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Suspended for now*Silver Nightmare in different worlds
Author :Tsarck
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4 Arrogante

Tsarck woke up in some sort of graveyard surrounded by Giant Skeletons holding battle-axe.The battle-axe sported two pointed blades and a large spike protruding outwards from its center,here were four golden chains present around the base of the spike, which extended into the arms of the skeletons and attached to an ornate bracelet worn around their right wrists.

Tsarck:'I've already saw this axe somewhere,but where?.....FUCK!!It's Baraggan Louisenbairn zanpakuto in Resurrección form.HAHAHAHA The power of lightning and the power to age everything,ain't this amazing?

He exlaimed in his head while he explored the graveyard.He soon arrived at a castle that looked like Las Noches(if you don't know it's technically the villains base in bleach)but it was black and many spikes with heads on them were in front of the castle.He entered and found a throne with a skeleton holding an axe in his hands,sitting on it .The skeleton was massive and had a scar on it's right eye.The axe was a large, double-headed battleaxe. The battle axe had a pair of rounded blades that were black with silver edges. There was a red slit-eye pendant in the middle of the focal point holding both blades together. The focal point was attached to a long handle. There was 3 white raised studs in a row on all four sides of the base of the handle for a total of 12 studs. The end of the handle was wrapped in gold.

The skeleton looked at him and Tsarck thought that if he had flesh he would be smiling .

???:Human, i think that you already who i am but i'm still gonna introduce myself.I am Arrogante, an arrancar zanpakuto with the power to age everything.

Tsarck:HAHAHAHA!!Indeed i know who you are ,and i'm really happy to have such an incredible zanpakuto.Normally i would have asked you why you gave your name but since i already knew it, i think it's quite logical.Since you don't have a shikai or bankai,i want to ask you something.Can i already use your Resurrección?

Arrogante:No you can't,for now you can only use me as a normal weapon since the enhanced abilities and the techniques come only with the Resurrección.When you reach it you will be able to use them whenever you want but it's going to be difficult,or it would have been if you weren't used to this sort of thing.You have to kill everything you can until i'm satisfied,and since i already saw all your memories i think it's gonna be easy for you right Tsarck?

Tsarck:HAHAHAHA!!I'm flattered that you already know me but i'm not surprised about the condition for the Resurrección.I'm quite excited to use respira and gran caida but i'm wondering,will i look like Barragan when i use it?

Arrogante:Worry not Tsarck, you will just have the crown and the coat with pitch-black tattered fur collar around the neck.When you reach the Resurrección(it's an awakening for those who don't know)you will not have all the ability of barragan ,only respira,gran caida and Aparición de la muerte(an illusion that makes the target see his own death in millions of differents and horribles ways.He can only uses it on those weaker than him ).Also they will be weak in the start and only by killing more people or becoming stronger can you make those abilities stronger.

Tsarck:A zanpakuto that becomes stronger when i kill people ...YES!YES!YES!

Arrogante was a bit taken aback when he saw Tsarck reacting like this but he shrugged it off and waited for Tsarck to finish.

Tsarck:Well i can definitely say that i'm gonna like Arrogante,for now i will just train a bit in order to learn how to wield you effectively .After that i will finally go to the city!

Arrogante nodded since it was logical,after all such a big axe was difficult to wield even though tsarck would not have to carry it around all the time(he has an infinite storage that works like a game storage.He just needs to say or think 'Storage' and it will appear, after that he just needs to put the axe in it.He can use the abilities only when he hold the axe)

Tsarck dissappeared from the castle and woke up in the temple.When he woke up a purple aura surrounded him and grew bigger until it dispersed.Unknown to Tsarck this energy was felt by many cultivators in the country because of how corrupted and powerful it was.

Tsarck:Damn!!That was incredible, i'm so fucking excited !!!

He giggled like a high-school girl for a bit and went to the room he used as a training room in order to learn how to wield Arrogante.He trained for hours since it was more difficult than what he originally thought.

While he was training a woman was approaching the temple.

???:*Sigh*I finally reached that place, why the fuck did they not repaired the bridge?!

The unknown woman said in a tired tone since she came from the city all the way to here running because she wanted to arrive first to see what produced such a creepy and powerful energy .
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    《Suspended for now*Silver Nightmare in different worlds》