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Suspended for now*Silver Nightmare in different worlds
Author :Tsarck
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6 *Title at the end*

When Hua Xia heard Tsarck she immediately tensed,his voice was even more charismatic and was driving crazy.After all for a girl who never knew love in her whole life,a man like that was sure to get her heart.

On his side Tsarck was thinking about some creepier things.

Tsarck:'How am i gonna torture her?hmm....Maybe i can just scare her,yeah that could work....OH i know!!I need a slave or something like that ,in my old life i already broke a girl like her HAHAHA Little innocent girl like are so easy to turn into slave.

Tsarck was actually referring to a girl called Maori,that he met in his old world.She was a policewoman who tried to catch him,but of course she couldn't since he was too good at escaping.One day he killed her father and left a message to her family,telling them that it was Maori's fault if he did that.When maori got home she saw her father lying in a pool of his own blood,with her whole family looking at her as if she was the one who killed him .Her sisters were disgusted by her and called her a monster while her mother immediately shouted at her to leave THEIR house and that she didn't had the right to call herself her daughter because of what she did.Maori didn't knew what she did wrong but at that moment she was too drown in her despair to even think.

She decided to live with her bestfriend,Toha,sadly her so-called bestfriend just forced maori to give her money in order to live at her place.Maori was getting really tired because of all her works and the fact that most of her money went to Toha while she had to buy her onw food since Toha to give her the same she ate.After a few months like this,it became too much for her and she became like a lifeless doll ,her superiors didn't like her inactivity so they told her to quickly act or she would be fired.

Her world was already so broken that she didn't heard them.She was just thinking of how it was possible that all of this happened to her.She wondered what she had done to deserve that but those thoughts ended when she was really fired.She was tired,hungry and she had no place to go .She tried to sleep at a friend place but that guy was way too suspicious and she didn't want him to do any things funny to her.

Desperated she decided to sleep in an abandoned house that was at the corner of a street.She was surprised when she saw a man already sleeping in it .That man was called Akira and like her lost everything.Akira was kind and caring towards her,so as a naive girl she just became submissive to him.

What she didn't know however was that Akira was a false name.This man was actually Tsarck!!

Tsarck knew how human psychology worked and he knew how an innocent and desperated girl like Maori would act if he acted like that.After a few months he told her that he now had a job and he would buy a house for the two of them.Maori accepted since she needed a place,but mostly because she began to fall in love with him.Innonence and despair can force people to do so many stupid things,and that's exactly what happened.Time passed and Akira became more and more "Intimate"with her.Normally she would have been disgusted with how quick he was to take advantage of her but she was too lost in her foolish love,that she didn't even questioned him.

Maori became some sort of slave to him,that would do anything he wanted as long as he showed her that he "loved"her .One day Tsarck ordered her to kill her own family and naturally she was shocked,but he used his "lover"act and also told her that they were the one that brought so much suffering to her life .

Maori accepted and went to do it but Tsarck killed when she was about to do it.The last thing that she saw and heard before dying were the looks of horror in her sisters and mother face but most importantly,the last words Tsarck said to her.

"You've been a good little slave Maori,and i was starting to really like you.Sadly emotions like love are useless to me,and you know what?"

"Normally i wouldn't have killed you but sadly ,your not nearly as good as me and you're way too careless.If one day the police catched you,you could've told them everything you knew about me and i don't want that to happen.I know you're loyal but in all my life i've only trusted one person and it's not you"

Those were his last words to her as he strangled her to death and then raped and killed her sisters and mother.He looked one last time at family's house and sighed.

"You were really the only woman for me,Sana"

And with that Tsarck just went to hunt another prey.Hua xia reminded him of Maori because she reacted exactly like her ,a little shy and innocent puppy .And he was gonna terrify that puppy till she became his slave!!!

*Little Puppy*
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    《Suspended for now*Silver Nightmare in different worlds》