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Suspended for now*Silver Nightmare in different worlds
Author :Tsarck
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11 Palm Magic and Capital

After Tsarck finished fucking Hua Ping he exited the room,smirking evilly.

Hexia:Well that was definitely hot!!

Tsarck:HAHA Indeed that was and it's going to be even more interesting when she submit to me!But i think i have more important stuff to do,like receiving the ability you promised me i would have when i deserve it.I do think that's the case,since i kinda did many incredible things.

Hexia:OH!!....Well kinda forgot about that but okay you can call Xia since it concerns her too.

After going to the goddess statue(she sleep on the arm of the statue like Tsarck)He woke her up and they sat down as Hexia began to talk to them using telepathy.

Hexia:Well since Tsarck deserve a reward i will give him a powerful ability,that he can also give to you Xia.

Xia nodded and Tsarck wondered what the ability was going to be .

Hexia:Well since you two are martial artist,even though Xia is pretty weak.I decided to give you the palm magic.The name speak for itself,so yeah it's a magic that allows you to concentrate your energy in your plams and hit your ennemy with devastating force.


Xia laughed at her master antics while Hexia was surprised that he didn't laugh this time .

Hexia:Well you seems pretty excited about it so i'm going to give to you and then you will be able to give to anyone ,just by thinking about it .It will give the person the magic but this person will be linked to you for eternity.

She said as she looked at Tsarck curiously.

Xia'ears perked up at that and she looked at Tsarck anxiously.

Tsarck:Why are you looking at me like that?Of course i want to do it.HAHAHAHAH


Hexia:'Why is he so confident about that,i know he doesn't love her but he seems to appreciate her enough to do something like that.Curious.....*Bit her nail*Yes curious how that bitch is stealing him from me!!!!'

Tsarck was unaware of these thoughts as a blinding light entered his body.He felt so warm yet so cold,it was painful and painless at the same time.The feeling was weird but it stopped after a few minutes.

Tsarck laughed when he sensed the magic in his body and decided to test it out.

Tsarck:Wait for me!I'm gonna test it right now!

He said as he ran to the training room.

"ARGH!!!It fucking hurts!!"

Tsarck came back with a childish smile on his face and laughed .

Tsarck:According to our dear Hua Ping it works well!HAHAHAHA!!


'Poor Hua Ping'

They thought even though they were surprised to even feel pity for her.

After this little event,Tsarck gave the power to Xia and they trained for a few months but they had to stop because of an interesting news.

Hexia:Tsarck!!I just explored the continent for a bit and it seems like everyone knows about you!!

Tsarck:Well i'm not gonna make a comment about the fact that you're really fucking slow for a Goddess!So does it means i'm popular?HAHAHA

Hexia:*Blush*Y-Yes you are!People from all around the continent knows about your powers,since they are extremely rare and powerful.

Tsarck:HAHAHA!!Time to meet some people huh?

Hexia:WAIT!You can't go see them yourself!


Hexia:Because you are supposed to be a future god!What type of future god meet with people himself?!You need to send Xia as your spokesperson

Tsarck:Hmmm?Xia wanna do it?

Xia:Yes Master!!

Tsarck:Well then it's settled!Xia you will go to the capital to act as my spokeperson,with all the money there is in this temple,you can easily buy a house and live in it.You will act as the spokesperson of Tsarck future god of lightning and death!!

Xia:Yes Master!!

Hexia:Tsarck you should go with her for the first time,so they know she really is the one who represent you.

Tsarck:Xia go pack your things and take all the money you can,then we will go to the capital.

Xia:Right away master!

After she packed her things,they asked Hexia for the direction and used the kari of Tsarck to move faster(Xia can go with him now)


(Divine Earth Continent,capital,Throne room)

The Emperor,Hannibal Barca was sitting on his throne nervously while the empress was so excited that her hands were trembling.

It was an odd sight for all the people that were here for the party but they still acted like everything was normal and enjoyed themselves.After all today was the 18th birthday of the princess Reina,so naturally everyone was excited.Many men tried to seduce her since she was a beauty and had one of the highest status in the world,but to no avail.She liked strong and Handsome men,sure!But today wasn't the day to think about that.She was in the same state as her mother.

But why were the empress,the emperor and the princess like that?Because just before the party started a messenger came and told them that Tsarck,the man that everyone talked about,was coming here.The messenger said that he was spotted in the city with a woman(Maori was extremely angered about that)asking citizens about the location of the castle.(The city is way too big so it's difficult to see it)

As the party continued,many young men approached the princess with the hope of atleast catching her interest because she seemed excited about something and as such they thought it was the best time to talk to her.Sadly it seemed that she was to immersed in her thoughts,as she rejected absolutely everyone.The men started to have the feeling that whatever excited her so much wouldn't do them any good.And they were proved right when the door slammed open.And hit a High-court Disciple from one of the 4 main sect .


He shouted and everyone looked towards him as a flash of lightning passed the door and a beautiful woman stood here.

Disciple:OH,Woman are you the one who hit me with the door?Normally i would have punished you but since you're so beautiful i will let it pass if you come to have some fun with me.

He said with a perverted smile while gazing at her cleavage but Xia just walked in and ignored him.Many were shocked since this man was a high-court disciple of such a powerful Sect and this woman was unknown to anyone,as such they thought she was way too disrespectul .

Disciple:Oye!!!I'm talking to you woman!You think you can ignore me?!Don't you know who i am?!I'm Zheng Kou of the Hell fire Sect!!

He shouted but she just continued and everyone began to feel a massive pression as a mysterious figure wearing a purple cloak and a crown,put his hand on the disciple shoulder .

???:No,you're not Zhen Kou.You are DEAD!!RESPIRA!!

The figure shouted as a purple miasma shot out of the figure and hit the disciple body.His skin and Flesh decayed so quick he had no time to react.(the guy is an Ascension rank cultivator but he was taken by surprise and no one knows how to even resist a respira in this world)

D-Decay,R-Rot?...I-It's the famous TSARCK!!!!
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    《Suspended for now*Silver Nightmare in different worlds》