Supreme Uprising
1154 The Green Jade Bodhi Leaf
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Supreme Uprising
Author :Jewelcat
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1154 The Green Jade Bodhi Leaf

The strongest metal was only tempered through the toughest of fires!

However, when the blaze of flames became too intense and exceeded the limit, then even metal would be reduced to ashes.

According to Luo Jiutian, it seemed as though Taiyi Yuan Venerate Duolu Fantian's merciless flame sky law was just the thing he needed to temper his steel.

However, right now, the strength of the flames had increased a hundred times!

This caused cracks to start forming on the blade he was wielding. Despite the cracks, his blade remained as rigid as ever. Just as he had said, his blade could break but never bend.

The unbending blade was sharp and invincible. However, when it faced a formidable opponent, the blade could break easily.

Luo Jiutian's blade had already turned bright red!

The hand that was holding the blade had turned equally red, as though a bundle of shapeless flames were burning in his hands.

Luo Yunyang did not recognize that leaf. However, massive pressure started weighing on his heart as soon as that leaf appeared.

If his current opponent was an ordinary Taiyi Yuan Venerate, then the power of the jade seal alone should have been sufficient for him to bridge the gap in standards between them.

However, right now, the difference in standards seemed far too great!

The best martialists hardly showed themselves in this world, yet this did not mean that they did not exist.

Take the man who had given the leaf to Duolu Fantian for example.

Luo Yunyang had already started guessing who could have given Duolu Fantian this leaf.

Other than the slightly surprised expression of Yuan Venerate Jinta and the others when they saw that leaf, they remained as expressionless as they could.

It seemed as though they had already known that Duolu Fantian had hidden this trump card up his sleeves.

"The Dafankong Sect is rather careful and wouldn't casually bestow the Green Jade Bodhi Leaf on just anybody," Yuan Venerate Jinta said with a hint of sarcasm.

However, that was all he said. After all, if he continued and accidentally angered the person who had bestowed this leaf, he might end up regretting what he said.

Mountain Lord Fuyuan did not say anything but he looked pleased. Although he wasn't too fond of the Dafankong Sect either, the enemy of an enemy was a friend.

Luo Yunyang's father, Luo Jiutian, should just die.

As Yuan Venerate Jinta and the rest were standing on a massive meteorite a hundred miles away, a bronze palace floated up to the level of the meteorite in the sky.

"Such a good opportunity was wasted. The Dafankong Sect is a bunch of tyrants indeed," a calm and composed elder said. While he spoke calmly, there was a hint of pride in his tone.

In the center of the large palace sat a handsome middle-aged man in scarlet robes. His robes made it seem like he was surrounded by countless flames that were blazing all around him.

"What should we do? Luo Jiutian must have a death wish!"

The middle-aged man seemed happy about Luo Jiutian's current plight. It was obvious that he was quietly rejoicing.

The calm, composed elder looked at the middle-aged man before saying, "Brother Huang, the Gui Family has not handled this matter very well."

"The Dafankong Sect has always taken advantage of other people. To make use of them, Brother Huang, you have to be careful not to end up paying a hefty price."

The middle-aged man chuckled. "While the Huang Family may not be comparable to the Dafankong Sect, our elders are all in-name disciples of the Sacred Venerate. The Dafankong Sect will have to think twice before trying anything."

"Furthermore, the Dafankong Sect is creating trouble for themselves this time. How can you say that we are making use of them?"

The calm elder smiled. He didn't want to continue brooding on this topic, so he changed the subject. "Luo Jiutian is asking for it. How dare he reject the marriage proposal of the Huang Family? How preposterous!"

"Brother, you must be kidding me," the middle-aged man said icily.

Although they were in the middle of a conversation, their eyes stayed focused unintentionally on Luo Jiutian. After all, he was a crucial figure in this battle.

The sword in Luo Jiutian's hands had begun melting at a very quick rate. The meter-long green tip was now one-third of its actual length.

However, its tip seemed even more incisive than before!

"He must be insane to be absorbing this amount of force into his body. He…" The calm, composed elder stuttered.

"Born from the scorching suns of the nine firmaments; killed by withering like a shooting star!'

The middle-aged man recited before continuing solemnly. "The reason our family used our best people to contact him is because we admired his will and resolution. It is a pity that he does not reciprocate our feelings!"

