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Suspended for now*Silver Nightmare in different worlds
Author :Tsarck
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7 He who terrified everyone

Tsarck walked towards Hua Xia as she tried to run and hide .He catched her before she could even run and looked at her terrified expression.

Tsarck:'That charisma aura works really well on people like her.Innocent,young and ...Experiencing her first love?Wow i didn't know i was so handsome!'

It was also at this moment that he made his choice.Instead of doing the same thing that he did with maori he would just bring her fear.Love was interesting but fear was funnier so he thought it was a better idea.This girl would be easy to scare and after that he would just follow her and tourment her until she breaks.After all if you mix Love,fear and pain what do you have in this case?A girl that will love the one who brought her pain and fear.She would fear and love him,which was perfect since it would make her totally loyal to him.

Tsarck:'I'm such a motherfuckin' genius!

Hexia:You're a monstrous and nightmarish genius indeed.


While Tsark was laughing in his head Hua xia was checking him scarily.He was a tall and extremely muscular man with silver long hair and Red eyes.He wore a grey jacket with a black mesh shirt underneath .He was indeed the most handsome man she ever saw and his charismatic aura was making her innocent heart pound like crazy.

Tsarck stopped laughing mentally and looked at hua xia .She was a short woman of approximatively 5,5ft.She had black long hair tied in a ponytail, and black eyes.She wore a white robe with a black eagle on it.She was beautiful but also sooooo cute!!!


Tsarck:So?Who are you and what are you doin' here girl ?

He said in a sweet tone but his creepy smile told her that he was all but sweet.She however didn't care about that,like many cultivators all that mattered for her were looks and strengh.His looks were off the chart and he was a little stronger than her,even though his charismatic aura made him look stronger.

He slowly augmented the intensity of his aura as he lifted her head so she would look at him in the eyes.

Xia:I-I'm H-Hua Xia of the Hua family a-and i'm here b-because i sensed a w-weird energy c-coming from t-this temple!!

She said as she stutturred and looked like a kid caught red-handed.She looked at him with unsure but lustful eyes,which was kinda weird since she was still an innocent girl.

Tsarck:'SOON!!She will become MINE!!'

Tsarck:Well then my dear X-I-A

He said while he moved towards her and brought his face just a few inches away from her.She began to blush even more and thought he was gonna kiss her .

Tsarck:I'm not gonna kiss you.I'm gonna teach you fear!!

He said this as he catched her and dragged her to his training room .She tried to scream but he blocked her mouth and laughed.

Tsarck:Trust me love you will learn what Love,pain and fear are!HAHAHAHA


The experts from the Ling family and the others cultivators heard a crazy laugh and tensed.

'What the hell is that!!'

They all thought as they heard footsteps coming from the other side of the main hall.They saw a young man with silver hair and a weird outfit(outfits like this exist in this world but except for some eccentric rich people no one wears things like that.They all wear metal armors,light leather outfit or cultivators robes)

"Who are you?!"

One of them shouted as Tsarck walked towards them.He began to laugh crazily and brought his aura to maximum intensity as lightning shot out of his body .

Tsarck:Who am i ?HAHAHAH....I'm Tsarck the future God of Lightning and Death!!!

As he said this his aura became so intense that they all felt like kneeling in front of him.Some resisted since they were stronger but the maximum intensity could bring Master realm cultivator to his knees so in the end they all kneeled before him.

Tsarck:HAHAHAHA.....Now begone before i decide to kill you all!!!

They didn't need to be told twice so they quickly rushed towards the exit and went to report what happened here .One man however stood there ,he was tense because of the aura but still managed to just stand up as he looked towards Tsarck with a Hatred-filled glare.

"You motherfucker!!!You thing i'm gonna bow to you just because you have that weird aura around you?!?!Don't take me lightly!!!"

The man shouted and attacked Tsarck with his sword but it just went through him as if his body didn't even exist .The man looked back and saw a smile on Tsarck's face.The smile was so wide that it extended from an ear to another .Tsarck dissapeared in the clap of thunder and reappeared behind him .As a border Ascension realm cultivator, he could still see tsarck but he was so stunned that he didn't even move and just stood there as a 20 Million volt lightning bolt hit him.Since he was a cultivator that developped his body , he just had several minor burns on his body and his robe was partially destroyed.


The man saw a thunder cloud being created above him so he tried to dodge but Tsarck appeared in front of him and a battle-axe appeared in his hands.Before could even think about how that was possible,Tsarck cut his right foot .


He screamed in pain but tsarck just looked at him like he was test subject.The lightning poured down on him and he tried to move away but Tsarck cut his other feet and stopped the lightning.

Tsarck:Well ain't you a lucky guy?You will serve as a dummy so that i can torture you in front of Hua Xia and terrify her !!

The man lost conciousness and Tsarck picked him up.He walked toward the training room but suddenly stopped and and searched for something in his pocket.He brought out a picture of a husband with his wife and their son and daughter, smiling happily.

Tsarck:It seems you were right, huh Sana ?He who terrified everyone The Silver Nightmare.....HAHAHAHA!!!
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    《Suspended for now*Silver Nightmare in different worlds》