Supreme Uprising
1078 Ancient Battle; Limitless Opportunities
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Supreme Uprising
Author :Jewelcat
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1078 Ancient Battle; Limitless Opportunities

Evade. Must evade! Luo Yunyang had a feeling that he would die if this massive sacred mountain smashed into him!

With this thought in mind, Luo Yunyang rapidly raised the attributes of his body. He knew that the main reason he was being suppressed by this power was because his Mind was stifled.

Thus, he would be able to move his body as long as he could break the shackles of his mind.

When the Mind Attributes of the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast were added to his main body, Luo Yunyang finally felt capable of moving.

He frantically charged into the distance the instant he was able to move.


The mountains and earth collapsed while the endless void turned into fragments.

Even though Luo Yunyang had already evaded this, he still felt great fear despite already being in a faraway void.

He knew that this had been extremely dangerous. If the adjustments of the attribute regulator hadn't been quick, he would have definitely died here.

Luo Yunyang had merely entered the Origin Source Grounds, yet he had already experienced such an encounter. The dangers of the Origin Source Grounds were really easy to imagine.

Luo Yunyang's current cultivation base allowed him to be considered one of the top existences in the five great sacred halls. However, the strange Origin Source Grounds he had just arrived in had nearly killed him.

There was no need to say what would happen to ordinary Yuan Venerates that turned up here.

A Yuan Venerate without sufficient power might have been immediately shattered by the crushing sacred mountain upon arriving.

The dangers were exactly the way the Divine Elder had put it. But what about the opportunities?

After the sacred mountain dropped, Luo Yunyang started to take measure of his surroundings. He discovered that he was actually situated in a battlefield.

A battlefield that could make people go crazy!

12 tall, towering Yuan Underworldings had enveloped this realm with their imposing spirit.

Golden hammers, giant axes, straight blades, long swords…

All sorts of weapons manipulated by the 12 Yuan Underworldings rained down from the void. As the 12 humongous Yuan Underworldings attacked what was beneath them, hundreds of Human Race Yuan Venerates frantically resisted.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Even though these Human Race Yuan Venerates were frantically trying to ward this attack off, many of them were immediately shattered as they faced the powerful attack of the 12 Yuan Underworldlings, which seemed stronger than the attack of a Taiyi Yuan Venerate.

During this process, Luo Yunyang even saw some peak Taichu Yuan Venerate powerhouses unleashing the Thousand Era Imperial Purposes Technique.

Even so, those Taichu Yuan Venerates weren't able to withstand the onslaught of weapons and collapsed in the void as a result.

Spiritual consciousness fled frantically. However, even though this consciousness was fast, they were still smashed.

Luo Yunyang was also facing this sort of onslaught. He had merely been aware of his surrounding circumstances when a mighty golden hammer came smashing down.

After going through the previous experience, Luo Yunyang's attribute regulator had already made adjustments so he was at the most appropriate state to deal with the current crisis. Therefore, even though that golden hammer contained great might, it didn't shock Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyang rapidly evaded it!

Still, as he avoided that huge hammer, a streak of light shot at him from a distance. This streak of light was very fast so Luo Yunyang simply couldn't evade it.

The light and Luo Yunyang clashed in the void. During this clash, Luo Yunyang sensed that this light had already entered his body.

The unknown light that entered his body shocked Luo Yunyang. This Origin Sacred Ground was really strange. The consequences of the unknown substance of an object entering one's body would normally mean death for most people.

Just as Luo Yunyang used his spiritual consciousness to probe and see what this light was, he suddenly felt a wave of power starting to corrode his mind.

This was the power of an ordinary Taishi Yuan Venerate. While this power wasn't weak, it didn't pose much of a threat to Luo Yunyang.

Mind power gathered in an instant, but Luo Yunyang completely destroyed the mind power that wanted to seize his body.

When that wave of mind power was obliterated, Luo Yunyang had an astonished look on his face. He realized that his body now contained an extra Taishi Yuan Venerate nomological law.

This was the foundation for a Taishi Yuan Venerate's advancement to the Yuan Venerate level. Now, it had been completely incorporated into his body.

Luo Yunyang, who had experienced this wind nomological law, watched the figures being rapidly slain by the 12 giant Yuan Underwordlings and finally understood what the opportunities of this Origin Source Grounds were.

Luo Yunyang didn't know why an ancient battle would take place at the Origin Source Grounds or why he could absorb the nomological laws of this spiritual consciousness. However, he knew that this was very important to him.

