Suspended for now*Silver Nightmare in different worlds
10 Tsarck the next God of lightning and death!
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Suspended for now*Silver Nightmare in different worlds
Author :Tsarck
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10 Tsarck the next God of lightning and death!

Tsarck was pounding Hua Ping so hard,she was starting to have a mind break.She never experienced something like that in her whole life,the pleasure was insane.She wanted more,always more,so they had sex for 2 hours(she is a virgin and she is not even that strong).She slept soundly after that and Tsarck had a discussion with Xia about Hexia.

He told her that she would give him some abilities from time to time and that he could give those abilities to her,but only if she behaved and i quote him"Like a good little slave".Hua Xia knew she was his slave so she paid it no mind but was interested in the ability.After all she may have become a slave but she still wanted power.

She was determinated to behave obediently,so her master would love and she could have the abiliies has bonuses.

While all that was happening the whole continent was in an uproar.Not because the first son of a powerful family was dead ,not even because the "genius"of a powerful family was kidnapped.No!!It was because many sects received shocking news.An handsome man with extremely high physical ability(because in this world ,muscular men are really rare since most powerful cultivators stop training their body after entering the Ascension realm) appeared in Luoxia city and killed people using powers over lightning and death!!!

Only gods could use powers over death and it was way less powerful than what this man had done.For the lightning it was an extremely rare elements to have among the elemental users that were also rare themselves.Whatsmore it was a young man in his 20s.If it has been an old immortal or a genius from one of the 4 main sect of the continent they could understand but it was someone no one knew .To add a little spice in all this,they said that this man had a powerful weapon that could help him use his power of death(in this world there is no weapon that can use special ability.The most powerful weapons are the one that can boost the abilities of the holder or even help him control them better)It was also said that he had a charisma even higher than most of the higher ups of the continent.(i mean the dude could have the charisma of a god if trained this skill)

Many women in the continent thought of him as a powerful,handsome and rich man (they think he bought the weapon,and something like that cost as much as a castle)so naturally they wanted to seduce him while the men envied him for his powers,looks and the fact that so many women wanted him.

Powerful,beautiful,mysterious and supposedly rich.Tsarck the future god of lightning and Death was the hottest topic in all the continent for atleast a month.

Be it Sects or even powerfuls family, they all wanted to contact him and steal him from the others.


One of the 4 main sect,Ascending Amber Dragon Sect,main hall


The sect matriarch,a beautiful woman with silver hair and purple eyes shouted,completely shocked by what she heard.

"Mistress Sana,Do you know that man?Why are you so shocked?"

One of her most powerful disciple said.

Sana:Know him?!? Of course i know him!!He is my brother!!!


Without even knowing it she dropped an atomic bomb on this world.It would take sometime before someone outside of the sect knew what she said but when someone would know.The uproar caused by this news will surely shock the whole world.


???:TSARCK!!!!!!!!.....h-he is h-here?Then....THAT MEANS HE NEVER TRULY ABANDONED ME!!!!

A woman shouted while her daughter came into her room.

???:Mother!!What happened??.....W-Why are you crying ?!

???:My dear daughter.....I-I can finally be with the love of my life again!!*Sob*

???:Love of your life?*Sigh*I knew you never loved father,but well that's not surprising since you treat him like a stranger.

her mother turned toward her with tears in her eyes,but the biggest smile she ever saw on someone's face.

???:Your father cannot be compared to the man i love .When i was drowning in despair,he saved me,when i became lifeless as if nothing mattered anymore,he gave me love,he gave me more than i could've ever asked for.I never loved anyone more than him.

Her daughter was shocked to hear this since her mother always said that she loved her the most.Hewever she wasn't jealous ,she was happy that her mother had such a smile on her face.She was also feeling pretty curious.

'The man that the Empress fell love huh?He must be soooo amazing!!!'

Tsarck didn't know it yet, but his name and his face were already known every where on the continent, and everyone wanted to see what will be the first move of the future god Lightning and Death.

Even though currently he was just fucking Hua Ping like a beast =)

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    《Suspended for now*Silver Nightmare in different worlds》