Supreme Uprising
675 The Thousand Realm Boat’s Return and the Heavenly Venerate’s Remains
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Supreme Uprising
Author :Jewelcat
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675 The Thousand Realm Boat’s Return and the Heavenly Venerate’s Remains

Luo Yunyang felt his mind swell a little after his spirit consciousness returned to his body.

However, he still continued to conjure the energy in his body to devour that invisible, formless Cosmos intent.

When his spirit consciousness toured the Cosmos after his Martial Path Heavenly Tribulation, he felt clearly that his mind had already improved greatly, as it had merged with the Cosmos.

However, how could he miss out on such a great opportunity?

It would be an invaluable reward for his mind if he was able to obtain a trace of that intent, which would allow him to overlook the entire Cosmos.

Hence, Luo Yunyang couldn't care less about any other things. He only focused on devouring the bits and pieces left by the Cosmos intent after it disappeared.

Gu Mingping and Yin Feihuan knew nothing about Luo Yunyang's escapades. What they saw was just the Nine-Colored Divine Light enveloping Luo Yunyang.

They felt an innate reverence in their hearts when they saw the emergence of the divine light.

"It's the Nine-Colored Divine Light!" Gu Mingping shivered slightly as he added, "It usually appears when a Heavenly Venerate successfully passes a Martial Path Heavenly Tribulation."

Although Yin Feihuan was the Sect Master, Gu Mingping was still more knowledgeable than her when it came to issues regarding worldly matters.

She felt a great sense of happiness as she looked at Luo Yunyang in admiration.

The Donghua Ancient Sect would obtain the rights to recruit and establish their sect in the Mysterious Great Sky Land if their Ancestral Master became a Heavenly Venerate.

"I wonder how strong the Ancestral Master is going to be after accomplishing his Martial Path Heavenly Tribulation." Yin Feihuan was eager to find out.

Gu Mingping gently rapped Yin Feihuan's head and lamented. "Miss, this is not something you should be concerned about. Your top priority now is to manage our newly-gained territory well. I won't be covering up for you if the Ancestral Master blames you for doing a bad job."

"Our Ancestral Master must have improved greatly. The tougher the Martial Path Heavenly Tribulation, the greater the rewards."

The Nine-Colored Divine Light enveloped Luo Yunyang for more than two hours before dissipating gradually in the void.

After absorbing the last trace of the Cosmos intent into his body, Luo Yunyang began to feel the changes made to his body while activating the attribute regulator in his mind to find out what his attributes had become.

Power: 3,015

Mind: 2,142

Speed: 457

Constitution: 1,025

Origin Source Law: 5,142 (Wind: 1,024, Earth: 1,254, Fire: 1,242, Water: 1,387)

Origin Source Mystic Ability: 6 (Space-Time Eye: 6)

Luo Yunyang couldn't believe the golden and scarlet numbers that were flashing in front of him. He pondered for a moment before switching to check out the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast's attributes.

Power: 2,352

Mind: 610

Speed: 131

Constitution: 621

Origin Source Law: 100 (Wind: 32, Earth: 41, Fire: 37, Water: 52)

Origin Source Mystic Ability: 100 (Chaotic Hole Transference: 50, Heaven-Earth Engulfing: 50)

Innate Mystic Ability: (Four-Origin Clone: 10)

Although the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast's attributes had improved greatly, they were already inferior to Luo Yunyang's. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Even though Luo Yunyang had already been at the Celestial Domain Grade before his Martial Path Heavenly Tribulation, his attributes had still been weaker than those of the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast, which had been at the Galaxy Grade.

However, after passing his Martial Path Heavenly Tribulation, his Power Attribute had doubled and his Mind Attribute had tripled. Meanwhile, probably because of the Nine-Colored Divine Light, his Constitution Attribute had quadrupled.

However, all the improvements across his other attributes could not beat the increase of his Origin Source Law Attributes, which had improved by five times.

Luo Yunyang believed that if he was to face Sacred Emperor Ding Guang again, he would easily win just by relying on his own strength.

Luo Yunyang took a deep breath after taking a glance at the incomparably vast void around him. Although his abilities had improved greatly, his reverence for the Mysterious Great Sky Cosmos had also increased.

Not only did the Mysterious Great Sky Cosmos have Nine Levels of Heavenly Venerates, but it also had Almighties that far surpassed Ninth-Level Heavenly Venerates, as well as a force that had the ability to send him back into another reincarnation cycle.

In Luo Yunyang's opinion, this force was a trace of consciousness that ruled over the entire Cosmos. Although this trace of consciousness didn't retreat because of what he said, Luo Yunyang could still sense that the unknown ruler of the Cosmos didn't quite welcome him.

"Congratulations, Ancestral Master!" Gu Mingping and Yin Feihuan greeted Luo Yunyang together when he stepped down from the Tribulation Platform.

