Spiderman Evolution
51 Spider Shop
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Spiderman Evolution
Author :GhostyZ
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51 Spider Shop

Jake activates his Spider Shop and has a quick reaction speed in his mind to go back into his hideout.

"Shit I forgot something," Jake said to himself as he web-slings back to Wayne Manor. He then realized he could teleport back to his room. He formed a portal vortex in mid-air with his Void Eye powers and swings through the shadow black dimensional portal.

In just seconds he arrives back at his room in the nick of time.

*Knock!-Knock!* His room door is being knocked by Alfred.

"Master Jake there is a phone call for you. I have also brought you a Beef Wellington dinner," Alfred says in a respectful manner as he holds up a fancy silver plate.

Jake quickly claps his hands to hide his 'hideout', a sensor picks up his clap soundwaves and the room itself transforms back to normal! No traces of advanced technology or any evidence such as his laptop or Power Suit was seen in his room. Also during this time, Jake was fast enough with his Flash super-speed to change out of his combat Spider-Suit(A/N: One in the cover) and back into his normal clothing(Black t-shirt with a black biker jacket over it and jeans). BBtron quickly transforms into Jake's iPhone and jumps inside his jacket pockets.

"Master Jake? Is everything alright? Should I come in?" Alfred says with a worried tone and his eyebrows raised.

"Yeah everything is good," Jake quickly opens his room door and cooly leans against his door with a fake smile. Everything in his room was hidden, however, he couldn't mask- up the punched in walls he had punched-in early trying to subdue his ravenous rebellious symbiotes who wanted to take over his entire body.

"Ah so it seems, here is your dinner and phone call," Alfred says while looking at the carter- sized punched marks scattered around Jake's metallic room. He knew Jake was powerful, but this was just insane.

"You had a rough first day at school?" Alfred asked while handing over Jake an old-fashion house phone. Even though it was in the future Bruce Wayne liked to keep things fancy and elegant.

"You can say that," Jake grabs the phone and answers the call.

Bruce Wayne: "Jake how is it going. I want to let you know that something important has come up. The house will be in your care for two days, for now, don't do anything crazy. Also, we will have our 'talk' when I get back. Just remember you only have 6 more days to get your shit together or I am kicking your ass out of the mansion. Even though I don't mind having you here, but you kind of know why I am kicking you out. Anyways see you later. "

"Yeah sure. Talk to you later," Jake hangs-up the phone. Things even got better, now he had two free-days to get a lot of things done. The reason why Jake came back to the mansion was to get his 'original cell phone'.

He had two cellphones. One for daily life(Original cell phone: Which had Bruce's, Gwen's, Peter, Miles, Black Cat, and Raven's phone numbers) and his secret phone which contained the SONAR tracking device and top secret information he stole from Bruce Wayne. This secret cellphone(iPhone) was hidden inside his Void Eye so no one could actually get the phone, but Jake himself.

"Master Jake, I know Master Bruce can be rough sometimes and so can other people at your academy that you attending, but you can always rise up and change your destiny. Master Bruce saw something special in you, he believes that you will be the one to change this world. You are smart one Master Jake just do not let your emotions get in the way of your destiny. Keep on rising." Alfred encouragingly said with a bow and then he walks off upstairs to the upper portion of the mansion. (Out of the Batcave).

Jake looks at Alfred walk away, "How does he always find the right words to say?" He scratches the back of his head.

Jaked needed to get his original cellphone just in case anyone called like Bruce or any of his 'new friends'. In order to live a double-life, you had to do it right. It was no secret to Bruce that Jake was the Dark Spider, however, Jake didn't want Bruce to find out about his secret hideout in his room and the information on his top-secret cellphone which blocked anyone's number and blocked out all tracking-device from Bruce. Jake had meticulously tried to keep his 'true powers' and 'true intentions' hidden from Bruce. If Bruce/Batman figured out Jake's plan of gaining more powers and dominating over this world as the highest evolution of Spider-Man, then Batman would surely fight Jake and arrest him for his countless crimes. That is why it was crucial for Jake to get the fuck out of the Batcave. No more playing around.

Jake activities his Spider Shop in his system before he leaves to his mission he was going to do a quick boost for his powers.

[Spider Shop 🕷 ]

Upgrade Powers- Super speed, Super Strength (160-ton), High Reflex/ Jump, Wall-climb, Web-Shooters(Organic Form), Spider-Sense, Shotgun Web, Symbiote Morphing, Harden Symbiote Scales, Symbiote Claws, Void Eye, Dark Ray-Vison(Can shoot a dark beam of symbiote out of eyes), Super Speed(Flash), Astral-Projection(Raven), Dark Magic, Cryo Blast(Killer Frost), Heat Wave( D.C),

Create new power- chose current powers to reform or create entirely new powers.

Jake: " So many choices so little time,"

For now, he quickly chooses Void Eye and Super-Speed.

Void Eye- Create new eye augment Slayer Eye- Input power information.

Super-Speed Upgrade- Chose upgrade form( Ex: Spider-Speed, Ulitmate-Speed, etc)

Jake gets creative with his inner superhero, or in this case super anti-hero, or whatever you get the idea. His super genius mind takes over.

[Slayer Eye]- Abilities, much like the hidden technique, Mystic Eyes of Death Perception, however, it is fused with every Death Inducement/ Manipulation. Not only can user slice threads/lines of death, but they can also slice through the very life force and soul of another being thus completely wiping them out of existence. Slayer Eyes can also fabricate a objects 'matter' and someone's mind by implanting a hivemind of false realities created by its user, thus making the enemy die without realizing they are even dead. Known as ERASE/KILL. Overall Slayer Eyes can kill/erase anything that has matter, atoms, souls, or any sort of lifeforce or even deathforce. Even Death itself and immortals can be killed. The user can also implant billions of powerful nano-fiber spider-webs inside of enemies body, these spider-webs are made of darkness itself(Shadow Threads), much like having billions of symbiote threads implanted into someone's body. The user can slice an enemy a billion times over and over until the body is nothing more. The spider-webs can destroy any kind of matter, so basically it can slice anything. Some violent bloody stuff.

[A/N: This has to do with the Slayer Eye https://powerlisting.fandom.com/wiki/Death_Inducement ]

Risk of using Slayer Eyes is huge, may result in a backfire if the user doesn't kill the enemy. Ex: If the user isn't able to kill the enemy then the user will sustain major damage to the eyes and mind.

"Holy fuck that is the most OP power ever in existence. I don't know if I should create it..." Jake clenched his fist, he had created this 'Slayer Eye' power all with his deadly mind. If he gained this power, then his evolution will almost reach its peak! To the level of Cosmic Spider-Man! But drawback was huge.

"I have to think this through," He breathes heavily, his destiny was literally on the line.

[A/N: Yes a lot of stuff to go over. First, let me know if MC should get Slayer Eyes and what kind of super-speed upgrade he should get(He has half of Flash's original speed). Soon he will unlock his body augment. Thank you for your support. Let me know if it is too OP. ]


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