Supreme Uprising
565 Bogus Accusations
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Supreme Uprising
Author :Jewelcat
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565 Bogus Accusations

"My lord, these are the Samsara Auction Firm's account sheets. Take a look!" The Bloody Blade Monarch approached Luo Yunyang with an electronic display.

Luo Yunyang couldn't help but shudder when he saw the comprehensive figure displayed.

36.97 million cosmos stones!

As the City Lord of Samsara Star City, the number of cosmos stones Luo Yunyang needed to offer up as tribute was only 110,000.

The value of the Samsara Auction Firm was more than 36 million cosmos stones. This figure was just too shocking.

No wonder that so many people wished to start businesses that would belong to their own tribes here. The riches in these places were really plentiful.

Luo Yunyang also knew that this astronomical riches didn't belong to Hemings, but to the entire Demigod Tribe. If he wanted to take them all for himself, the Demigod Tribe would definitely go mad.

At this point, Luo Yunyang started to understand much more about Hemings, who had represented the Demigod Tribe in controlling all these riches. It could be said that his influence within the Demigod Tribe had been close to the influence of a Universe-Grade Saint.

Perhaps his influence might even have surpassed some Saints with ordinary cultivation bases!

He was inhibited, so he could do many things easily with this sort of power with a lack of fear. Of course, he also wasn't willing to distribute large quantities of benefits to Luo Yunyang.

"Scarlet Blaze Sky Splitting Innumerable Extinguishing Ax!"

"Ten Thousand Star Life Death Fruit!"

"Star Purple Gold Essence!"

Luo Yunyang saw many items on the list. The Ten Thousand Star Life Death Fruit especially made Luo Yunyang suck in a breath of cold air.

The Mass Star Life Death Fruit was something that didn't even exist in the Celestial World Supremacy's treasury. This was an item that was like a fable.

According to this fable, a vine existed in the boundless cosmos. This vine could take root on a planet and extend throughout it. The vine in question could stride across space and absorb the essence of countless stars and nebulas.

When this vine grew big, even Galaxy-Grade powerhouses coming across it would more likely than not be defeated.

Once this sort of vine absorbed the essence of over 10,000 stars and planets, it would bear a fruit. This fruit was the 10,000 Star Life Death Fruit.

According to legend, refining this sort of fruit could create top-notch weapons and using the essence of this fruit for cultivation could allow a Galaxy-Grade martialist to ascend to a whole new boundary.

It was even said that people could use this fruit to refine some sort of clone that could embody the massive might that could shroud whole nebulas.

All these uses sounded wonderful to Luo Yunyang. However, what Luo Yunyang considered most important was allowing the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast to advance to the Galaxy Grade if he swallowed this fruit to cultivate.

The Chaotic Four-Origin Beast needed to swallow great quantities of resources before being able to advance to the Galaxy Grade. This would also take 30 to 40 years.

Luo Yunyang had originally been prepared to take his time preparing in Samsara Star City. However, the current circumstances had made things seem sort of pressing.

The appearance of this Ten Thousand Star Life Death Fruit was timely!

Luo Yunyang had an idea as he went through the first thousand items on the list. The items inside weren't inferior to the Celestial World Supremacy's treasury. They could actually even be considered better.

Trying to take all this for himself would be too difficult.

Even if the Celestial World Supremacy backed him up, the three Supremacies of the Demigod Tribe definitely wouldn't let Luo Yunyang take too much for himself.

"The few of you can choose an item from these treasures. However, the value cannot exceed 3,000 cosmos stones," Luo Yunyang told the Bloody Blade Monarch.

The Bloody Blade Monarch shuddered. He didn't know whether it was from fright or excitement, but when he raised his head to look at Luo Yunyang, he was totally delighted.

"Thank you, my lord," the Bloody Blade Monarch said with a trembling voice. "My lord, with this many items, we…"

"Of course, we can't take everything for ourselves. We would surely choke if we did that!" Luo Yunyang glanced at the Bloody Blade Monarch and said, "If I was prepared to take everything for myself, I wouldn't have let you all pick a 3,000-cosmos-stone item."

Luo Yunyang added, "My brothers have also worked hard. Anyone who is at or above the Marquis level can pick an item worth 500 cosmos stones. The rest of you can get an item worth 100 cosmos stones."

Luo Yunyang then waved his sleeves and said, "Bring the Ten Thousand Star Life Death Fruit and the Water Fire Sky Quake Hammer."

"Understood!" The Bloody Monarch was excited and he couldn't hide it. Although he was a Galaxy-Grade with the title of a Monarch, all of his savings and assets didn't even add up to 100 cosmos stones. Now, he would have 3,000.

Furthermore, he would be obtaining an item worth 3,000 cosmos stones from the Samsara Auction Firm's treasury.

