Spiderman Evolution
78 New Life Pt. 7
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Spiderman Evolution
Author :GhostyZ
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78 New Life Pt. 7

Deep Inside Jake's memories...

"Keep on fighting Jake...Tell my wife and kids that I...That I..." A soldier grips Jake's hands in the battlefield, blood drips down his fingertips, bomb explosions are in the background,"Tell them that...I love them..." His comrade's hands fall down to the bloody rocky battlefield. Jake gritted his teeth and clenched his fist, hundreds of his brothers in arms all laid scattered across the fiery battlefield, all of them dead. Their bodies were decapitated and torn apart by bomb explosions and some others were riddled with bloody bullet-holes on their bodies. He trained with them for years, they were like his family, and all them were slaughtered without any mercy, Jake wanted to kill everyone who took his comrades lives, he stood up and fired his weapon with everything he had, aiming his rifle at incoming attackers, on that day he took so many lives and lost so many lives, he would never be the same.

Xavier's palms are shaking, he could feel that there was something more, 'What is this? It's like he has two lives? And two minds?' He begins to sweat in real life as his searches deeper inside Jake's memories.

"You fucking bitch!" A bald muscular man slaps a girl with red hair and emerald eyes, "Gaaah! Please stop father!" The girl's father angrily grips her neck and lifts her up. He is brutally choking with all of his force, he was going to break her neck. "It is because of you that your mother is fucking dead!" He starts crying, "You should have never been born!"

The girl is gasping for her last breath, her eyes rolls behind her head, suddenly a kitchen knife is jammed right on her necks, blood splatters all over the redhead girls scared face, her father falls down and is instantly killed, Jake is seen holding a bloody knife, "Mira," He runs to her and hugs her tightly, all he wanted to do was protect the girl he loved from her abusive father, she starts crying even more. If Jake wasn't here then Mira would have been choked to death by her father. Her face was all red and veins exploded out from her forehead. She cries on Jake's shoulders and holds him tightly. "This world needs to be cleansed, all evil must die," Jake holds Mira's even tighter and thinks about all the people he has loved die. But he wouldn't let Mira die, he wouldn't let anyone else die.

'Mira Storm? The new student?' Xavier is shocked by the dark memories Jake has, 'What's this memory? Is Jake from another world?' He sees a bright red light glowing in Jake's shadow-black mindscape.

Suddenly billions of blackish symbiote tentacles wrap around Xavier mind and brain, "How does it feel to look into someone else mind? Let me show you true darkness!"

Xavier sees Jake devouring The Lizard, Killer Frost, and many more villains and even some heroes, he sees him brutally killing the mafia men and beating the Joker up to a bloody pulp.

He the. sees Ironman and Batman protecting a teenage boy who came out of a portal, four powerful dark beings stand around Ironman and Batman, the boys parents are in front him, protecting the boy from what was about to happen, The Avengers are also seen in the background.

"DON'T DO IT!" Thunders out a unknown voice a colossal explosion happens and thunder sparks rain across the fiery skies.

Xavier then sees his own planet(the current one he and Jake are living in) encased in symbiotes and black hellish flames and billions of humans screaming for their life.

A man with long white hair is standing on a throne made of symbiotes, the man transforms into Jake's current body, "How about I see your MIND!!"

Xavier opens his eyes wide and suddenly his head explodes! His brain matter and skull fragments splattered against Jake's face as he was just sitting down in the office chair with a calm and dark menacing look on his face.

"You think you can really understand me? No one can," Jake stands over Xavier's headless body, his dark demonic red eyes were glowing.


[A/N: I didn't want to spoiler anything. But I guess this answers the question as to why the MC acts like he does, as you can see a very powerful symbiote bloodline lives within him, most of you can already guess who it is. Hence why this an anti-hero tag, however, I will say that he will treat others differently in his 'new life' I mean someone can change, but it takes time. So what are my plans with this story? Well most chapters will be found in Pa treon in the form of advance chapters. But you will see a huge influx of new chapters posted on Sunday. The next chapters will be epic and I have everything planned out, even the godly H-scenes which will come sooner than expected. I will make it amazing. Anyways yes the story will get darker that's all I have to say, but they will also be some light moments. Anyways I will go by the MCU standards meaning all Spider-Man movies than the first Avengers all the way to Endgame! The MC will eventually travel to other worlds and meet the Avengers of course. I look forward to posting more chapters since Jake is the best...]

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