Without any hesitation, he took to the sky and shot over at the figure that was about to be struck by a massive ax.

A glowing light emanated around him as he grabbed at the projection that was about to be cleaved by the giant ax.

However, as he saved this light projection from the giant ax, Luo Yunyang felt someone's gaze landing on him.

Then, he sensed that it had become extremely difficult to move even though he wanted to do so. A great sense of fear crept into his heart.

His surroundings suddenly experienced a massive change.

It was the power of a Taiyi Yuan Venerate!

Against this sort of power, Luo Yunyang felt that he might possibly die if he just moved slightly slower.

Luo Yunyang, who didn't care about anything else, converted most of his Speed and Constitution Attributes into Mind Attribute. Only then was he able to extricate himself from that overwhelming pressure.

The main reason he was able to extricate himself from that overwhelming pressure wasn't just because of the attribute regulator but because he wasn't the main target of these 12 giant Yuan Underworldings.

The most important target during this battle was a youngster who seemed like a blazing sun. The aura emanating from him belonged to a Taiyi Yuan Venerate.

Wherever his spirit consciousness stretched to, everything turned to ashes. Unfortunately, even though he was a Taiyi Yuan Venerate, there was still a disparity between him and the combined force of the 12 Yuan Underworldings.

Therefore, he kept being in a disadvantageous, suppressed state.

As he suffered from this suppression, his comrades at his side were continuously being destroyed by the power of the 12 Yuan Underworldings.

"Die!" An extremely sorrowful voice came out of his mouth as that figure took to the sky.

Then, he turned into a pair of black and white light discs before shooting towards the 12 Yuan Underworldings.

When the black light disc split along with the white light disc, both of them practically turned into nine discs each. As Luo Yunyang felt that these light discs were going to charge at the 12 Yuan Underworldings, they rushed toward each other frantically.

Indeed, they rushed toward each other.

In just an instant, 9 black and 9 white light discs collided. The power that was unleashed at that moment was equivalent to a Taiyi Yuan Venerate's self-implosion.

Instantly, the entire realm felt as though it was going to crumble. Those 12 peak Taiyi Yuan Venerates frantically tried to contract their bodies.

Luo Yunyang felt like he was going crazy. Even though he wasn't situated at the center of this energy, he knew that it would be very difficult for him to live through the collapse of this realm.

These Origin Source Grounds were simply a place where death was common.

As this realm started to crumble, all nomological laws and power were now useless. The only thing remaining in this realm was destruction, obliteration, and ruin!

During this tremendous destruction, Luo Yunyang felt as if his body was being ripped apart. Right now, the only thing he wanted to do was support his body to prevent himself from being torn apart by that magnificent energy.

In the beginning, Luo Yunyang still used his mind to resist that ferocious power. However, in the end, he didn't know how to get through this situation.

After who knew how long, that ferocious storm finally dissipated. Luo Yunyang felt that countless fragments had appeared within his body, even though he didn't know how.

These fragments were fragments of nomological laws.

As Luo Yunyang was checking the situation of the fragments in his body, he felt the realm around him suddenly changing. What was originally situated in this wasteland was actually a realm straight out of a fairytale.

However, before Luo Yunyang could take a breather, a sword-gleam had cut a swath toward him.

This sword-gleam contained boundless killing intent. When Luo Yunyang sensed it, he instantly understood that this was the sword-gleam of a Taichu Yuan Venerate. Furthermore, it belonged to a peak Taichu Yuan Venerate.

As this sword-gleam was surging, Luo Yunyang didn't need to think. He immediately unleashed the Thousand Era Imperial Purposes toward it.

Fist-light and sword-gleam collided, making the void shatter instantly. Even though Luo Yunyang didn't suffer much damage, this clash caused him to be pushed a hundred paces.

At that moment, Luo Yunyang suddenly realized that the place he was situated at was still a battlefield. However, the Human Race, the Mysterious Underworld Race, and the Divine Incarcerate Race weren't on this battlefield.

The sword strike that had come flying at him had come from a Divine Incarcerate powerhouse.

However, as he looked around, Luo Yunyang realized that many Yuan Venerates' bodies had already crumbled during this battle and wisps of spiritual consciousness were frantically trying to flee.

Upon seeing the frantic battle underway, Luo Yunyang started to understand this Origin Source Ground a little better!


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