Spiderman Evolution
77 New Life Pt. 6
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Spiderman Evolution
Author :GhostyZ
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77 New Life Pt. 6

Jake Justice, Bobby Drake, Barry Allen, Jennifer Walters, Raven, and Kara all walked over to the Headmaster. Xavier's office.

Jennifer holds a plastic bag of ice over her bruised eye after being punched by Jake and having her face slammed on the metal table by Jake. A tinge of green skin covered Jennifer's angered face, veins were popping out all over her forehead, her once beautiful young pale face was now the face of an angered titan beasts ready to slaughter Jake and tear apart his body from limb to limb.

"My bad for doing that, I was just trying to protect myself, I guess I don't know my own strength," Jake said with a confident shrug and smirk. He was one godly handsome sly man.

"I swear I will bash in that arrogant face of yours!" Jennifer snarled as she went to punch him again this time with all of her Super-Strength, her anger was off the walls!

Kara quickly held back Jennifer, but it took all of her strength to do that. Kara was a Kryptonian and one of the strongest if not most powerful female students in this Academy next to Jennifer that is. Like all Kryptonians under a yellow sun, the current version of Kara Zor-El possesses virtually unlimited superhuman strength, speed, and stamina; invulnerability; flight; super breath; x-ray vision; telescopic and microscopic vision; freeze breath; heat vision; and super hearing. She indeed was a very powerful girl not to be messed with, kind of like Jennifer, who's hulk powers were exploding out of her body.

But there were also many other superpower teens in this academy too much to count! All of them with unique and powerful powers that could put this very world in danger or in this case these powers could be used for 'good'. However the hierarchy in this academy was clearly apparent, and only the 'strong survive and the weak die' mentality was evident across the school grounds.

Even this type of power-scale hierarchy was seen in the outside world as well. Everyone wanted to be at the 'Top'. But most of all, everyone wanted to be a 'Superhero'. They wanted to use their powers to change the world and save lives. However, others use their powers for 'evil'. Jake was on the balance of this ideal, he was both good and bad in a way, but right now it was diffident that he was leaning towards the 'dark side', for hells sake he killed people in the mafia and killed The Lizard! So he wasn't entirely 'good', but he did save hundreds of lives, he saved Gwen and Barbara when the mafia men tried to gun them down when Batman arrived to take them down, he saved Tony Stark, Mary Jane, Harry Osborn, and Bruce Wayne when they were being attacked on Bruce's yacht by Killer Frost, Iceman, and Mr. Freeze when tested out Cryo Bombs by firing it at Bruce's yacht. And now, last night Jake had saved Raven, Rouges, Gwen, Barbara, MJ, and many more lives(about 50 more human lives) when the Joker set-off a bomb inside of a school bus and crashed into a mall exploding it to pieces. Jake held up all of the heavy cement derby that weighed more than 300-tons! Dark Spider was a hero in everyone's eyes, even if his methods were brutal and merciless when he took down criminals and villains. He was kind like a Dark Knight in a strange way.

Jake looks over at Jenifer he wanted to say 'sorry', but that would've made him look less of a 'man' after all Jenifer was the on to strike first, he was only defending himself. Then again Jake didn't mean to beat the shit out of the 'She-Hulk'. He was just trying to defend himself. Instead, he put on an epic show for every student in the lunchroom.

"Jake I want you in my office first," Xavier calmly said in an assertive tone.

Jake walks in the office with his hands still cooly in his jean pockets, he looked unfazed by Xavier's demands, he could destroy Xavier and everyone in this academy if he wanted to. Sometimes, actually all the time Jake was just too over-confident. But he had to be if he wanted to become a legend. No one remembers those who are silent and passive. One of Jake's mottos was if you want something you take it. That and also 'Always land the first the strike,'. The Army and Navy had thought him that. Waiting will only get you killed.

Jake sits down in front of Xavier who was standing and looking at the window. The scenery outside the office window was beautiful, hundreds of forest trees and a grand ocean in the distance of the forest was seen.

"There is so much I want to know about you. I believe that there is 'good' in everyone. That anyone can change and become better. Isn't that what life is all about? About understanding yourself? I think it truly is remarkable how life works. Jake tell about yourself, I want to know nothing but the truth. I want to figure out why you lash against others," Xavier says as he turns around to face Jake.

"Isn't obvious...I was trying to protect myself from those he tried to attack me. What am I suppose to do? Not fight back? Solve everything with meaningless words? Tch, no. Only by force, people listen and stop attacking me, I use my own strength to protect myself," Jake responded without no remorse after punching Jennifer in the face.

"I see. Then you give no other choice," Professor. Xavier lefts up his hands and places his palms on top of Jake's forehead.

"What the hell are you doing!?" Jake snarled. But he knew exactly what Xavier was going to do, he was going to try to 'read' his mind with his powerful telepathy powers. If only Xavier knew who he was dealing with.

[A/N: I will pick up the pace and get to the 'good parts'. For now, I will keep on posting advance chapters on Pa treon that match the rewards promised. In my Pa treon you always get more chapters in any of my novels.]

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