Spiderman Evolution
52 Domination
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Spiderman Evolution
Author :GhostyZ
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52 Domination

Jake thought of the best option and the worst case of scenario. If he were to gain the Slayer Eyes then his power level would skyrocket to the top of the ranks, even beyond the gods of this world. However, one slight mistake when using the Slayer Eyes would mean certain death for himself. So the best option was to simply have the Slayer Eye powers in one eye rather than both eyes(for now) and on his other eye, he would have the Void Eye, that way he would cut his chances in half of killing himself if he was to wrongly use the Slayer Eyes.

"Is there a way I can create the Slayer Eyes for only one of my eye's for now?" Jake asked his system.

[Yes that is possible, however, you must know that there will be a consequence for doing such an action]

"It's better than dying when using the Slayer Eye powers, I will take those chances," Jake said. He knew there was a catch with every power he acquired, much like any superhero or villain when they get their powers. Everyone who had powers had some kind of restriction, an example would be for Magneto's magnetic powers(Magnetokinesis: Magnet telekinesis- powers to control magnetic fields) He would need a source of metals to control or a strong magnetic field source nearby. So without any metal elements nearby Magneto's powers have some restriction(Not fully of course). The same ideal would go with the Slayer Eyes powers. The restriction of the Slayer Eyes was unknown to Jake, but he knew if he were to make the slightest mistake when using this power, then he will severely damage himself. Not did it mattered since he was technically immortal(symbiote powers), but wanted to cut his damages in half, he didn't fully understand the powers of the Slayer Eyes yet.

[Slayer Eyes acquired- Two eye augments in use- Void Eyes(Left Eye) And Slayer Eyes(Right Eye).

Jake's right eye started to reform itself and glowed a dark red color, suddenly sparks of blackish lighting blasted into his right eye, he tried to hold in the sheering pain and power entering his eyeballs, but any god would scream in pain as they acquired the insane amount of power entering Jake's right eyeball! 'Fuck the power entering my eye's is insane!' He punched the metal wall of his room to subdue the pain, another huge fist-carter was seen in the metallic walls of his room. If anyone knew better then they would think a monster of high power was living inside of Jake.

Jake moved around his right eye to adjust his sight, everything was fuzzy and dark in his right eye. It was like he was blind in one eye. Then a void of shadows began to appear in front of his right eye.

"What are these blackish thread-lines? Can this be the lines of death?" Jake looks around his room and sees black lines upon lines scattered around his room like spider-webs.

"Now I understand, " Jake takes out a hidden combat knife from his office table in his room and then spins around the knife on his fingertips with precision. In his past life, he was skilled with just about every weapon, he could literally kill you with a fork if he wanted to.

Jake aimed at an array of blackish lines that covered the window his room, he then stopped.

"Yeah, I should test this new power someone where else," Jake swiftly puts on his black and dark red Spider-Suit made up of carbon-fiber and symbiotes and web-slings out of the window of his room. (A/N: cover art suit)


Jake web-slings to a secluded park which was about 5miles away from the Wayne Manor estate.

Even though it was dark as hell outside Jake could see the 'Lines of Death' as clear as day with his Slayer Eyes.

Jake gripped the combat knife handle tightly on his palms. His target was a huge oak tree in front of him, it must have weighed 20tons or more. There was a large array of blackish web-threads scattered around the tree, it seemed the bigger the object, the more 'Lines of Death' would appear. Jake simply sliced off one blackish line of death with his combat knife. In a flash, the tree exploded into chunks of wood and then disappeared! It looked like slicing off any line of death would end the existence of the object or living being that was Jake's target.

Jake then turned his attention to another tree. This time the lines of death were not seen, rather instead Jake planned to ERASE the entire tree without slicing it with his combat knife with his Slayer Eye powers, he focused his right eye at the tree, one line was seen, in fact, it was glowing and the color was a blood red color. He literally swooshed his extended fingers to the side in a cutting karate chop motion to the cut the glowing red-line and the tree actually vanished! The tree exploded into a billion fragments of matter and atoms, however, the explosion couldn't be seen by the 'Naked-eye'.

