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Suspended for now*Silver Nightmare in different worlds
Author :Tsarck
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1 Prologue

Today the whole humanity was celebrating.

Why?You might ask.

Because the most famous(or infamous)mass murderer Tsarck,killed himself a day ago and the police found his corpse just a few hours ago .Normally no one would be celebrating when someone died ,especially when this person death was so horrible.Both his arms were cut,his eyes were pierced and his throat was slit,but this was not a person, this was a nightmare that terrified the whole world ,so of course they would be celebrating.

Tsarck was not a psychopath, he had no mental illness , he was just someone who found killing more entertaining than everything, he did not like torturing people, be it mentally of physically, but he still killed not for sadictical pleasure or even because some voice in his head told him to do it, no just because he could kill and that's all that mattered to him.Unfortunately for him ,10 years of killing pretty much everyone he could became boring and even when the police or the army tried to kill him ,it was boring not because it was too easy even though it was , no it was boring because nothing changed .In 10 years , the people he killed did not change,his whole world was the same and that pissed him off.

So he just killed himself,in an horrible way yes, but he did it like it was a casual thing, maybe after all this time he became someone who feared nothing anymore but when he died , he just smiled and hoped that after his death he could go to a funnier world .

It seems that his wish was heard by god,because in the void he was currently in ,a blinding light appeared and a woman dressed with a white robe and a golden crown with diamonds on it stepped out of this light .

???:Hello mortal i am a Go-

Tsarck:I know i know, you're a goddess.I think it's pretty obvious so let's just talk about important things right?HAHAHAHA

The Goddess sighed at Tsarck antics but still decided to continued

Goddess:Mortal normally for all your crimes i would have sent you to hell ,but since you were my main source of entertainment i will just send you to another world with some interesting powers.

Tsarck:Oya.....Interesting powers you say?kukuku I think i'm gonna go with that since i don't really think i've a say in this matter but could you atleast tell me what those powers are, and also where i'm going ?

Goddess:*Sigh*Well you will be sent to another world with your current body but you will not age anymore and your body will resist to all the disease and virus , i think it will be interesting to see what you will do in this new world if the nature can't kill you .It's a world of cultivation,where the cultivators have to medidate in order to access a training zone in their mind , and use it to become more powerful .

The strengh in this world is divided in 7 realms:








In this world reaching a new realms is extremely difficult and most people stay in the mortal or primal realm.To become more powerful,most of the cultivator enter a sect in order to cultivate the sect's technique or just to accomplish mission and buy items with sect point.Your body and mind are already at a incredible level but your soul is just a little stronger than someone at the mortal realm.In order to help you in this world i will give you 4 things that could make you powerful and i will also grant you a wish .The 4 things are:

-A zanpakuto from the world of bleach which is a manga that you already know since you stole some mangas from one of your victims.You will see which one you were given when you wake up in the new world.

-A devil fruit and again you already know what those are.You will also see which one you have after you wake up.

-The power to teleport every items possible in an infinite storage that will work like a game interface.You can store anything that is not alive,so you can store corpse since i know you will kill many people in your new life.

-A training book that will help you train for every of the 6 realms.Don't try the training for a realm higher than yours or you will suffer more than you can even imagine.

So now that you know this, what is your wish?

Tsarck took some time to think of all the incredible things he could wish for, and suddenly it hit him like a ton of bricks.

Tsarck:HAHAHAHAHA.....I KNOW!I want to have so much charisma that everything little actions i do looks fucking amazing.I want to be able to be cool in every things i do, be it eating,fighting and even killing.

As he continued to talk about nonsense, the goddess smirked evilly .

Goddess:'This man is definitely going to be the most interesting one i saw in a long time, except for that dumbass with the weird little mustache.Damn that one bring bad memories*Shiver*'

Goddess:Well i'm okay with this wish.You will become so cool that everyone will want to kneel in front of you but since it will not be funny if you're like that all the time ,it will become a skill that you can use at anytime and with different intensity,as such if you activate it with little intensity you will just be a little cool, but max intensity will make everythings you do look like a miracle .Your good with that Tsarck?

Tsarck:KUKUKU Of course i'm good with that dear Goddes.So now that this is done can i go ?

Goddess:Well since you're clearly way too excited , yes you can go now Tsarck.

As she said this the same blinding light surrounded him and he was gone in a flash .

Goddess:This world is so not prepared for the silver nightmare HAHAHAHAHAHA!!
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    《Suspended for now*Silver Nightmare in different worlds》