Supreme Uprising
122 Mindstorm
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Supreme Uprising
Author :Jewelcat
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122 Mindstorm


As the huge axe and the two throwing knives collided in the air, the bloody shadows that filled the sky dissipated. The majestic Alice couldn't help moving back three steps.

Although three steps wasn't much, Alice had already forced herself into the realm of a martial grandmaster. If she had been forcibly obstructed, then how immense had this clash been?

Luo Yunyang felt his head buzz as the throwing knives clashed with the huge axe. Although his body hadn't been in contact with the throwing knives, he had been controlling them in order to parry the blow, so he had still felt the strength of the collision.

"How strong!"

"Nicely done! Now take another chop of my axe!" Alice hissed as the huge axe, which was about the size of a tyre, danced in the air. Now that its speed had been doubled, the huge axe was like a blood-red streak flying towards Luo Yunyang.

If the previous axe technique had been like dark clouds covering the sky, then this strike was much weaker in comparison.

However, all the strong fighters present understood that, although an attack that filled the entire sky was powerful, it couldn't be compared to a concentrated power.

This streak might have seemed inferior to that all-encompassing technique, yet Luo Yunyang could sense countless changes behind it.

If he tried to avoid it, perhaps the girl would expect and be prepared for that reaction.

I can't avoid it!

A number of thoughts flickered through the abnormally calm Luo Yunyang. Meanwhile, the Chasing Sun used the Mountain-Moving and Sea-Draining Move as it headed straight for the axe.

At the same time, the Accompanying Moon acted like a flash of lightning that flew rapidly with its sights set on Alice's back.

It seemed like Alice hadn't noticed the unconventional moves of the Accompanying Moon, as her silhouette followed the huge axe that rushed straight towards Luo Yunyang.


As the axe clashed with the Chasing Sun in mid-air, the knife was immediately sent flying away. Meanwhile, Luo Yunyang's other throwing knife acted like a streak of lightning ready to stab Alice in the back.

This strike was like a master stroke!

Practically all the spectators watching the scene let out gasps of surprise simultaneously. They all seemed extremely tense.

However, the instant that throwing knife was about to embed itself into Alice's back, Alice pulled her arm back amid her seemingly berserk state.

A blood-red source power formed a big fist in the air as Alice drew her arm back and sent it smashing into the Accompanying Moon.

The convergence of blood-red source power, which was about the size of a human head, was soundlessly cut in half by the throwing knife.

However, this small delay gave Alice a fraction of a second that allowed her to respond and brandish the huge axe in her hand.

When she swung her axe this time, a crescent-shaped blood-red axe light was produced.

Source lines that hadn't been triggered lit up quickly in the air, creating a dazzling light screen that prevented any off-target blows from striking outside the arena.

There were over 100 crescent-shaped gleams, each containing a power similar to Lemarto's Sacred Light Beheading. Alice had displayed the might of a martial grandmaster all over the world.

As he faced all the light gleams whistling through the air towards him, Luo Yunyang concentrated his mind power on the two knives, Chasing Sun and Accompanying Moon. The two of them formed countless light nets that clashed against the frantic blood-red axe lights.

"ARGGHHH!" Alice roared furiously, as though she had become even more frenzied due to her inability to win after fighting for so long. As she snarled furiously, a different sort of red glow appeared all around her.

This glow was extremely terrifying.

"Advanced Bloodthirst!" a strong fighter watching the match shouted as he stood up. "Stop it! Do you know what this will..."

Before the fighter could finish his sentence, Alice had already made her next move. When she swung her axe this time, a long blood-red axe shadow at least a few hundred meters long appeared in the sky.

"It's Asura's Fury!"

It was the third of Asura's Seven Axes, the earth-shaking Asura's Fury. Murat had used this technique to split apart a powerful source beast that had crossed through the space barrier.

Once one was enveloped by this axe shadow, there was simply no time to escape. As soon as Asura's Axe was used, the Qi locked on and there was nowhere to hide anymore.

As Luo Yunyang faced this surging axe blade, he felt the sky and earth all around him crumble.

Although his body was floating in the air, he realized that he was completely unable to move. All he could do was take it all and try to fight back.

His book on Basic Telekinesis Cultivation, which included levitation and object-controlling techniques, also contained an excerpt related to the Mindstorm Method.

However, the Mindstorm Method was extremely dangerous. When one used it, they needed to have an extremely strong mind power, as there was a huge possibility of a fearsome backlash when it was unleashed.

Unfortunately, there was no time to worry about personal gains or losses now. Luo Yunyang used the Mindstorm without hesitation. From an ordinary person's point of view, all Luo Yunyang did was face Alice and stare at her.

However, in his gaze was hidden an extremely violent mind power that battered Alice's mind.

The moment the Mindstorm was unleashed, Luo Yunyang felt as though he was going to collapse. Although his Mind Attribute was currently at 260, he could not use any more telekinetic techniques even if he tried.


Luo Yunyang used his attribute regulator and quickly restored all his attributes to their original state without hesitation.

After the restoration, his Mind Attribute only had one point, but his other three attributes were completely restored.

Golden Body: 63

As his Constitution was adjusted, Luo Yunyang transferred all his bonus attribute points to his Golden Body. The only thing he could do now was rely on his Golden Body to withstand Asura's Fury.

As soon as Asura's Fury was unleashed, Teacher Xie had stood up. Meanwhile, quite a few powerhouses from the 17 Western Cities had also gotten up.

They didn't try to stop Teacher Xie. They just stood by to make a fast rescue if needed.

Although it currently seemed like Alice had the upper hand, they were still apprehensive due to Luo Yunyang's status as a telekinesis master.

BOOM! The blood-red axe descended and hacked hard at Luo Yunyang's body. As it fell, a dazzling golden glow blossomed out of Luo Yunyang.

The golden glow was at least a foot thick. When the blood-red axe's head fell against it, a metallic, creaking sound was produced. Although the golden glow appeared unyielding, some cracks still appeared quickly under the pressure of the axe.

In the blink of an eye, countless cracks started to form. As long as the huge blood-red axe could produce an additional spurt of energy, everything, including Luo Yunyang's Golden Body, would fall apart.


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