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Suspended for now*Silver Nightmare in different worlds
Author :Tsarck
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8 Cycle of despair

Painful screams filled the room as Tsarck used his lightning to burn the man while Hua Xia watched this with fearful eyes.Tsarck knew she was gonna react like that but what surprised him however was the fact that the "Love"in her eyes when she looked at him didn't dissappear, just become less visible.

Tsarck:'Is it me or that girl is way too weird?I mean isn't she supposed to scream things like HELP!!!'

Goddes:You can't compare your world and this one.In this world the people are less civilized than your old world and whatsmore , the importance of looks and power is so much that many consider those the only really interesting things to look for .This girl is attracted by your looks,your strengh and also your charisma.When she will start to rationalize about her situation,she will truly understand how terrifying this is and her fear will take control of her .

Tsarck:'Well i think that i can use the same thing i used with maori on her .It should work even in this world ,after human are such selfish and hypocritical creature.HAHAHAHAHAHA'

Hexia:Remember that you have to kill people to be able to use the resurrection of Arrogante.I have a good i dea for that.A the feet of the mountain there is a group of Bandits,you should kill them.I don't know their numbers but they are atleast a hundred so i think it should be enough.And if it's not you can still slaugher a village or two .

Tsarck:'Damn Hexia!i love you so much!!!!!

Hexia:*Blush*'If only that was true Tsarck.Sadly it seems it would only be if i was her'

Tsarck tortured the man in many disgusting and terrible ways for a whole hour and when the man finally died he stopped.

Tsarck:'Atleast with my medical knowledge i could heal him while torturing him'

He took a paper and wrote a message for the Hua Family on it .

He approached Hua Xia but she didn't see him, she just looked at the corpse in front of her like it was the only thing she could see.

Tsarck went behing her and put his hands on her shoulders while using his powers to put some electricity on her to track her.She immediately tensed and looked at him with tears in her eyes.

Tsarck:Don't worry dear Xia,i will not kill you i just want you to bring that message to your family.Can you do that for me?

She nodded furiously as she wanted to get out of here the sooner she could but Tsarck stopped her and looked at her with the scariest expression that a human could have on his face.

Tsarck:You better not read the message before you give it to them.Understood.

She nodded again while her tears fell on her pretty face.

Tsarck:HAHAHAHA!!!Good now go !!


While Hua Xia ran to her house, Tsarck used his Kari to go the feet of the mountain quickly.He searched for the bandits and after an hour he found them.He saw some men skinning beasts and some other raping women,while the one that looked like the boss drank and laughed.

Instead of talking to them or something like Tsarck just used his Deathpia on them.


They screamend so much that even Tsarck was stunned .

Tsarck:'Damn are those made out of glass or something?'

Only a few of them died with deathpia,most were about to die or had dangerous injuries on their bodies.Tsarck summoned Arrogante and cut through them like a hot knife through butter.

The leader of the Bandit's tried to kill him by stabbing in the back but it just went through him and the man hands were burned.

Tsarck:Didn't your mother told you to not touch electricity with your hands when you were a kid?HAHAHAHA!!

A slaughter, it was a complete slaughter and before Tsarck could enjoy his work, his axe glowed purple.

Arrogante:Partner you will have access to my resurrection soon .Just a few kills left.

Tsarck smirked evilly and went towards the direction Xia went .(he can track her because he can

sense the electricals signal he put on her)


Hua Xia arrived at her house and directly went to Hua Ping's room and called her.After Hua ping was with her she called the family's head and his wife who already talked with the experts of the Ling family.

Since they saw Xia with such a terrified expression they became anxious but not for the reasons you think.As she told them what happened they began to become angry since it confirmed their fears but still didn't show it and waited for her to finish .

Xia:H-He gave me this and told me that it was for you.

When she said this they looked at each others and nodded .They opened the message and their expressions became blank.

*Well hello there my name's Tsarck and i'm the one who terrified your little Xia so much .

That little bitch came here saying it was because of the weird energy she felt so i decided to punish her .Sadly i think that her behaviour is also mostly your fault since you're her family.As such i've decided to bring death and destruction to your family since i'm pretty angry.I know that even though your family is powerful it's only because you're rich(or they would have sent their own experts and the men that came to the temple did not have the black eagle)So you know that with my power it will be painful.HAHAHAHAH!!!*

'T-That l-little B-Bitch!!!!'

They all thought as they looked towards Xia with disgust and hatred in their eyes.

Hua Ping mother:You little bitch!!!!!How dare you bring problems to our family?!

When she heard this Xia was dumbfounded.

What did i do!?

But before she could answer the family's head talked.

Family Head:You little SLUT!!We were kind enough to not sell you like the whore you are to all those families and that's what you do ?!?