"Master, the Bloody Blade Monarch is delighted. I feel that he might choose a good item." Badebu's voice was heard beside Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyang ignored Badebu's instigations and instead instructed him, "Contact Molin for me."

Although Luo Yunyang currently possessed the means to directly contact his master, he still decided to discuss matters with Molin first.

"Your Highness Yunyang. Are you finding it difficult to assume control in Samsara Star City?" Molin's voice sounded through the communication device.

His voice was respectful, but at the same time, he sounded as though he knew what this call was about.

"While Sir Supremacy can appoint the City Lord of Samsara Star City, you should have somewhat known that this wouldn't be an easy job."

Molin then added, "Hemings is the blood brother of the leader of one of the top three family clans in the Demigod Tribe. He was originally arrogant, so given the huge quantities of resources he possessed, countless people in the Demigod Tribe looked up to him."

"This person isn't easy to deal with. Back when His Highness Cloud Sea became Samsara Star City's City Lord, he smoothly assumed control of his position because of an agreement with Hemings. I do have some friendly relations with Hemings. How about I help you talk to him?"

When had Molin become so talkative? Faint doubt arose in Luo Yunyang's heart before he quickly shoved it aside.

"You can't get in touch with him anymore. I've killed him!"

Molin had just been about to explain to Luo Yunyang properly the benefits of working together with Hemings when Luo Yunyang's words left him in a confused daze.

Hemings had been killed by Luo Yunyang!

When he heard this, Molin thought that he had misheard. However, as he watched Luo Yunyang's expression through the communication device, he ultimately believed that what he had heard was true.

Hemings was dead!

How pissed would the Demigod Tribe be about Hemings' death? Although the Demigod Tribe's foundation was in the Divine Union, Samsara Star City could be considered the Demigod Tribe's money tree.

"Then… Then what about the Samsara Auction Firm?" Molin trembled.

"It was ended by me too. I contacted you to ask whether Master would be interested in having assets worth over 30 million cosmos stones," Luo Yunyang said with a bright smile.

30 million cosmos stones? This figure really made Molin go crazy. He had no idea how to answer Luo Yunyang's question.

As the Celestial World Supremacy's subordinate, he was rather well-informed and experienced. However, these 30 million cosmos stones were practically equal to the Celestial World Supremacy's entire wealth. This really left Molin flabbergasted.

"Your Highness, give me some time. I am currently a little stupefied." Molin hesitated for a bit before speaking.

A short while later, Molin spoke again. "Your Highness, I have already reported this matter to the Supremacy. Sir Supremacy says that even he wouldn't be able to take all these riches because there are many items inside that are consigned for sale to other parties."

"Acting recklessly and swallowing everything without a second thought would result in Sir Supremacy becoming the public enemy of the Divine Union. As far as everything else is concerned, Sir Supremacy will allow you to do as you see fit."

The Divine Union's public enemy? Molin's solemn words really scared Luo Yunyang a little. Arriving in Samsara Star City and slaying the most powerful party around hadn't been a simple, ordinary provocation.

After ending the call, Luo Yunyang appeared a little relieved. Although the Celestial World Supremacy hadn't agreed to take control of the 30 million cosmos stones' worth of items, at least he hadn't complained about Hemings' murder.

If there were no complaints, then it meant that he could carry on.

"Badebu, help me contact the tribe leader of the Demigod Tribe. I need an explanation!" Luo Yunyang said with a huff.

Little Fiend Badebu felt that there must have been something wrong with its mind. Otherwise, why would his own master be uttering such rubbish and acting so full of it?

"You were the one who killed Hemings, sir!" Little Fiend Badebu couldn't help but remind Luo Yunyang.

"So what about it? He tried to assassinate me first. Damn it!" Luo Yunyang eyed Badebu and added, "I just assumed my post as City Lord of Samsara Star City. If they assassinate me just like this, it means that they have an objection against my master. Perhaps the Demigod Tribe wishes to wage war against my master?"

Luo Yunyang appeared like what he was doing was justified. However, Badebu felt like his master was a bandit.

"Alright, Master," Badebu said.

Because Badebu didn't have a way of contacting the Demigod Tribe's leader, it ultimately helped Luo Yunyang contact the Demigod Tribe's special envoy within the Divine Union through the virtual realm.

This special envoy was also a Celestial Domain-Grade entity. His large, tall body made him seem full of fighting spirit.

Although he had a bad feeling when he received Luo Yunyang's call, Luo Yunyang's circumstances had changed, so he could only smile. "Your Highness Yunyang, may I know what instructions you have for me?"

"I wouldn't dare instruct you. Who would dare order the Demigod Tribe around? Just ask the Demigod Tribe leaders if they want to wage war against my Master. Why has Hemings tried to assassinate me?" Luo Yunyang said fiercely, "This time, I better get a good explanation, or there will be no end to this!"


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