Supreme Uprising
507 Instant Cosmo Breaking
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Supreme Uprising
Author :Jewelcat
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507 Instant Cosmo Breaking

Nalanqingyun had a very good plan for his three moves. In fact, his plan was so detailed that he had even prepared and rehearsed how to use his moves.

He had not held back on his first move. Instead, he had immediately used his best move, the 10,000 Slashes In One!

Unfortunately, this technique, which he'd had high hopes for, was eventually broken by Luo Yunyang.

This disappointed him greatly and of course made Nalanqingyun extremely uncomfortable. However, as uncomfortable as he was, he still started getting ready to use his second technique.

Unfortunately, he had not expected that he would get attacked by Luo Yunyang before his second technique was even ready.

Many light waves that looked like layers of spider webs were right between the two of them, which made Nalanqingyun very uncomfortable.

What made things worse was that Luo Yunyang had started to point his finger at him.

Although the pointing wasn't fast, Nalanqingyun felt an imminent danger fall upon him instantly.

This fine sense of danger had been cultivated over many years and through multiple combat experiences. Although it was not always accurate, Nalanqingyun somehow believed his senses this time around.

From another person's viewpoint, Luo Yunyang's finger-pointing might have seemed almost normal.

However, the instant Nalanqingyun attacked Luo Yunyang, he moved the Sky-Breaking Sword in his hands and created a large ray screen right in front of his body.

A layer of all-encompassing blade-lights covered him from every direction, providing him with a full defense.

During his previous years of combat, Nalanqingyun had used the same defensive moves whenever he had been under attack and dealt with many different types of ray cannons.

Right now, he had once again activated this defensive light screen.

Luo Yunyang's finger made contact with the omnipresent light screen. There was naturally almost no reaction from the others when he used his finger, as this could not compare to the scaling blade-lights that covered nearly everything.

However, the moment Luo Yunyang's finger touched the blade-light screen, a massive amount of power was released from his digit.

The magnitude of this power was just too great and otherworldly. Due to the huge pressure of this power, the large light screen started crumbling and Nalanqingyun found himself right before Luo Yunyang's finger.


Without any obstacles present, the boundless force of the finger made contact with Nalanqingyun's body.

In an instant, Nalanqingyun began flying in the opposite direction. Upon receiving that blow, the initial territory of 3,000 miles disappeared completely.

100 miles, 200 miles, 300 miles…

Nalanqingyun was sent flying for a total distance of about 3,000 miles before he was able to stabilize his body in the void. However, he suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood.

Luo Yunyang's pointing had seemed ordinary to many people. However, although he had not used many gimmicks or variations, the power this move had contained had been just too massive and explosive.

It had been explosive indeed!

Luo Yunyang's finger-pointing could only be described as explosive!

"Why would your pointing finger contain the strength and power of my blade?" Nalanqingyun said as he looked at Luo Yunyang with a puzzled expression.

He could not help but ask, as the power of that finger had definitely contained quite a large portion of his own strength.

Although the magnitude of that strength had increased about 10 times after being stimulated by Luo Yunyang, it had still originated from Nalanqingyun.

Nalanqingyun definitely wouldn't mistake this sort of power.

Luo Yunyang met Nalanqingyun's puzzled stare as he replied indifferently, "Half of the power in this finger came from your previous attack. Do you still want to have another go?"

As he said that, multiple layers of black rays appeared and started enveloping the surrounding sky. Although they had not yet reached Nalanqingyun, no effort was made to hide the amount of power this move contained.

Nalanqingyun's expression kept changing. He was momentarily angry, then dispirited, and then just sinister. Occasionally, he felt…

Many eyes were fixed on Nalanqingyun by now. These people considered Nalanqingyun their last shred of hope.

Eventually, Nalanqingyun's expression calmed down and he met Luo Yunyang's gaze. "There is no need to continue this duel. I am no match for you," he said with a sigh.

Nalanqingyun eased up a lot after saying this. His eyes, which shone like a pair of blades, now appeared darker and devoid of any emotion.

Most people thought it was actually quite acceptable to admit defeat during a duel. After all, the only possible results of a duel were either victory or defeat.

However, Nalanqingyun had used his name and reputation, which he had painstakingly built over the years, to challenge Luo Yunyang to a duel. Unfortunately, he had eventually been defeated by Luo Yunyang.

This defeat was extremely painful to the other Senior Assembly Statesmen, who still believed they would be able to rebuild the Senior State Assembly after Nalanqingyun defeated Luo Yunyang.

Likewise, this duel had made the people who supported Luo Yunyang even more confident in his abilities.

