Spiderman Evolution
75 New Life Part. 5
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Spiderman Evolution
Author :GhostyZ
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75 New Life Part. 5

"Oh shit, this is bad," Miles gulped, he actually knew the well-tone muscular girl with flowing long raven hair who looked like a goddess. He had known this girl student because she was the strongest female in the Academy, no one dare stand in her way, plus she had a huge temper problem and some 'anger issues'. Yeah, she wasn't the type of girl you want to piss off. But Jake did a good job at doing that right now. After he had slammed his fist on his lunch table and his food sprang up in the air smashed against the beast of a woman that stood before him, she gave him a death stare like no other.

"What do you want to kiss me or something?" Jake said as he put his hands in his jean pockets with a sly grin. Typical Jake move, when he was slightly but in a bad spot, he would mess around with his opponents. Mess with their minds.

"You bastard!!!" The muscular female student sprints and does the fiercest front-jab punch she could muster from her perfectly defined muscles and entire core/lower body. (Her abs and legs).

Jake swiftly doges her punch by only using his Spider-Man super speed which had increased 10-fold after all of his extreme training and his fight against Carnage, as well as absorbing Carnage.

'How did he doge my punch!?' The slim-muscular girl's eyes widen with disbelief and shock. She was actually kind of short to pack on all of that well define muscle around her arms and thick thighs.(Height: 5,1 ft)

In a flash, Jake lands an insanely fast right-hook punch at the girl's cheeks. Blood spurts out of her mouth and her body is sent sliding backwards.

"GGGGGRRRRRRAAAAGH!!!" She charges forward and does a fast double punch at Jake's face, he moves his waist from side to side like a flexible dodging spider and doges her violent punches which were filled with rage.

"Jennifer watch out!" Shouts out the other 'tough' angered blonde that was with her. Rather this her friend.

Jake quickly grabs Jenfiers fist before she could punch again and gripped her knuckles tightly, he looked at her with a cold deadly glare. Right now Jake was only using his Spider-Man Super Strength and Speed, if he used his other powers, this girl in front of him would have been dead in seconds.

"Let go of me!!!" Jenifer her face started to turn green! And she goes to land a punch with her other free-hand, but Jake slaps it away and then grabs her by her head and then violently slams her face into a nearby table.

*WHAM! SLAM!* Jenifer is almost knocked out cold. The metal is broken in half by force of Jake's head-slam that he did on Jenifer's beautiful face.

"Jennifer! You bastard!" The blonde angrily cracked her knuckles and gets into a fighting stance, her aqua eyes started to glow, and the marble floor below her started to crumble and shatter by the force of her powers!

Jake's Spider-Sensed had never sensed such a large amount of power in his life, in fact, this girls power was off the meter compared to Jenifer.

"Oh my god," Gwen gasped, Jake's brutality had disgusted her, she didn't want to look at him. But Jake was only trying to protect himself. What was he going to do? Take Jenifer's punches and not hit back like some kind of white knight? Fuck that shit. Jake wasn't some fucking pushover.

"Holy shit! Jake took down the Angry Titan!" Shouts out a group of superpowered jocks with eyes widen.

Peter and Miles is beyond shocked at what the hell just happened, in fact, every student in the lunch room is. Barbara, Raven, Tara, Rouge, MJ, Flash, Bobby, Harry Osborn, and way more people stood still with fright in their eyes. They didn't know that Jake was this strong, they didn't know he had superpowers! Of course Jake was smart enough not to reveal his true powers(Symbiote powers, Void Eyes, and Slayer Eyes powers, all dark based powers that were used during his fights against the villains he absorbed). Eventually, someone was going to figure out that had super strength it was pointless not to use his powerful strength to protect himself in an Academy full of being who had superpowers. But now everyone could see his 'true strength', his 'true-self'. The monster from within him was slowly being unleashed.

"You will pay for hurting my friend!" The girl student with long flowing blonde hair and blue eyes goes to strike Jake's face with a fearsome upper-cut punch.

"ENOUGH! THE THREE OF YOU IN MY OFFICE RIGHT NOW!" Thunders out Xavier as he limps over to them and angrily gripes at his wooden cane. "In fact, Jake Justice, Bobby Drake, Barry Allen, Jennifer Walters, Raven, and Kara all of you meet me at my office!" He wasn't fucking around. The young Xavier was pissed off, this was so unnaturally strange for his calm and collected character. But Jake once again managed to do the impossible. Piss off, Xavier...

'Fuck. Things just get better,' Jake gritted his teeth.

"My Creator is very smart sometimes. But most of the time he gets angry easily." BBtron says inside of Jake's backpack which was his 'new home'.

"Yeah but I can control my anger, unlike most humans," Jake actually responses to his bashful creation.

"That is a negative. You treat other human-beings like thrash. I am a robot and yet I have more emotions than you," BBtron smartly says.

"You want me to fucking kill you?" Jake snarled.

"I would like to see you try," BBtron edged on Jake who was slowly losing his temper.

'Stay calm. They won't find out my identity. No one will. I am smarter than everyone in this damn school. I just need to act natural.' Jake followed Xavier without saying a word. He didn't follow him because he had too. He followed Xavier because he 'wanted too', he figured that he could a little more about this academy if he talked to the Headmaster himself. What an insane day this was going to be...

[A/N: There is a lot of things I have to edit and fix, that's why I was gone for some time I needed to plan out where I want to take the story. I will pick up the pace and improve my overall writing skills. This story is actually one of favorite to write however I don't want to screw up things. I need to take some time to research powers and all the characters in this world. After seeing Endgame I finally have an idea of where to take this novel. I am basing most things from the MCU, but now I will make up some new worlds and powers, this is a fan-fic after all, writing is all about expanding your imagination. I can confirm that R-18 will happen soon, but it will be done in a tasteful way. I am going to do harem the right way.]

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