Luo Yunyang made his decision swiftly upon seeing the two of them. He had originally treated the Donghua Ancient Sect as a tool. However, after discovering the vastness and greatness of the entire Mysterious Great Sky Cosmos, Luo Yunyang felt that he had to leave behind some form of foundation in the future.

After all, the void the Divine Union was located in was too small.

Hence, he smiled gently back at the two individuals before replying calmly, "I was fortunate to obtain some gains during my Martial Path Heavenly Tribulation. I'll impart them to both of you now."

With a flick of his hand, two light balls entered their minds.

Gu Mingping cultivated a fire-based cultivation technique from the Donghua Ancient Sect, the Mind Burning Three-Realm Technique. Hence, Luo Yunyang imparted what he had learned from his encounter with the Purple Firmament Sword to Gu Mingping.

Although it was only a tiny part of what Luo Yunyang had learned, it was an enlightenment for Gu Mingping, whose eyes dazzled immediately upon gaining the imparted knowledge.

"Thank you, Ancestral Master!" Gu Mingping prostrated on the floor while tearing up.

On the other hand, Yin Feihuan cultivated a wind-based cultivation technique. Hence, Luo Yunyang imparted what he had learned from the Worry-Disappearing Breeze Blade to her.

Yin Feihuan was better in terms of comprehending the imparted knowledge than Gu Mingping. She knew that this was an incredibly rare opportunity for her to receive knowledge that far surpassed her ability to comprehend.

She also knew that it wouldn't be a problem for her to break through to the Celestial Domain Grade if she could comprehend this knowledge. Once she became a Sky Celestial, she would have the right to roam the Mysterious Great Sky Land.

After helping up the two people prostrating on the ground, Luo Yunyang instructed them, "I'm going to train in seclusion for 10 days. I need both of you to gather information about the Burial Plateau for me."

"Yes, Ancestral Master!" Luo Yunyang's status had become much more sacred to them after they'd received the imparted knowledge from him.

Situated east of the Mysterious Great Sky Land was a stretch of city walls hundreds of meters tall. The land occupied by the city was comparable to a dozen extremely huge mountains and rivers. The city was like a huge intimidating beast lying motionlessly and calmly on the great land.

A low-pitched sound echoed in the middle of a hall before men dressed in red and black robes hurried into the hall and fixed their eyes on a ball-shaped object.

"Appear!" Someone was executing his technique on the ball-shaped object when an image suddenly appeared on it.

If Luo Yunyang had been present, he would have realized that this scene was exactly the same as what he had seen on the Burial Plateau during the escapade of his spirit consciousness. The scene of the small boat which had captivated his mind was being projected by the ball-shaped object.

"It's the Thousand Realm Boat!" an elder said emotionally while he executed his technique again, sending a trace of blood essence from his fingertips to that ball-shaped object.

The blurry scene of the small boat became crisp and clear right away and the image of Luo Yunyang's body was projected into everyone's eyes.

"It's the remains of a Heavenly Venerate!" the elder exclaimed after seeing Luo Yunyang's body. He clutched both his hands hurriedly, causing cracks to develop in the hall before conjuring a huge disk at the top of the hall.

"Heavenly Venerates do not have a consciousness. However, his remains possess boundless energy. If we can refine them into a Devil Divine General, our Divine Dynasty will be able to gain extra power."

The elder then added, "It's just a pity that it's only an ordinary level-one Heavenly Venerate."

The elder shook his head after speaking and instructed his subordinates, "Report this matter to His Majesty. His Majesty will decide what will happen about it."

"The Thousand Realm Boat returned, but it's extremely hard to capture it. Ahh!" The elder sighed regretfully as he mumbled to himself.

At the same time, in a palace hall that seemed like it had been built from endless frost, a supreme powerhouse opened his eyes gradually before mumbling to himself, "The Thousand Realm Boat actually returned now? Isn't it supposed to return in another 100,000 years?"

After muttering to himself, he instructed an old, white-haired servant beside him, "Send my decree. An opportunity is onboard the Thousand Realm Boat which is currently on the Burial Plateau. Let the young ones look for it themselves."

"Yes, Devil Lord!"

In the east sea of the Mysterious Great Sky Land, on the summit of the Mysterious Great Sky Land's number-one Divine Mountain, in a seemingly ordinary cave in the Mysterious Great Sky Land…

Decrees were handed down one after the other into the hands of various sects that controlled the Mysterious Great Sky Land. After reading the decree, the Mysterious Great Sky Land, which never enjoyed a moment of serenity, flared up once again.

On the Burial Plateau, in the Thousand Realm Boat, the Heavenly Venerate remains were waiting for the fated one!

Someone leaked the news to the smaller sects that had no access to the information, causing the big Mysterious Great Sky Land to tumble into upheaval.

Heavenly Venerates considered the remains of a level-one Heavenly Venerate nothing great. However, it was hard for Sky Celestials to come across such an opportunity.

Hence, many elites who had been training in seclusion came out of their seclusive training to obtain the Heavenly Venerate remains on the Thousand Realm Boat!


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