The Bloody Massacre Path Master, the Deep Earth Path Master and the others were now looking at Luo Yunyang with new eyes.

Even though they felt close to Luo Yunyang, they had still treated him like a junior before the start of this duel.

After all, Luo Yunyang's cultivation base was at the Nebula-Grade.

That was why their very first instinct had been to stop Nalanqingyun from making this insane proposal when he had first issued this challenge.

However, the defeat of Nalanqingyun, who had a similar cultivation base with them, changed their attitude towards Luo Yunyang.

In their eyes, Luo Yunyang was now their equal. This also meant that Luo Yunyang was actually the strongest fighter in the Human Tribe now.

Nalanqingyun rushed up to the sky with a clear distinct sound, getting away quickly. Other than a few other Senior Assembly Statesmen, very few people noticed his departure. He was, after all, nothing but a loser.

Leaving quietly was the best choice a loser like him could make.

Luo Yunyang did not urge Nalanqingyun to stay any further either. However, his gaze eventually fell on Miro Fedor, who was hiding quietly at the corner.

"Brother Miro, I never thought you would actually come down to personally root for me! I am truly thankful!" Luo Yunyang said cheerfully.

Although Miro Fedor felt the urge to just walk away from everything, he knew that he had to make the right decision when he saw Luo Yunyang's smiling face.

"Ha ha ha! Brother Luo, I heard that you were going to have a duel with someone else, so I came down to take a look. Come on, let me introduce you to the other grand heroes on the Qianlong Register."

The younger generation of martialists from the Thunder Ray Tribe and the Electric Awn Tribe were all smiles as they met Luo Yunyang. Although they hated him to the very core, they still felt it would be best to treat him warmly for now.

After exchanging a couple of formalities with him, they quickly left the place. Although they were quite famous as well, their exit gave everyone the impression that they were trying to escape.

Following the conclusion of this fight, there was another round of changes in the Qianlong Register. Luo Yunyang, who had initially ranked ninth on the register, had now advanced to sixth!

It became increasingly hard for one to rise to the last few places on the Qianlong Register. Many a time, people would rise by only one rank each time after many difficulties.

However, Luo Yunyang had just risen by a total of three places!

10 days later, Luo Yunyang was waiting earnestly at the place where Yunxi had secluded herself. Although he had full confidence in her abilities to advance to the next level, he still could not help but feel jittery during the last phase.

"Brother, you are acting like you have ants in your pants! Sister Yunxi will definitely be fine!" Luo Dong'er consoled her brother gently.

Luo Yunyang patted Luo Dong'er's head softly. Just as he was about to say something, his communication device rang.

Luo Yunyang smiled as he went through the contents of the message. "Let's go! The people we have been waiting for are here."

The people Luo Yunyang had been waiting for were the representatives of the 1,000-Star Auction, who were bringing a batch of slaves whose lives they controlled completely.

Each of these slaves had a Nebula-Grade cultivation base.

"Mr. Luo, these are the talismans for controlling the life and death of these slaves. If you want to, you can vent your anger on them as much as you like," said an attendant of the 1,000-Star Auctioneers who spoke to Luo Yunyang in an extremely respectful manner.

After all, it was a well-known fact that Luo Yunyang had risen among the ranks of the Qianlong Register. He had been briefed once more by his superior just as he had been approaching Luo Yunyang.

"Alright, I have already transferred the necessary star dollars to the 1,000-Star Auction's account," Luo Yunyang said with a smile. "I hope to have more pleasant partnerships with you in the future!"

"It is our honor that you chose us, Mr. Luo."

100 Nebula-Grade slaves were essentially just like 100 Nebula-Grade martialists from any of the Sky Book's Nine Paths.

Purchasing these Nebula-Grade martialists had cost Luo Yunyang a total of 10 billion star dollars. Although they had not come cheap, Luo Yunyang believed that they were worth it.

These slaves were all at the Nebula-Grade. Thus, every single one of these individuals had a cruel, untamed expression on their face.

Under the circumstances, Luo Yunyang decided not to restrain himself. Instead, he used all his strength. In just a while, he managed to pressure these slaves until they feared him completely.

He also promised to set them free after 1,000 years. Until then, they would have to only set their minds on serving him.

After doing all this, he handed over the rights of controlling these slaves to Luo Dong'er. By the time he had said everything he wanted, Yunxi stepped out of her seclusion.

Just as Luo Yunyang had expected, she had successfully broken through to the Star-Grade.

Now that Luo Dong'er had taken charge over these 100 slaves, Luo Yunyang felt as though his plan for the Milky Way had almost succeeded.

Next up, he would be putting his life on the line once again!


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