Supreme Uprising
265 Poor
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Supreme Uprising
Author :Jewelcat
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265 Poor

"You are trying to make me carry the can!" Luo Yunyang didn't pay attention to Johann. He just stared with a deadpan expression at the Raging Inferno Guardian.

The Raging Inferno Guardian felt his hair stand on end when Luo Yunyang glared at him as though his despicable thoughts had been totally transparent. For a moment, he felt a chill go down his spine.

Luo Yunyang currently ranked three places higher than him after all. Although the Raging Inferno Guardian wasn't very pleased with this, he couldn't deny that this ranking made him act more apprehensively around Luo Yunyang.

Besides, Luo Yunyang just didn't have that sort of self-restraint. His attitude showed that he loved being direct and straightforward with everything he did.

"Ha ha! If you don't want to do this, then forget about it. Just act as if I didn't say anything!" Although he felt sad, the Raging Inferno Guardian still pretended that he didn't mind.

Luo Yunyang smiled faintly and said, "I just joined the Collective God Union, so I should get a place to oversee. I could go watch over the Skyfall Stronghold, but I have been cultivating a new technique lately that requires 13 types of essence flames. If you can help me gather all of them, then I will go to the Skyfall Stronghold."

The Raging Inferno Guardian studied Luo Yunyang's beaming face as he pondered this. That kid was really thick-skinned. He clearly didn't want to be duped, so he found all sorts of excuses to avoid it.

Although he wanted to give him 13 essence flames, the problem was that he didn't have them.

Just as the Raging Inferno Guardian was about to reject Luo Yunyang's proposal, he heard someone say, "Wait a moment!"

When he heard this, the Raging Inferno Guardian swallowed the words he had been about to say. "I will look into it."

Unrivalled Warrior Johann didn't look the slightest bit displeased about the conversation between Luo Yunyang and the Raging Inferno Guardian. He actually smiled and said, "Everyone, this matter is more or less resolved, so we shall move on to the second topic on the agenda."

When he clapped his hands, a young man carrying a plate walked over slowly. "As the person in charge of this meeting, I will be presenting my topic first."

When Johann waved his hands, the cloth covering the plate flew away, allowing Luo Yunyang to see clearly who that young man was.

It was Lemarto!

Lemarto, who had been nicknamed the Son of God back in Mei'ya, had been radiating with a dazzling glow the last time they had met, so his presence there seemed rather normal.

This was a gathering of god-grade powerhouses after all. The members of the younger generations that attended it were all being groomed to carry on their master's legacy.

Although Lermarto saw Luo Yunyang, he kept his head lowered.

"This is a piece of Primal Magnetic Ore!" was all Johann said.

The Primal Magnetic Ore was a jet-black piece of metal about the size of a fist. If it had been something ordinary, nobody would have taken notice of it.

However, the item attracted everyone's attention.

Quite a few god-grade powerhouses started talking with Johann at practically the same moment, so Luo Yunyang was unable to hear their exchange clearly.

"The Primal Magnetic Ore is a material necessary for creating a god-grade weapon," the Edgeless Spiritual Master told Luo Yunyang. "I have searched for many years, but only found a piece the size of a finger. I never expected that Johann would actually have such a Primal Magnetic Ore."

Although Luo Yunyang was also tempted by the Primal Magnetic Ore, when he saw the disappointed looks on a few god-grade powerhouses' faces, he knew that this item wouldn't be that easy to obtain.

"If you can't find anything suitable to exchange it for, then how about 1,000 pieces of divine crystal?" Johann sounded a tad disappointed.

Divine crystal?

Luo Yunyang was confused as to what a divine crystal was. Didn't everyone use the Da Alliance's dayuan? Since when had they started to use divine crystals?

When he saw the pained expressions of quite a number of people, Luo Yunyang turned to the Edgeless Spiritual Master and asked, "What are divine crystals?"

The Edgeless Spiritual Master glanced at Luo Yunyang helplessly before reaching into his leather pouch and taking out a few sparkling, translucent crystal gems about the size of a thumb.

"These are divine crystals. This is actually a substance formed from condensed sixth factor, so not only can it aid in cultivation, but it can also replenish source power quickly during a battle."

So these were divine crystals… Luo Yunyang had over 100 of these on him. He had obtained them as spoils of war after he had destroyed Lu Fuyun's physical body.

In the end, nobody forked out 1,000 divine crystals to exchange for that Primal Magnetic Ore, so Johann waved his hand elegantly, gesturing for Lermato to put down the Primal Magnetic Ore. Suddenly, Blood Butcher Murat stood up.

Everyone who had been making noise immediately quietened down and gazed at Murat reverently.

Murat took out two boxes that seemed to be made of jasper. When the two boxes were opened, everyone saw two flames pulsating inside them.

One of the flames was dark green, while the other one was dark red.

"This is a White Bone Soul Flame and a Blood Fiend Bestial Flame that I obtained abroad!" Murat introduced the two flames.

Luo Yunyang felt himself get excited as he watched Murat hold the two flames. He had already broken through five apertures, so if he obtained these essence flames, he would be able to break open seven apertures.

Once nine apertures were opened, according to the Ape-Dragon Blueprint, he could advance to a god.

Although he had slain a god-grade powerhouse and destroyed the physical body of another, Luo Yunyang still felt a little apprehensive deep down as to whether he was really a god-grade powerhouse.

Based on the strength of his physical body alone, he couldn't be considered a god-grade entity. He was only a god-grade telekinesis master. Of course, he had only reached this standard by using the attribute regulator.

"I wonder what the Vice-Chairman would trade them for?" someone asked as he eyed the two flames.

"1,000 divine crystals!" Murat said dryly with a wave of her hand.

Luo Yunyang was at a loss. He didn't have 1,000 divine crystals. As he was in deep thought, he turned to look at the Edgeless Spiritual Master.

Although the two of them were only acquaintances, he was the only person Luo Yunyang might hope to borrow 1,000 divine crystals from.

The Edgeless Spiritual Master shook his head and said softly, "I'm only an old man with a treasury of 300 divine crystals!"

Luo Yunyang was speechless. If he couldn't borrow the money, then what else could he do?

"Vice-Chairman, I have a piece of Star Origin Metal. I wonder if I could exchange it for the two flames," said the Raging Inferno Guardian. Although he was very interested in the flames, he had waited before opening his mouth.

Murat's expression changed slightly as she glanced at the Raging Inferno Guardian. "Take out your Star Origin Metal and let me have a look," she said indifferently.

The Raging Inferno Guardian retrieved the Star Origin Metal immediately. The piece of metal was only about the size of a baby's fist, yet to Murat, it seemed as though it was the rarest treasure in the world.

"Deal!" Murat took the Star Origin Metal decisively.

While the two treasure boxes were transferred to the Raging Inferno Guardian's hands, Luo Yunyang felt his heart ache slightly.

As the exchanging session continued, other people put various rare objects up for exchange. Although Luo Yunyang didn't recognize all of them, his mind power was able to sense their benefits.

However, he couldn't afford these items either.


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