Supreme Uprising
875 Two Unrivaled Big Shots At The Peak
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Supreme Uprising
Author :Jewelcat
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875 Two Unrivaled Big Shots At The Peak

Both elites from the Mysterious Underworld Race and from the other allied races were watching Luo Yunyang in horror!

Never in their wildest dreams had they expected that the 2nd Mysterious Demon would die here!

The 2nd Mysterious Demon might have seemed to have a lot of influence compared to the 1st Mysterious Demon's power, but the other elites of the Mysterious Underworld Race all knew exactly how strong he was.

Furthermore, the Demon Eye Halo's execution made everyone present more aware of the terrifying might of the 2nd Mysterious Demon.

Even the strongest members of the Divine Incarcerate and the Nebula Race erased any thought of competing against the 2nd Mysterious Demon from their minds.

Before this thought could sink into their minds, they had experienced the death of the 2nd Mysterious Demon. Many of them were scared witless as a result.

Although the 1st Mysterious Demon appeared a little downcast, he wasn't afraid. Instead, a burning desire to fight blazed in all six of his eyes.

Even though the death of the 2nd Mysterious Demon had surprised him greatly, it wasn't enough to scare him.

"You really surprised me," the 1st Mysterious Demon told Luo Yunyang coldly.

His voice deepened as he added, "The 2nd Mysterious Demon was weaker than me, but killing him was akin to a slap across my face. Therefore, you have to die."

He glanced around again after saying that before speaking again. "Heavenly Venerate Navagraha is really a joke. He wouldn't have died if he had known that you were so strong."

The elites from the Sky Crystal Race were bewildered as their eyes subconsciously converged towards Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyang didn't pay attention to the provocative words of the 1st Mysterious Demon. "I've already demolished your Heavenly Punishment. It cannot break my defense."

"You will meet the same end as the 2nd Mysterious Demon if that move is all you have."

"Pfft! I could say the same for the bell wave you used to destroy the 2nd Mysterious Demon. You can't kill me either."

The 1st Mysterious Demon paid no attention to the Heavenly Venerates of the Sky Crystal Race as he met Luo Yunyang's gaze and said sternly, "You can't imagine the sort of opportunity I received."

Many thoughts went through Luo Yunyang's mind as he watched the 1st Mysterious Demon spit every word out one at a time. However, he still maintained his composure on the surface as he replied, "You could never imagine mine either."

Although none of them made a move, a surging wave of aura began to get emitted from their bodies while they spoke.

The aura of the 1st Mysterious Demon was crazy and violent. When his aura surged up into the sky, humongous specters that seemed like they came from the Primordial Desolateness appeared one by one and condensed around the 1st Mysterious Demon.

The six specters conjured by the 2nd Mysterious Demon earlier had already struck fear into everyone present. Now, these conjured specters subsequently condensed around the 1st Mysterious Demon and scared the living daylights out of anyone who saw them.

Twelve specters!

These specters were constantly solidifying into substance each second. Within moments, the specters were gigantic demons with six limbs and four wings, like giant birds standing on what appeared to be…


A burst of demonic tone reverberated from the mouth of the 12 specters unceasingly, making even the stellar Xuantian Zhaoxing feel his heart beating like crazy when he heard it.

"These… These are the 12 Yuan Underworldlings!" Heavenly Venerate Elegant Wise gasped in fear as her voice trembled.

The 12 Yuan Underworldlings were the 12 most powerful ancestors of the Mysterious Underworld Race. However, all of them had died due to various reasons.

It was said that they had died on the Primidoral Sacred Battle Ground. People from the Mysterious Underworld Race had wanted to summon the 12 Yuan Underworldings for a long time so that they could be resurrected to dominate the world.

However, this was merely wishful thinking. It was actually an extremely difficult idea to execute.

Now, the 1st Mysterious Demon actually gathered the power of the 12 Yuan Underworldlings, instantly causing Heavenly Venerate Elegant Wise to have a premonition.

Luo Yunyang was also facing the immense pressure exuded by the 12 Yuan Underworldlings. Not only did each of them release pressure equivalent to a first-level universe, but their gathering also seemed to be building up a very formidable power.

It could even be said that an earth-shaking power was slowly building up.

"1st Mysterious Demon, 1st Mysterious Demon!" A Heavenly Venerate from the Mysterious Underworld Race suddenly proclaimed in reverence.

At first, one or two people shouted. However, as more and more people shouted, the shouts became louder and louder.

Even the elites from the Divine Incarcerate also looked at the 1st Mysterious Demon in reverence, as if they were ready to submit to him.

