Spiderman Evolution
73 New Life Pt.3
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Spiderman Evolution
Author :GhostyZ
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73 New Life Pt.3

Jake had clearly remembered her beautiful alluring angelic face, bright smile, and independent demeanor from his past life. In fact, he felt a certain close connection to her, almost like they were related...

'This is confusing as fuck, who exactly is this girl?' Jake leans back in his chair and rubs his chin in heavy thought as he stared at Mira Storm's gorgeous face and body.

"Wow she is pretty cute, you know her?" Miles said with a playful wink as he nudged Jake's shoulders.

"Shut the hell up," Jake snarled as he methodically twirled around a pen between his fingers.

"Woah there buddy. Why are you so rude?" Gwen defended Miles.

Mira Storm walks over to Jake and actually sits next to him! Oh how the tension has risen!

Jake felt a strong bound with Mira, his spider-senses was tingling. Could it be danger or something else? Did this woman have any superpowers? And was she actually Jake's sister? His past last name was Storm, full name Jake Storm. Mira was also the first name of his ex-girlfriend. The one he was about to have sex with after being run over by an army tank. Things didn't add up. Jake gritted his teeth, even with his Super Genius mind and high IQ he couldn't fathom such a strange circumstance.

Gwen notices Jake is kind of acting strange and looks a little fazed. She had a feeling that Jake knew this 'girl'. A rather small hint of jealousy was painted on Gwen's young face as she turned away from Jake with a loud huff of annoyance. Actually, every girl in the class was quite flustered and angered about Jake paying attention to another girl, even Raven looked pissed off.

"Creator I sense that this lifeform has a power reading much like yours," BBtron informs Jake as it looks over at Mira.

"Can you identify Mira Storm?" Jake commanded BBtron.

"Scanning name in the database... No matches. It looks like she has kept her identity hidden just like you," BBtron chimes.

Jake doesn't trust Mira. 'If she makes any slight movements to reveal my true identity I will silence her,' His silver eyes were slightly glowing [A/N: the Mc's main eye color is red, however in his human' form which is currently now it switches from a dark blue to a gold sliver.]

"Hey so what's your name? I am new here so I don't really know that many people in this academy," Mira says with an enchanting smile that made many of the males in class hearts drop. She was quite the beauty.

Jake stops spinning his pen, suddenly the pen flings up in the air and lands right between Mira's buxom breasts. This was indeed bad luck, maybe some of Black Cat's charm rubbed off on Jake.

Everyone gasps.

Mira's jaw drops, then she awkwardly giggles, "That was actually a good shot," She cutely winks her emerald eyes. She was such a 'good sport' and cool gal.

Jake quickly snatches his pen off from her massive breasts which jiggle everywhere in her black bra, he did everything he could to block out his emotions, but his lust was in overdrive once again. Even the smartest of minds fall under the spell of lust.

'Fuck this is so awkward.' He cringed.

Jake turns around and sees Gwen, Raven, Barbara, and just about every girl in class with disgusted looks on their faces. They were all jealous that the most handsome male in class was hitting on the 'new girl.'

"Man I swear you make everything more exciting!" Miles burst out in laughter.

"Yeah this year is really going to be a fun one!" Peter chuckled as well.

"Screw you guys," Jake says with a slight smirk. It was strange how Jake's persona was when he was just a 'normal teenager', like he was laidback and free to do what he wanted. Compared to his life as Dark Spider, which was filled with violence and brutality. In this superpowered Academy, he can actually be himself, yes Jake was indeed a battle manic, but he was also a smart fighter. But he didn't want to reveal his true powers to everyone. However, that was going to be hard judging by the world he was in. Just in this one science class, there were about several superpower beings. Raven, Flash, Iceman, Miles, (Maybe Peter and Gwen), Tara(Teen Titans), Scott Summers(X-Men), and perhaps even more superpower beings who roamed in this class and entire academy. Jake wondered if this Super Academy was somehow linked to the Avengers. Only time will tell...

The class goes on as usual. Dr. Otto tells everyone to get into groups.

Peter, Miles, Gwen, Jake aka the Spider-Crew all get together.

"You mind if I join your group?" says two female voices at the same time.

Jake turns around and sees Raven and Mira. 'Shit just my luck. What the hell are you planning Raven?' Jake snarls to himself. He hoped that Raven didn't figure out his identity, he didn't want to kill someone so useful to his plans. Plus he was kind of growing some feelings for Raven, he wanted to get closer to her so that she could help him in his 'cause' to rid the world of evil.

Jake quickly covers up his spiral dark magic tattoo marks with his black jacket sleeves and gritted his teeth. His day was just getting started!

[A/N: Mira Storm- https://www.deviantart.com/effic/art/redhead-202382713 the difference is that she has an angel tattoo on the back of her neck to her shoulders. She does have a kind of punkish tomboy look. She may be the only OC next to Jake. Now things got all Game of Thrones... ]

Quick question. Should the MC acquire a new bloodline? It can be any bloodline in the Marvel and D.C verse. ]


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