Spiderman Evolution
74 New Life Pt.4
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Spiderman Evolution
Author :GhostyZ
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74 New Life Pt.4

"So tell us about yourself, Jake. You never really said much about yourself," Said Gwen with a pouty face and raised eyebrows.

"There is not really much to say," Jake replies as he rubbed his eyes with an annoyed face. He was tired as hell today, he didn't get any sleep last night because he was alert 24/7 keeping a close eye on his body would react after absorbing Carnage. Jake didn't want any of the villains he absorbed to escape out of his Void Eyes dimension. Raven may have sealed his powers a dark magic tattoo, but that wouldn't be enough to contain all the powers he had absorbed. Flash's Speed Force and Bobby's Ice Powers also were surging through his veins. It had seemed that Jake was growing more powerful each day, however, at a cost, which was his own sanity. No one could hold so many powers such as Jake, the only person that comes close was Rouge. Now Jake knew how it felt to be Rouge, she was sitting by herself in the distance of science class now that Jake thought about it.

"Are you serious? You drove to the fast day of school in a frickin Buggati! You must have a lot of things to say!" Gwen edges on Jake.

"Yeah who really are?" Raven says in a dark mysterious tone as she pulls down her hoodie and gives Jake that most deadly demonic stare down he has ever seen.

Mira is quiet and just puts on her lab coat, she didn't know what the two girls were fussing over.

Gwen and Raven move closer to Jake with dubious faces, they weren't buying Jake's laid-back and chill attitude. Not after Jake had fought off Flash and Bobby, two of the strongest superpower students in Midtown Academy. Of course, there were more powerful superpower students, but Flash and Bobby ranked very high in the Hierarchy of this academy.

"Yeah tell us who you are," Both Gwen and Raven said. They both looked like they were fighting each other to know who Jake was. Kind of like a battle of love of some sorts.

Jake notices them getting closer, the scent of the young maidens was very alluring and mesmerizing. He couldn't help to be drawn in by their radiant beauty.

Raven and Gwen keep edging and pushing him on for any kind of information about himself.

"Hey give him some space. He just came to this academy," Peter actually stepped in to help Jake with his rather peculiar situation.

'I guess Spiders always have each other's back,' Jake thought as he saw Peter helping him out.

"Yeah, Peter has a point. I guess Jake is just mysterious. That is what makes him cool," Miles said with a smirk and thumbs up.

"Yeah but don't you guys think it is strange for some new student to appear out of nowhere and fight off Bobby and Flash?" Raven says with a dark frown. She knew something was up with Jake.

At the moment Jake was more interested in figuring out who was Mira Storm, but that had to wait for another time.

*Ring! Ring!* The bell rings for the next class to be in session.

"Remeber there will be an important science project that will be worth 70% of your grade! Tomorrow I will be going through every topic as fast as I can. This is an accelerated course after all!" Dr. Otto shouts as he gave Jake a cold glare. Jake had a feeling he knew who Dr.Otto was, but he didn't know exactly if he was 'good' or 'evil' in this world. This Marvel X DC was full of so many possibilities, that it always kept Jake thinking about the future. He couldn't trust anyone in this world.

Jake, Gwen, Miles, and Peter walk to the next class, but this time around Raven and Mira had followed them.

There so many questions Jake wanted to ask Mira, but he figured that he would only ask her in private. He knew the perfect place to talk to her, which was the roof area of this academy. Instead of going to gym class today, Jake and the Spider-Squad went to lunch.

Lunch was the perfect place to talk and get to know one another. It would also be a good place to plan out today's 'mission' is what Jake was thinking right now. Suddenly a loud voice rings through the telecom in the cafeteria.

"Jake, Raven, Bobby, and Barry all report to the Headmasters office." Informs what sounds to be Professor. Xavier's voice.

'Dammit what now?' Jake gritted his teeth and clenched his fist then slammed the table.

All the girl students look at Jake with surpised faces. The metal table was easily smashed to pieces.

A whole tray of food lands on top of girls face, but this was no ordinary girl. She was one of the strongest girls in this academy by far her muscular body frame was exploding out with radiant anger and next to her was an even more powerful girl with blonde hair. Jake indeed had a knack for getting everyone's attention. Especially the woman of this world. Dark Spider really was in some deep trouble. The two powerful girl students closed in on him. One with gorgeous long raven hair and the other with long golden blond hair. Jake had to be quick on his feet if he were to survive their wrath.

"I am going to SMASH your face in," Growls the overly muscular girl student as she angrily punches her knuckles together. A hamburger slowly slides down her angered flustered face, she was extremely pissed off, it looked like steam was coming out of her ears.

Jake held his ground and stared down the girl with no fear in his eyes. Everyone in the lunchroom was silent, they knew that something bad was going down.

[A/N: I have developed a new class in this story that should be able to introduce more characters and expand the layout of the academy. I plan to make out an outline for how the academy looks, but just imagine the X-Mansion but way bigger and expands throughout a forest area. It kind of has like an Avengers Base look to it. Anyways more chapters today, I can't wait for Endgame tomorrow. I will now pick up the pace. R-18 coming soon]

On May 1st there will a huge Pa treon deal.

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