Luo Yunyang silently sized up the opponent in front of him as he sensed the imposing grandeur of the 12 Yuan Underworldlings. He could feel the distant gap in strength between him and the 12 Yuan Underworldings.

However, times like this meant that he should not cower and retreat.

He adjusted his attributes via his attribute regulator in a split second. This time, he converted all his attributes to mind power.

Thanks to the expansion of his Mind Attributes, the huge ancient bell also appeared much more dazzling than before, as the countless stars on it were illuminated.

However, what really astonished everyone present was that Luo Yunyang's spirit consciousness had rushed out above his head and was standing under the ancient bell as if it was ready to hit it at any time.

Although Luo Yunyang's giant bell seemed weaker than the 12 Yuan Underworldlings, which were gradually solidifying, the imposing grandeur of the giant bell when it gently rotated also managed to shake the spirits of many people.

If Luo Yunyang made a move now, the power of this move would be absolutely earth-shaking.

One could even say that such a move would terrify most people.

The 1st Mysterious Demon was smirking confidently as if everything was under his control.

"You'll have to stay grounded this time if this is the only trick you have!" The 12 massive Yuan Underworldings clamored at the same time as the 1st Mysterious Demon.

Their raspy voices, which were thunderous, became a huge vortex that spiraled uncontrollably and shrouded the bell on top of Luo Yunyang's head.

Luo Yunyang could sense the boundless destruction contained in the vortex as he conjured the Life Death Resounding Fate with his mind power without any hesitation.

The two words Life and Death came screeching out of Luo Yunyang's mouth in an instant, while two mysterious characters appeared on the giant bell that had originally been calm.

The two characters turned into a black-and-white Yin Yang Circle that met the vortex unleashed by the 12 Yuan Underworldlings.

The black-and-white light collided with the chaotic light in the void and everything turned unexpectedly peaceful in a moment.

Unfortunately, this weird tranquility also made many people feel a sense of abstruseness.

There was a glint in Luo Yunyang's eyes as he executed the Life Death Resounding Fate in an attempt to probe a reaction. He had never expected that this probing would cause such a change to his Chaotic Yuan Sky Bell technique.

Could there be a connection between the Life Death Resounding Fate and the World Shaking Sky Bell?

Luo Yunyang had a sudden impulse to quickly restore the World Shaking Sky Bell to try out what he had thought of. However, it wasn't easy to restore the World Shaking Sky Bell, which had already been reduced to hundreds of fragments.

The 1st Mysterious Demon was looking much colder than before. He had initially thought that unleashing the 12 Yuan Underworldings was going to end the battle in the shortest time possible. However, now, he began to realize that it was going to take much longer than he had expected.

Most importantly, he felt that it wasn't going to be an easy victory for him if he were to use ordinary moves.

Although he was confident about killing his opponent by executing those forbidden techniques, the repercussions of using such forbidden techniques still made him feel rather hesitant.

A thunderous sound resonated from the huge Meru Mountain suddenly as a trail of Mysterious Qi erupted from the peak of the mountain. The golden Mysterious Qi shrouded the Meru Mountain before condensing into a huge millstone that was 10,000 feet wide.

Although the black millstone was formed by the condensation of Mysterious Qi, the might exuded by it was still very terrifying.

"Great Obliteration Millstone!"

Avaricious looks appeared on the faces of the Mysterious Underworld Race elites as they eyed the massive millstone ardently. They were aware of the power of the millstone, so they became more determined to win it.

"It is really the Great Obliteration Millstone!" the leader of the Divine Incarcerate Race exclaimed hysterically. Although he tried very hard to control his actions, anyone could still tell based on his expression that he too was sizing up the millstone.

Luo Yunyang and the 1st Mysterious Demon also turned to look at the Great Obliteration Millstone. As two of the strongest individuals there, they were considered the people that had the highest chances of competing for the Great Obliteration Millstone.

However, the Human Race and the Mysterious Underworld Race weren't the only ones there. There was also the Divine Incarcerate Race and some other major races.

Although everyone had pledged their allegiance, a huge bounty like the Great Obliteration Millstone might end up in their hands if Luo Yunyang and the 1st Mysterious Demon were engaged in a life-and-death battle.

Luo Yunyang and the 1st Mysterious Demon were not willing to fight each other to death and allow others to capitalize on the situation.

"My 12 Yuan Underworldings can reverse time and space. I will still be able to kill you even if that treasure bell of yours protects your body." The 1st Mysterious Demon bragged.

Although the 1st Mysterious Demon was just speaking and did not make a move immediately, many people were shocked when they heard that he was able to reverse time and space.

Luo Yunyang smiled slightly. He believed that the 1st Mysterious Demon could execute such moves, yet he looked very calm as he said, "I can also kill you."


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