T-They w-wanted to s-sell m-me?!

Hua Xia couldn't even speak as she was too shocked.She had teary eyes and looked terrible, her whole world was being destroyed!!Her "kind" family just treated her like a slave they could sell!!!

But she refused to believe that her best friend would betray her.She quickly turned towards Hua Ping but only saw disgust in her eyes.

Hua Ping:TCH!You little bitch you disgust me!I became friend with you only because you were beautiful but to think you would do something like that before we could sell you.*Sigh*You're really useless,maybe that's why your killed themselves!!

T-They w-what?

Hua Xia never knew how her parents die but she knew that her parents gave her everything even though she did nothing to repay them.As such she immediately believed Hua Ping.

I-I'm u-useless?

Family Head:ENOUGH!!At first you were just gonna be sold to another family to serve as a sexual slave but now you're too dangerous,our family cannot afford to be attacked by a man that can control lightning and use it to easily beat a border Ascension realm cultivator.You are hereby banished from this family trash!!You have an hour to pack your things and leave before i KILL YOU!!!





And Anger

That's what Hua Xia felt as she leaved the house while the members of the family looked at her like she was just a trash.

Xia:'They used to be so kind with and now it's like i'm just garbage.WHY?!? I didn't do anything wrong!!!'

She was unable to understand what was happening to her as she lifelessly walked in the streets for days or maybe weeks,she didn't know, but after some time she stopped thinking and just "returned"to life .It began to rain too much so she went in an alley and sit waiting for the rain to stop.She was unaware that Ling Lan(the man who wanted to marry her)was following her,happy that after all this time he finally found her.

Ling Lan:Well,well,well isn't that the little slut who thought she could oppose me ?

She froze when she heard him and looked up to see him and twenty other men looking at her with perverted grin.She naturally knew what was gonna happen and knew that she couldn't stop them.That's when she understood .

It's not a nightmare

It's real, they abandoned me for no reason.

They betrayed me!!

*Sob*I'm really useless huh?

She was ready to accept her fate,after she was just a useless woman.The only thing people wanted from her was her body.A useless slut,a whore.....Yes, but most certainly not a girl anyone would really love!

???:20 millions volt Sango!!!

A powerful blast of lightning hit Ling Lan and his men.They screamed but it was finished quickly as a familiar figure slashed them with a battle axe that emitted an incredibly vicious aura.

Ling Lan:ARGHHH!!Stop please!!I don't even know you!!Why are you doing this?!

Tsarck:I don't know you indeed but my dear slave here*point towards Xia*seems to know you and it's pretty obvious that you were gonna **** her.Sadly i'm the only one who can **** her she is my slave after all,even though i hate ****.So since you angered me, i'm gonna kill you HAHAHAHAHA!!!

The red slit-eyes pendant on the axe began to glow dangerously as the figure,cut Ling Lan in several pieces while he tried to attack but every time he tried a purple miasma would touch him and make his skin and flesh decay.He screamed so much his throat began to hurt but it was quickly ended as the figure beheaded him.The axe transformed and took the resurrection form as the purple cloak appeared on Tsarck and an aura of death combined with his charisma aura that was at maximum intensity,began to surround him and even expended in the alley.

While all this happened Xia was thinking about Tsarck's words.

'A slave?Why would he want me as a Slave?And why would he go as far as killing the first son of such a powerful family for me?'

'I'm so tired,i'm so....ughhhh!Why did it happened to me!!!!!!'

As Xia was drowning in her own despair Tsarck was testing his new powers and used Respira on the corpses to make them rot till they became skeleton and then just dissapeared in white powder.

Tsarck decided to use his Aparición de la muerte on her to make her fears become bigger.

When Xia looked up she saw the most terrifying scene she would ever see.

She saw herself being killed by all the people she knew and loved in the most atrocious ways while they shouted at her how pathetic and useless she was .The despair she felt was growing at an alarming rate.Fortunately before the sorrow and the sadness could take control of her a warm and powerful feeling enveloped her .She looked at the man in front of her and recognized him as the man that was in the temple.Instead of being afraid she was just wondering why he seemed so gentle .His face was beautiful and his aura made her fear and love him at the same time.She didn't know how to explain this feeling but she was sure of one thing.

He will not abandon me!!He will love me!!

To her it was an incredible feeling ,like she finally found the right person for her .It seemed unreal but it was true,this man was evil ,he was horrible but.............

She must love him NO!

She would love him YES!

And he would love her too,he will stay with her .As long as he would do that she will be everything he want.

As...long....as the...loneliness.....dissappear

And thus Tsarck was right,it really worked.

It was a cycle of despair.He created it and his victim would continue it,drowning in her problems.
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    《Suspended for now*Silver Nightmare in different worlds》