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Suspended for now*Silver Nightmare in different worlds
Author :Tsarck
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9 Plaything

After Hua Xia accepted to come with him,Tsarck decided to steal some clothes from a shop since her robe was soaked and he wanted her to have some new clothes.Hua Xia naturally accepeted since for her it was a proof of "love".

The shopkeeper didn't really like that but what could he says after he became a rotten skeleton huh?

Then they continued towards the mountain but that's when they saw a familiar figure.Hua Ping was talking with a disciple of the Frozen heaven sect about the exam since she was anxious about her result,she knew she was gotta get in but she wanted to skip the low-court and go directly to the medium-court or even maybe the High-court.Tsarck saw her and told Hua Xia to deal with her herself,he reassured her by saying that he was there in case it turned badly and that she just had to do exactly what he told her.

Hua Xia approached Hua Ping nervously but when she fully saw her face she immediately remembered the disgusted glare she had sent her when she was banished from her family.

Nervousness was replaced by hatred,so much hatred that Hua Ping turned around and saw her .She was shocked but still managed to laugh at her mockingly.

Hua Ping:hahaha....I'm really not dreaming!!You're really here trash ?You actually came back here huh?You should just have become a prostitute.Atleast you wouldn't be totally useless in that job!

Xia wasn't even surprised by what Ping said to her and continued to walk towards her .Ping didn't notice that the Disciple transformed into a pile of bone and that a creepy man wearing a purple cloak with a black fur collar around the neck.

Hua Ping:What bitch?!You can't say anything huh?!?

No matter how much Ping ridiculized her she didn't mind it .How could she mind something like that when the man she loved told her to take revenge on the one that brought so much pain in her life.After all it was Ping that decided to bring her to her family,without her Xia would have never had this fake family that tried to take advantage of her.But then she thought of something that made her smile.

Xia:You know Ping,i should be angry at you but instead i'm happy.Because without all that fake love i would have never encountered my love-*Cough*Master.

Xia words shocked Ping but she had no time to think as a hand grabbed her waist and another one grabbed her right hand.


She shouted but she stopped when she saw the skin and flesh of her hand decaying .The worst part, was that it was so quick,that she didn't even feel it .(first time he couldn't control his power too well.)

Tsarck grabbed her throat and looked at her with a perverted grin while Hua Xia was seething in anger.Actually Tsarck was using his Aparición de la muerte,to make the hatred she felt towards Ping grow even more.

Tsarck:Well you have a good figure and my little Xia hate you.What am i gonna do with you ?HAHHAHAHA.....Who am i kidding of course you're gonna become our plaything.

Hua Ping eyes widened when she heard this,she was completely dumbfounded.

Hua Ping:You desgusting pig dare to cal-ARGHHHHHH!!!!

Tsarck used some of his electricity to burn her slightly but the pain was intense!

Tsarck:From now you,my dear will be our plaything and you have no say on this matter.You can only blame your arrogance and stupidity!HAHAHAHAHA.

He hit her on the head with his axe and she fell on the ground.They then continued towards the mountain.


When Hua Ping woke up she felt extremely hot ,as if her whole body was gonna explode.She looked down and saw Tsarck licking her pussy skillfully.She wanted to scream but another sound got out of her mouth.

Hua Ping:AHHNNNN!!!

A powerful moan escaped her mouth,followed by many others.You see in this cultivation world,most people don't have time to indulce themselves in the pleasures of the flesh.As such Hua Ping was still a virgin who never really had such an intimate moment with a man.She was not really new to sex since she did give some blowjobs in order to boost her chance to enter the sect since she wasn't the incredible genius everyone thought she was.As such her chances were slims so she did some,"humiliating"things to be sure to enter.But still during those moments she was the one who brought the pleasure and not the other way around.

As she continued to moan,Tsarck suddenly stopped.Hua Ping frowned when she the incredible feeling stopped,and that's when she had the time to see something.

hua ping:MY HAND!!!!!!

She saw that her right hand didn't have any skin or even flesh on it .Even though it was painless,she still screamed,but again those screams transformed in moans when Tsarck started fingering her pussy.A few minutes and orgasms later,Tsarck stopped and licked his fingers.

Tsarck:Well for a disgusting bitch,you don't taste too bad huh ?

She wanted to be angry at him for what he said,but her body just wanted more pleasure.Hua Ping wasn't stupid,she knew that this man was stronger than her,since his aura was so dominating and for unknown reasons,she felt a weird emotion that she never felt in the past.Maybe it was his strengh,or maybe she was just a pervert but she felt attracted to him.

Hua Ping:HMPH!Be happy to be able to do that you disgusting pi-

Her attitude still didn't change,she was still an arrogant bitch.But she stopped when she felt something big,hard and extremely hot touching her pussy.She looked down and.....


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    《Suspended for now*Silver Nightmare in different worlds》