective voice that sounded almost magnetic and static, like a wise man full of endless wisdom and knowledge.

Jake angrily punches through the 70-ton steel and metal prison composed of various steel and metal objects! And looks around for the person who had slightly trapped him. Jake could now lift up 80-tons! Since his symbiote bloodline and advanced Spiderman DNA had now fully synced after fighting/absorbing villains with both of these powers and integrating them with his system.

"I have seen your powers. They are being wasted on mere cannon fodder. Your mentor Batman won't help you grow stronger, but with my extensive knowledge, I can make you become more powerful than you can ever imagine. Why fight for justice when you can fight for power!" Says a voice inside Jake's brain.

"Who are you?" Jake asked as his glowing red eyes scanned around the area. He was on top of an apartment complex building located in the slums of Gotham.

"You will soon find out..." the voice echoes away.

Jake grabs his skull in pain, a massive headache attacked his brain. A surge of past memories flows inside his mind.

He sees the shadow of his father and mother inside a laboratory working on some kind of experiment. Next to them was Batman and by his side was a floating overly muscular figure that wore a red cape and blue body suit that had a certain godly symbol on the middle of his chest.

"What are you doing here!? Stand back!" Batman thunders out as he points an advanced laser-gun at the floating figure. Suddenly a dimensional portal tears open behind Batman and Jake's parents.

"WHAT IS THAT!? AAAAAH!" Jake's parents scream for their lives as someone or something appears out of the dimensional portal

His flashback quickly fades away. "Uggggh what was that about? Fuck I really need to rest," Jake said aloud to himself as he web-slings across Gotham and heads back to his hideout/ room. Neither did he know that this was just the beginning of his new life...

[A/N: What a fucking chapter. Let me know if you are confused so I can fix this chapter. I am going to revisit and edit past chapters on Friday and add some stuff. The Spider Shop in the system will now be added. The OP power I was talking about won't be used just yet. As if Jake wasn't OP already. This is only the beginning and I plan to fix everything. To answer your harem questions. Things will happen naturally. It won't happen in a flash. 2820 words fucking crazy. ]

[Yes there will be some plot holes with the power scale. I need time to look over that. Also, I will be giving more depth to the other characters. I will make things better. Things will now go at a smoothe pace once the school arc comes up which is after the next chapter. ]

[Guess the new characters in this chapter. Mostly male superheroes. And don't worry Black Cat and Killer Frost are alive. ]


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