"Ok now this is insane, I destroyed something without even touching it!" Jake couldn't hold in the excitement of his extremely powerful newfound powers.

"Aaaaagh," Jake slightly groaned as he gripped his right eye, a stream of black blood leaked down his eye's.

"Just as I thought, the more I use this power the more it puts a strain on my right eye, I have to use this power wisely,' Jake quickly wipes away the blackish blood from his right eye and takes out his normal cellphone.

"Now that I understand the power of my Slayer Eyes a little better, its time to hunt, but first I need to make a quick call," He said to himself with a dark smirk under his black mouth mask. He dials in a number and waits for the person to answer his call.

Black Cat: "I knew you would eventually call me Dark Spider, it was not nice wrapping me up in your spider-webs while you fight the bad guys all by yourself." She huffs. (A/N: She is referring to the time when Jake fought off Killer Frost and Mr. Freeze all by himself while Black Cat was tied up in his spider- webs)

"Yeah don't get too excited. Meet me at the docks in 5mins." Jake hangs up his cellphone and web-swings away into the night skies of New Gotham, a flock of crows passes by his face as he swings on top of a complex of New York style apartment buildings. Jake wanted to meet up with Black Cat because she knew where the mafia groups and villains would be around this time of night(11:00 PM). Jake wanted to figure out if Magneto was really a part of the construction of Cryo Bombs given to Mr.Freeze and his goons. In fact Jake had a feeling that Magento was behind most of the crime outbreaking in New Gotham, why else would Magneto offer to help Jake become more powerful? It all seemed so strange. Who really was in 'power' in his world?

Jake knew that Black Cat had an excellent understanding of how the mafia works, she herself was a cat bulgar and wanted criminal, she worked for the most notorious Mob Bosses in this city. She knew how the 'Jungle' worked.

In about 5mins Jake reached his destination which was the same docking station he fought of Killer Frost and Mr. Freeze. The smell of salt water filled Jake's nostrils.

Black Cat stealthy walks on all fours and sneaks up behind the Dark Spider who was standing on top of a marine docking building.

Jake at the moment was scouting the area for any irregular power readings with the SONAR device installed inside his cellphone. BBtron also scanned the area by hovering around the docking station and using its nano-bots to sense any power readings.

"No large power readings found. The area is secure." BBtron informed as it cooly landed on top of Jake's shoulders like a Hawk.

Jake lets Black Cat sneak up on him as he knew she didn't pose any kind of threat.

Black Cat wraps her soft slender arms around Jake's buff chest and seductively whispers in his ear, "You miss me?"

Jake turns around and faces Black Cat. Her sexy eye-masked face looked extremely gorgeous as the moonlight shone over her. She looked like a stunning vixen. Jake doesn't answer Black Cat and suddenly grabs her by her well-toned hour-glass waist and pushes her busty body close to his chest. Black Cat's massive breasts grind up against Jake's chest and jiggle about. Her breasts were being tightly squeezed by Jake's muscular chest.

"W-what are you doing?" She stutters, she was shocked that the Dark Spider was actually acknowledging her.

"Just close your eyes," Jake says as his lips get closer to her glossy pink pillowy lips. He was going to seal the deal.


[A/N: Jake still has his black balaclava mouth mask on.]

[ A/N: I was thinking about a lot of things with this story and I went ahead and gave the MC half of the power, don't worry he will use his other powers as well. He will also upgrade his super-speed next chapter and other things. Yes, there are some plotholes, so I am going to take my time to fix them. So if you spot anything let me know. The school arc will be expanded on, I have something planned. In fact, I have the whole first arc planned, and it should make some sense. I just don't want the pacing to be slow. I am surprised that this is the top 5 fan-fic. I take my writing seriously and as such I will try my best to make this story better. Way more chapters coming out today and tomorrow. My bad for the wait. I just felt kind of pissed off with one of my favorite basketball teams losing today. ]


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