"Killed by withering like a shooting star! This time, he is really going to wither away and die," the calm, composed elder said solemnly.

"The intense strength of the merciless flame sky law presented an opportunity before that he can no longer handle. He is really dead meat this time!"

The middle-aged man smiled and did not continue the conversation.

Luo Yunyang was paying close attention to his father's current situation. He was already prepared to step in the moment he saw the leaf.

However, just as he was about to enter the battle, he realized that his father had not chosen to flee even after the intensity of the flames had increased a hundred times. Instead, he was now absorbing the merciless flame sky law into his body.

This was obviously a fight one could not retreat from!

While Luo Yunyang didn't agree with his father's methods, he still respected this choice.

After all, only the best would emerge stronger from a crisis like this. Choosing to do this didn't just require a massive amount of courage but a load of wisdom as well!

However, Luo Yunyang did not feel very good about his father's choice, as the strength of the flames right now was simply too great.

The more intense the flames, the sharper the tempering of the sword. However, a flame of such strong intensity might melt the sword, causing it to be lost forever.

Luo Yunyang glanced at the quickly disappearing sword and sighed. He had to make a decision now.

He was confident about utilizing the Six-Dragon Sun Striking Bow. Even if he couldn't kill Duolu Fantian, he should be able to injure him sufficiently so that he could rescue his father from this perilous situation.

However, things would not come to an end even if he were to destroy Duolu Fantian. That was because Duolu Fantian was just a person acting on behalf of somebody else. There were still others behind him who were plotting this.

Luo Yunyang activated his attribute regulator. As a Taiyi Yuan Venerate, Duolu Fantian had a crazy amount of mind power.

However, Luo Yunyang was able to handle that amount of mind power.

That was why he activated the attribute regulator and reduced Duolu Fantian's mind power by two-thirds after some hesitation.

The merciless flame sky law used by Duolu Fantian consumed a great deal of mind power so that he could create endless blazes.

Due to the reduction of the mind power by two-thirds, the power of the flames seemed to be collapsing.

While the blazes didn't completely collapse, the amount of intensity being channeled toward Luo Jiutian was reduced by about 50 percent.

The sword Luo Jiutian held, which was on the verge of melting, stopped shrinking following the decrease of Duolu Fantian's mind power.

One could even say that this caused Luo Jiutian's sword to become shorter in a moment.

There was a suspicious glint in Duolu Fantian's eyes.

As a Taiyi Yuan Venerate, while Duolu Fantian still had not reached the highest standards of mastery of his sky laws, he was already closing in on becoming a Shentian Taiyi Yuan Venerate.

This level of cultivation allowed him to easily have a clear understanding of his surroundings in an instant. He could even calculate the amount of time needed for his merciless flame sky law to reduce Luo Jiutian into a pile of ashes.

How could his power possibly be reduced without any indication now that victory was within his grasp?

His immediate thought was that someone was secretly plotting against him. However, even after careful analysis, he was unable to find the root of the problem.

Meanwhile, Duolu Fantian was frantically manipulating all the mind power he still had control of in a bid to kill Luo Jiutian.

However, he began to realize that, despite his efforts, he was unable to reduce Luo Jiutian immediately to ashes given his current powers.

To his horror, he realized that Luo Jiutian's strength seemed to increase until it could burst through the nine heavens following the effect of his diminishing power of flames.

He wanted to break through. This was Luo Jiutian's form while he was trying to break through! Once he successfully broke through, Duolu Fantian knew that he would lose the chance to kill Luo Jiutian forever.

"What is going on? Why do I feel as though Duolu Fantian is cutting Luo Jiutian some slack? Unless this is a trap?" a disciple of the Taixu Sect asked suspiciously.

"This is no trap! Duolu Fantian definitely has the intent to kill Luo Jiutian," Yuan Venerate Jinta said.

"In that case, why is he going easy on Luo Jiutian?" Mountain Lord Fuyuan asked.

"I am not sure exactly why either. Maybe he wishes to acquire the sky laws of Luo Jiutian once he becomes a Taiyi Yuan Venerate," Yuan Venerate Jinta replied.

Suddenly, the shrill ringing sound of a sword resounded across the nine skies!


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